Melbourne! Tunnels one of the WORST PLACES on EARTH?! Illuminati on the First Fleet in 1788?!

  • Jul 21
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What The Fuck is Happening in Australia? Part 9.

Melbourne’s secret tunnels, “one of THE WORST PLACES ON EARTH!” Straight from Military Intelligence mouth.

This is not something to be proud of at being a World Leader in! How and when did this all start here?!

We have hard fact evidence the tunnels are being destroyed in Australia. EVERYWHERE!!!!

Let’s connect the dots on this mind blowing revelation…

The only other country beating us at being the worst is Antarctica! You would have to be hiding under a rock to not know about the huge D.U.M.B in Antarctica but Australia comes second?! With South Africa coming in as the equal to Australia, or near enough….WTF?!

See Gene Decode in this interview, If your short on time skip ahead to about the 52 minute mark where they start discussing Australia:

Now let’s get this straight. Gene thought ‘The Hog’ was the worse tunnel they had worked on. It took 6 months of operations to clear out! The worst one until now in Australia…

Melbourne is worse than that so how long is Australia going to take to clear up??!!

Note that Gene made reference to something of MASSIVE importance. About earthquakes that have been happening all over the world.

The Earthquakes that are happening at a depth of either 3 K/Ms, 5K/Ms or 10 K/Ms. This is the evidence of where the tunnels are being blown up. Exactly where and when they are occuring. It makes sense. How else could they be ALL so precise! I will explain….

What has been happening in the past 30 days with Earthquakes in Australia…???

Ok, Melbourne gets locked down on 7th July 2020. Then there are ‘earthquakes’ recorded on 13th &14th July 2020 with a depth of, you guessed it! Both EXACTLY 10 K/ms deep.

As mentioned in my previous blog I discussed unusual activity in the area where I live, on the South Coast of Australia. Guess what?! Wollongong, which is the name of the region, also had an earthquake that was EXACTLY 10 K/ms deep on 14th July 2020! Actually, there have been ‘Earthquakes’ all over Australia!

In the past 30 days there have been 49 earthquakes in Australia. ONLY 2 were not EXACTLY 10 K/ms deep!

See the full list here –

Geez, looks like we were all bang on about Adelaide and the tunnels there…and then some…

The picture below is taken from Google maps. I have taken the liberty and got creative with dotting all the places that had these 10km deep earthquakes in the past 30 days. I have missed a few in the South West Perth area as maps has a limit on the number of places you can mark at the same time but LOOK AT THIS!!!

‘Earthquakes’ have very ‘coincidentally’ happened in very strategic locations!

Right around the entire country of Australia!!!

Picture courtesy of google maps

Looks like we have evidence of these tunnel systems all around Australia. Through Australia, and thanks to the ‘Earthquakes’ I’ll take a wild guess that they are now cut off from access to the rest of the world !!! No-one in, no-one out.

I don’t know whether to say WOOHOO!!!! Or be sick…

And Pine Gap sits right in the centre of the entire operation…suprised, not suprised..

This is a huge project! So what is the history? When did this all of this start in Australia?

Well I couldn’t believe this was sitting above my desk, right in front of my face for years!

Until the other day I looked up and a familiar name caught my attention…

This is the picture of The First Fleet. The first non indigenous people to settle in Australia. They arrived to arrive in 1788. This lists all the ships, people, animals and equipment of the voyage…

Who do we have aboard the HMS SIRIUS?!

Part of ‘The Official Party” Thomas FREEMAN (a clerk)

Part of ‘The Marines” David COLLINS (lieutenant )

AND WHAT do we have here! Lieutenant COLLINS had a servant!!!!

Notice there are NO convicts on HMS SIRIUS?

Notice Lieutenant Collins is the only person on the entire fleet to have a servant?!

Not even the Captain got a servant!

Lieutenant Collins must have been a very important Lieutenant!

Now we saw this in the last Blog – The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines (Middleman)

Collins and Freeman make this list too!

Is this evidence that the Illuminati sent their family to Australia with boat loads of people to purposely start a new country under their control from day one? !!

Why did they come here? What was their real agenda? Hmmm…Gold is a universal currency and there is plenty of it here…so how did they know….??? (To be continued in next Blog on our real history….)

This all starts to shed a totally different light on our Australian history!

It sure looks like we have ALL been fooled. We know who owes the first nations people an apology…we are all owed an apology.

I’m sure that my ancestor Matthew Everingham warranted being exiled to another country for stealing a book!!! IF he did…After all who wrote the history of The First Fleet? The same ‘people’ that are writing the narrative now I expect…

It makes more sense they needed humans for breeding and all the other sick and twisted purposes they have used us for. And have since the first humans…we may be waiting awhile for an apology but we can wake up to what is and has been going on so we can end all this suffering…

The underground tunnels are real. The Illuminati is real. Human Trafficking is real. This is reality.

Where have all the children been disappearing too?

There is undeniable evidence everywhere. You can buy Adrenochrome on Alibaba. An open global marketplace…

How many humans does it take to fill these barrels?

Do you know the process involved to make these quantities??!!

There are many suppliers look for yourself….

And this is another way that children are distributed out into the Global market…

It turns out that Wayfair was originally founded by none other than Jefferey Epstein’s Grandfather. I think that is enough said on this subject.

If you are still not convinced that this is a massive, Worldwide Demonic Cult complete with peodophilia, incest, ritual ceremonies that include children ‘sacrificing’ other children or babies in this case. You should watch this 9 year old little girl tell her story. She couldn’t make it up if she tried…

If this doesn’t make you see the serious reality that has been happening then I don’t know what will…

Just think. We have to rewrite our entire history because what we know and have been taught is all a lie. All of it. We are at the time to draw a line in the sand to bring peace and sovereignty to humanity. Free of this control matrix.

You are important to this change. Everyone of us contributes individually and altogether.

You are way more powerful than you can imagine!

The Illuminati have had the power because they have kept us trapped in this matrix. Knowledge is power. Our power. A power far greater than theirs.

You cannot have darkness in light.

Let your light shine bright!

What can we all do to help?

The first step after realising this new reality is to heal yourself. Be kind to yourself and allow time to process the trauma of the realisation.

Letting go and releasing lower vibration emotions like fear, sadness and anger is important.

Sending vibrations of freedom, peace, love and light to the children is the greatest contribution you can give.

High vibration emotions are energy that contributes to the Global collective consciousness. If you are contributing in this way you are helping all of humanity in the best way you can. It is your life purpose to do this. It is why you are here at this time.


And just think…the best part is this is already happening…the process is already well underway!

Stay tuned for my next Blog where I go into the history of how this all started and why.

Peace, Love & Light, Lynda

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