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[–]ToddWhiskey[S] 5 points 21 hours ago

This seems to be the “problematic” quote from Wilcock’s article, attributed to you:

“Those are also the people who know there are aliens and secret bases in Antarctica.”

Could you clarify what you meant, in case you said it?

David Wilcock wrote:

“This is not a verbatim transcript, as some of it had to be reconstructed from notes — but it is fairly close.”

[–]IMegaHateNicknames 10 points 18 hours ago

Ahh… I did not say that, especially not in that context. Thank you for pointing this out. If Biff brah below had taken 3 seconds to cite this himself, we’d have saved ourselves this little back and forth of nonsense.

I’d like to be very clear about my little conversation with Wilcock. I was not under the impression I was being asked these things for an article he’d be writing so extensively about my comments on. Had I known this was the intent, I’d have ensured the thoroughness and detail of my answers wouldn’t have been left to what he could catch and keep up with, while trying to write it all down, as he stated. I wouldn’t have been so casual in conversation and would’ve slowed down to ensure the points, links and connections I was making over the phone, were clearly made in any answers he’d wanted cite and reference me on. EVERYONE who has read my posts, already knows the truth and accuracy is very important to me. In fact, it’s the only reason I felt compelled to reach to Wilcock, to clarify and confirm things he was incorrect about, in the first place.

That said, I went back and reviewed what Wilcock wrote because I’m not trying to throw him under the bus as I believe his intentions are good, but the statement he wrote about this is NOT a quote I gave, verbatim. What I said was more along the lines of connecting that, it’s these elites who have exploited religion, religious practices, symbolism, rituals, etc. just as they’ve exploited space and aliens and secret bases in Antarctica. I further stated that they do it to provoke and promote fear and power over masses, because they can and use it to control.

My overall point in specifically linking the two, was to cite FACTUAL examples of how the “elites” intentionally work to manipulate and exploit the “unknowns” (meaning intangibles and unseeables), like (but not limited to) religion and space and even the documents, studies, theories, evidence, sciences and even the scientific conclusions behind these unknowns (and have for centuries), to promote their own shared agendas for increased power, wealth and control, by further manipulating, segmenting, dividing and conquering our global societies, for their continued benefit and gain. That’s where that ended with my saying “this is what’s so hard for people to grasp on to”.

I also made it a point to note that we’re not going to get some “blue beam” type of “holographic happening”, these same elitests have purposefully prompted and perpetuated many to believe would be what “alien contact” would actually look like, if alien contact is ever made. There’s not going to be some laser show.

Being that this is not the first time I’ve said any of these same things, as I have been asked about the space/alien shit and I have said these exact same things before, I’m not sure how biff brah read this ONE admittedly misstated sentence by Wilcock and somehow got all that he did from it, assuming he’s here because he’s read all of my past posts, citing the exact same positions as well.

I would NEVER claim, nor have I ever claimed, to factually “know a thing or two” about space, aliens, the legitimate science of earth, etc. as related, but what I CAN confirm is that WE, as a global society, DO NOT factually know the whole story, behind a good portion of it. We ONLY KNOW what “they” have ever wanted us to know. We’ve only learned what THEIR, funded, sanctioned research, theologians, studies, experiments, technologies, advancements, scientists, successes and failures have taught us, based on the findings, explanations and confirmations THEY’VE “approved” and deemed “valid” for us to know. This is all also something that most of you should already recognize and “know” too, right?!

Everyone should already realize and accept the fact that an epic portion of the studies, mechanics, technologies, sciences and yes, even the scientists themselves, of everything, are predominantly recognized and comprised of those who’ve been deemed and revered as credible, factual, correct and valid by “THEM”, for literally, hundreds of centuries. This is fact and cannot be ignored, especially if we fully intend on continuing the exposure and drain of the perpetual swamps that have continuously flooded and controlled us. I’ve NEVER said the earth is flat. I’m not saying that aliens do or don’t exist or what Antarctica is or isn’t. For all I know, it’s just a huge patch of ice due South, that no one since WWII has been able to claim rights, territory or even fly over… and they all agreed on it. The space/aliens stuff isn’t my gig.

All I can say, however, as related to what IS my “gig”, is that there are many things we have NOT been told or taught and that’s not because they haven’t yet been uncovered or confirmed.

For instance, there are many within the current admin., prior admins., in DC, the military, etc. who absolutely agree that while certain aspects of things like “global warming” may exist, thdy also agree that it’s wasteful to aimlessly and ignorantly dump hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars every year, into exorbitant, federally sanctioned EPA mandates and regulations, UN sanctioned global warming coalitions and Paris-sponsored climate accords, as they’re invalid AND useless, until we can openly learn and transparently, independently and bipartisanly, discuss, research, experiment, study, etc. without agenda funded, driven and manipulated interference or influence.

It’s THIS strategy that’s being used to hold NASA’s feet to their own fire, by jamming unexpected and accelerated Mars and Moon initiatives and missions. NASA will no longer be enabled, exploited and played like a pawn, wasting tax payer funding like a sketchy shell corp. federal dump bucket that no one is held accountable and responsible for. NASA will no longer be utilized as a black listed, backdoored business, governmentally enabled to operate under the table and out of sight, on be half of those pulling the strings who’ve benefitted, profited and gained from the underhanded manipulation and control of it. The same will be said for things like the CDC.

It’s ironic that no one found Trump’s awkward timing of such public proclamations towards the speedy design, development and deployment of a “mission to Mars”, more interesting…

[–]ToddWhiskey[S] 8 points 17 hours ago*

this is NOT a quote I gave, verbatim. What I said was more along the lines of connecting that, it’s these elites who have exploited religion, religious practices, symbolism, rituals, etc. just as they’ve exploited space and aliens and secret bases in Antarctica. I further stated that they do it to provoke and promote fear and power over masses, because they can and use it to control.

Thanks for your reply. I hoped to hear something along these lines and I’m glad you clarified this “quote”. I would have never started collecting your posts if I ever saw you referring, or hinting to some aliens visiting the Earth, or some such. This was one of the legitimacy criteria for me, personally.

From 4chan:

Anonymous ID:Ovku/3ME Wed 27 Dec 2017 23:52:05 No.154721791

Hey! Debbie Downer! I already told you the swamp is practically all drained. Half these transports are just moving those already detained and remanded into custody. We didn’t need martial law. You’ll see! It’s pretty much already over and they all get to ride it out from the GITMO they wanted to close.

Please stop thinking the world needed to end for this to happen. We only need to drain the

and the FED is well on its way, as promised.

We have a lot of great people doing a lot of great things. Your government has literally never worked fucking harder for you, in decades. I told y’all which indictments to focus on, every time you asked me. I told you exactly how deals were working, who had one, who didn’t, who never would and told you whoever didn’t have one but had an indictment sealed/pending, had an ankle bracelet.

Don’t fear monger yourselves, please. You’ll be celebrating, not herded off to FEMA camps. Pull yourselves together for fucks sakes y’all!!! I can’t keep celebrating and winning on my own over here!!! Haha! ;o)

Anonymous ID:Ovku/3ME Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:02:15 No.154722501

Haha, I just give up. I mean, I really just need everyone to realize the absolute state of reality right now. It’s fucking glorious and God forbid the swamp was drained at THEIR expense, not ours, because it was done RIGHT yet everyone still needs a happening. I just can’t wait until the day comes when we can all agree a few celebratory cocktails in an epic thread are finally in order.

Anonymous ID:Ovku/3ME Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:11:19 No.154723080

Yes to some extent. But he may also be needed. He’s basically being extorted in a good way. Worst thing Pbama actually did was run for President. He’s unqualified as he’s not a citizen. He knows. We know. They know… but we also have the docs. Hillary did too. She also literally ran his entire presidency. He was a planted puppet since 2008. He tried to pick up his balls after he won in 2012, but that didn’t play so well, especially after Benghazi.

So if we ever needed to rationalize with the dems or calm their REEEEEs and keep civil order, we’d need someone big enough they couldn’t deny or dispute. Enter Obama.

And not for nothing but Obama is the second person behind Bill himself who hates his balls jiggled by Hillary the most. He’d probably volunteer to put the smoosh on her, so no one feels bad about dangling his birth certificates and original visa over his head.

Anonymous ID:Ovku/3ME Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:21:23 No.154723686

Most of it, yes. Let’s put it this way, by the time everyone on this board realizes I was right about it all, just like I’m right about Manafort, Awan, Flynn, FBI/CIA/FED McCabe, Mueller/Comey, Huma, Strzok, Assange/Rohrabacher, etc. (whether you’ve decided to read all of my posts and realize it or not), you’ll just know I’m also right about what you’re not publicly hearing and you won’t care because it will be insignificant in the bigger picture, just like I’ve said it would.

You’ve already seen so much I’ve said actually happen and confirmed as fact. You should already feel pretty fucking vindicated, brah. Bet if you actually went back and read starting from June til now, you’ll feel some of that vindication, knowing what you know today!

From 4chan:

Anonymous ID:pG+1Wk6V Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:46:00 No.154725132

Yes… but a lot people are going to be in disbelief, pissed, confused, shocked, jacked up, etc. lots of unexpected open seats have popped up which is also great! No time to groom swamp entrenched candidates they jockey through elections and midterms like race horses. Just make sure you vote. Hell, if you’re a good person and you’ve got a good background and qualify, run for office! Just keep paying attention and participating no matter what side of the political aisle you sit on. We should be ashamed we let shit get this far. We were too lazy, too content and too complacent, for too long. We need everyone to at least agree a corrupt establishment, regardless of parties has factually sought our societal divide and demise for literally decades. Regardless of parties. This is fact.
Anonymous ID:pG+1Wk6V Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:53:45 No.154725592

Didn’t Joy Villa look real?! Too good to be true? Doesn’t Paulie from Wisconsin?! Little odd he seems like /your guy/ in one of the biggest seat races to boot, right?! Q is a latest an greatest tactical deployment. Joy and Paul are the real life versions. All plants.

Don’t worry about Paul though… Smoke and mirrors with that one too. All cards to pull from the house. He forgets people are on this board who remember his days in Dover with Biden & co. We’ll remind him. His boss can’t write campaign checks from GITMO… and now they’re illegal to cash thanks to EO’s last week! ;o) we remember all.

Anonymous ID:pG+1Wk6V Thu 28 Dec 2017 00:59:53 No.154725958

It’s pretty much done too. We’ve gutted the FED, IRS, etc. renegotiated our debts with foreign nations, lowered tax rates and decreased deficits. We’ve also made a ton of cuts that are astronomically overlooked, increased jobs and cut off backdoor side contracts and funding. These are the very things that will keep the market from crashing when rates are realistically adjusted.

I tried to tell y’all you were missing the best parts of the storm.

Anonymous ID:pG+1Wk6V Thu 28 Dec 2017 01:24:48 No.154727377

Haha, you think?! How’s that been working for them? Really fucked his shit up when they marched out 11 women and had the first 9 bail within 2 weeks as frauds and the other two shit their own beds cause they could t remember their stories. I mean, he won the election. They have NOTHING on Teump and he knew it before he even announced his run. If you knew him, you’d have known since day one he wouldn’t have run at all if he’d had anything to hide and he wouldn’t be dumb enough to have taken a chance, either. He’d have never given them the satisfaction. He’s too proud. It’s the best part about his ego and it’s exactly why he appears dangerously cocky, at times. He can be.

The best part about being you is that you know what’s true and what’s not. You know what you did or didn’t do. When you know these things then you know anything else said that’s untrue or you didn’t do, can be proven wrong because you know other things led to the manufacturing and coordination of what you factually know are lies. When you know the truth, you can find and prove the lie and who/what’s behind it. “The truth will set you free”… it’s true you know. ;o)

From 4chan:

Anonymous ID:XJQ8c0c9 Thu 28 Dec 2017 01:49:41 No.154728763


He’s here to try and make you and the admin. look dumb as fuck! Like Joy Villa tried and fairly succeeded. He’s in Wisconsin not because he’s fucking from Wisconsin, but because he moved there specifically to qualify for candidacy via residency, in what will be one of the most watched midterm seats up for grabs. Do you know a single fucking thing about Paul?! No. You don’t. No one is scared of this raging fucking loser who’ll waste a seat if you let him, while making y’all look like the absolute degenerates they need you to prove you are, in threads they seed with his tweets, just like this.

I mean, y’all used to be so much quicker than this… how has this apparently become the absolute fucking state? Is this for real?! You could’ve at least done just a little homework before posting this. He hitched himself to the /pol/ wagon almost 3 weeks ago like he was told, then he realized his checks would stop coming sooner than later. His sudden, instant /yourguy/ tweet storms should’ve been your first clue. Now it’s 3 threads in tandem a day, just like they knew you would.