They have put med beds in all the vacant military bases.
All the hospitals closed or sold have been taken over by the White Hats and filled with Med beds.
Med beds are being placed in all areas and nearest towns. A med bed will be accessible to everyone.
In Germany, the beds are already in operation, as well as in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Australia, Germany, Ireland , The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, India, Italy, Poland, south Africa, Hungary Portugal. Finland, Spain, France and many other Countries

First of all, the most seriously ill will get a place. It is built up slowly to prevent the rush and to avoid panic, in the terminally ill.
Some would like to go and they consciously do not know it.

Someone On your page or Friends might be saved through this, keep sharing till everyone see this. Med bed is the best thing that happened to our time.
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