March Equinox 2017: Stabilization, Resurrection & Personal Sovereignty

Beloved Ones,

In the last phase of this month, we find ourselves traversing the threshold that is leading us into a higher state of BEing and new ways of living in this New Cycle of our endless soul evolutionary path. For as you may already be feeling, our Planet, who has been bifurcating from old Earth for a while, is already relocating itself within a new dimension, entering into a higher space within this New Octave in which we have consciously decided to dwell.

It is during this Equinox that we will be infused with a new cosmic wave, for us to finally disengage from the old 3D frequency and its limitations. It is a time to clear old timeliness and begin to merge our frequency with that of New Terra, for the time to step into this New vibrational reality, out of space and time, is Now. This last wave, that began with the Eclipses, and that we are constantly integrating, will increase as we reach the Winter/Spring Equinox on March 20, in which, we are going to feel how our bodies also ask us for the proper stabilization, and care, after all these new codes that we are consciously embodying.

As a stabilizer, I especially feel, when in our duality realm, opposite energies collide from both, within and without in the macro that represents our inner Universe, urging us to unify before we fall into the trap of polarizing at this challenging-integration time. This season is also an opportunity for us to master our 3D personality and begin to deprogram ourselves from more half-truths that we still maintain within – due to our human need to process and understand everything, with our limited minds, instead of just accepting everything that occurs as It Is.

We will pass on March 20, from Dreamy and Intuitive Pisces to the Fiery realm of Aries. We have been working on purifying ourselves as well as our physical bodies while we dwelled in this healing Water sign, especially by also having Neptune and Chiron in this same sign -fulfilling our soul contracts as we prepare ourselves for a New Phase. For it is with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the Initiator, that we begin to navigate again by holding now a higher knowledge within this eternal spiral of Creation.

This Year, the Equinox will feel totally different from the ones who have been constantly doing our inner work, for it not just brings balance as it used to in the old Cycle, between different polarities, but as we have been working on transcending polarity, and our deep human sense of space and time, it also brings the frequencies that are meant to help us in the process of self-empowerment towards regaining our personal sovereignty, as we keep mastering our lower self.

This is what this Year Equinox shows us for me; the need to finally act with total integrity and spiritual sovereignty as we move into a free realm, within a new plane of existence, where taking full responsibility is essential, and where its higher frequencies, will simply repel the lower ones that we may bring from our lower self. For we are resurrecting into love-light beings as we keep dissolving more old layers of our 3D existence.

Deconstructing our 3D personality is not a one-day process, in which, we do a meditation/activation and we suddenly begin to feel as the masters that we truly are, in Essence. Deprogramming all that has been implanted to us since we were born, as visual programmed inputs, between many other forms of mind control, is not easy at all, and from my view,  it is widely manipulated by some people who claim to pass through this process in a few days or that they can make you heal and release all these old implants – as if we could just let go of centuries of genetic manipulation/programming like this, to me, this is again the ego trying to interfere when it should remain observant.

As always, many of us are physically sensing the many challenges that ascending – into the physical – for the first time in Creation, has. We will be having strong sensations, in the places where we constrain ourselves the most. For some, due to the lack of self-love it can occur in their heart chakra as a form of anxiety – to release all the effort our lower self makes to impede our natural state of being – which is always one of total connection to All.

For others, who are afraid to express their true feelings and beliefs, they may notice strong sensations in their throat chakra and thymus. This is just a way our human body has to show us the places where we should dissolve all the negative implants, beliefs and emotional burdens that we still keep feeding. For the ascending souls, it may feel as a total state of peace and liberation, as we are now not afraid of letting it all go and embracing the unknown in whatever form it comes, for we know the unknown may not be familiar, but it is always pure, true and what we need at the moment.

The shamanic rebirth, as I call it, that we are experiencing at this season, or the resurrection and therefore metaphorical death of our lower self, is a natural process of what we came here to master. Complaining will not help, only becoming our own caretakers and fountain of love will help us during this long physical transformation. Listen to your body, as it talks to you constantly, know which frequency nurtures it, from the food you eat to the crystals you work with, and feel what resonates with your frequency and what dims it.

Remember that we all need assistance and confirmation, but not someone who does all this for us – for this is not assistance, but interference and ego. Begin to treat yourself as the master and healer that you are and that you came here to remember, instead of relying on outer forces – or beings – during this transition into your true crystalline essence, for this will only cause more separation from your God Self.

Get out into the sunlight, be bathed by its crystalline cosmic codes of soul remembrance. Integrate these higher frequencies with the conscious intention to burn everything that is not coming from an authentic place, everything that is a part of your 3D egoic personality and that is only impeding you to be who you are and fulfill your unique mission, for this light heals, purifies and loves All – dissolving as it is descends through your body, all the impurities we unconsciously create and that are not aligned with our Highest Will and true frequency.

All the unloved aspects of us that make us fall into the egoic trap that we are not enough, all the superiority issues that also makes us belief that we are more evolved than. All shall perish when we expose ourselves to the light of our Unified Self – Sol – for our Central Sun, is not just a mere ball of fire to give us light, which is just what we perceive with our human perspective, not necessarily what IS, but a conscious stellar body helping us to purify, reconstruct and remember our true essence as cosmic beings as well as the light within.

During this season, especially in some countries, such as Spain, where I live, this is going to be, if you are consciously in this ascension path or beginning to step into it, a precious time for you to discern about all these old implants that you carry within for eons about the true meaning of ascension, and that are not coming from a true place, for the collective has a strong religious sense, and its impact can be strongly felt at this time. I am not judging or criticising any religion in here, for we all are where we should be, experiencing what in the end will make us free, and I do not consider religion as being good or bad, but simply as something that should be experienced and that will help us grow and at divine time, as it was in my case, remember that the Truth has been long hidden for us.

My pure intention in this article, is to help you understand the cosmic blessing of this new light for those who are ready to begin this step of deprogramming themselves from centuries of conditioning and are eager to find the answers that have always been within them, they were just taught to search outside. At this season, where people honor, respect and literally apotheosized external figures, we have an opportunity to observe the self and ponder about our human need to idolize the outer and what we have been taught, as if these fixed patterns were going to save us.

It is essential, that we begin to honor whatever it is that represents our true inner beliefs and soul desires, by being conscious that the first representation of alive gods/goddesses are our own selves, for we did not come here to worship anyone or outer things, but the God Self that lies within and that sees it in others as well. To be able to deprogram ourselves from years and years of controlled mind manipulations, especially with religion, it is essential that we first become aware and set the intention to begin allowing our soul to integrate the lost knowledge that we have been covering with our human illusions, for once we set our pure intention to serve the Law of One and embody our sovereignty, the entire Universe begins to send us all we need to see the Truth.

The Christ Consciousness frequency is available for all of us, at all times. Through religion, we are taught that only when we sacrifice, change who we are as natural sinners, and become pure, that we can be forgiven and go to heaven when we die. The truth is that we were born perfect, and it is only when we are programmed by those who only serve the law of separation and practice satanism as their natural way of living, that we being to dis-empower the Divinity within – overshadowing it with our illusions of being evil and the need to do the impossible for being loved by God, when God loves us unconditionally no matter what we decide to experience.

This is an opportunity, to stand up in our power and remain centered within the Illuminated Truth and Presence of our soul, for it is there where true peace and love resides. It is time for consciously embodying this new wave and beginning to direct it for the proper reasons. To awake – the human in us – from this long sleep in which we allowed others to tell us who we are, what we should do, what we should not do and what is pure  and what is not within us. For a long time the dark forces have tried and have succeeded, for all these programs caused fear in those who were beginning to awake, making them unable to follow their soul truths, if they did not coincide with the imposed ones. But at this time, we are being assisted to finally go out of our cocoon and being to manifest a higher reality.

Remember, beloveds, the Christ Essence is always within, for this is who we are – love-light compassionate beings since our cosmic Lyran Creators – the Elohims – began to create life within this Universe. We do not become Christed beings because others give us their absolution, for this concept about Christ has been too manipulated as well. We become what we truly are, and always were, when we deprogram our human limited beliefs, and being, and allow Higher truths as well as our True Essence naturally descend into our physical vehicles.

To dwell in the highest possible frequency, never give your power to anything or anyone, including the Angels, Archangels and all the Ascended Masters and other cosmic beings we used to call, for they want us to be empowered and take our sovereignty, instead of relying constantly on them. It is important to be humble and learn from those who have already mastered what we are working with at this time, but not if we give all our power and attention to these beings or outer forces, for we are then not creating our reality but allowing outer forces to dictate it.

Reclaiming spiritual sovereignty is essential to walk a life free from fears and unlove. For every time we give our power to our physical senses, others or outer conditions, we are acting as hopeless beings adrift. When we begin to walk a conscious path of soul integration and co-creation, we cannot do anything from a dis-empowered state of being, for when we act from this lower frequency, we cannot love, give and share from an authentic place, but from one of separation and confusion.

At this season, and always, commune with your Eternal Self  – forever observing from a place of love and compassion all that the human is experiencing, whether we label it as positive or negative, for we already know nothing, in truth, contains a good or bad essence, it is all about our human interpretation. Recognize your power as a Divine Being, whose eternal light is now focused and descended into a physical body.

When you walk as a sovereign being, you remember the light within, you know that when this light is shared with selfless assistance and great respect to All, it expands and touches everything and everyone with grace and love. And when you give your precious inner power in excess, emptying yourself, it creates illusion, disempowerment and suffering. Yours is the free choice to use this inner Force given to you and that is You, wisely, knowing that no matter what you choose,  your choice will always affect All.

I wish you All a blessed and magical Equinox gateway, Beloveds!

In love and light ∞ Natalia Alba.

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