When we are out of harmony, we create physical manifestations in our body that reflect our emotions and thoughts.

It is always easier to put the blame outside of ourselves, rather than acknowledging that we have created our own reality.

Even though our reality is not pleasant, it is what we have manifested.  This is the power of the human mind.

Most problems that people have: Physical, Mental, Allergies, Phobias, or relationships, etc. can be traced back to events that originated, not in the present lifetime, but in other lives.


There are more souls waiting in line for handicapped bodies than normal ones.

This is easy to understand from the spirit viewpoint.

The plan for reincarnating on Earth is to repay as much karma in one lifetime as possible, to avoid having to return again and again.

More karma can be repaid through a handicapped body.

The soul is learning great lessons, and also the caretakers (parents, etc.)

And these people have agreed before coming into this lifetime that they

will take care of the individual and help them as much as possible.

Everything in life is about lessons, although some are more difficult than others.

People who are Adopted know this is going to happen.  It is all planned, and from the other side the arrangements are made between the biological parents as well as the adopting ones.

The biological parents have agreed to give the genes that design the physical body, and they learn a lesson by giving the baby away.  The adopting parents have agreed to raise the baby in the environment it decided it wanted, in order to learn the lessons it desires in this life.

We need to recognize and contact that

creator being that dwells within.

It is time to stop punishing

yourself, and start living.

Remember life is just a play, a

game, an illusion.

When we’re involved in it it seems so real, but we are only wearing a costume, a suit of clothes, to play that certain part.

You are the producer, director, actor and script writer of your own drama.


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