Oh boy – so many amazing things today where do I begin??

Listening to Michelle Walling’s video with Allison Coe the other night, Michelle spoke about an unbelievable amount of magic and instant manifestation among other things happened to her quickly over a period of just one week – leading her to KNOW she was transitioning to New Earth.

Hearing those words sparked something within me.  Let me share with you another true story (only this one doesn’t involve the silly 3d world systems).

The day started out with me trembling in bed.  I was feeling so much anxiety – but didn’t feel fear.  Just anxiety.  If that makes sense.  I didn’t want to get out of bed either – even though I was feeling claustrophobic. Again, an experience in paradox but that is the state of mind and body I was in.  I was also full of doubt.  Money.  Was I going to find someone to help me with my site.  Those were the two big ones.  Right next to those thoughts was the doubt I at times experience that I am going through this phenomena called “ascension” and is this new earth experience I have been having visions and dreams of for almost 20 years really just another illusion?  A lie?

Ugh.  Not a happy experience I was creating for myself.

So….I get up and going.  Got nothing in the shower so I sang to myself to find some motivation.  Ran some errands.  Unlike me as of late, I was in no mood to see anyone I knew and socialize.  Which of course is what happened.  lol  A local farmer whom I adore walked up to me at the local store.  He’s one of these awakened individuals who could be resting on his laurels and enjoy retirement that way.  Or he could be like many his age and hold no concern for the planet or humanity.  Not this dude.  He heads a couple of awesome local organizations and is passionate about small organic farming and healthy living/eating.  I have so much respect for him.

We spoke of one of his latest projects and other tidbits.  That lifted my mood a bit and helped re-inspire me that I too can (and do) make a difference.  I just have this feeling/calling to do more.
After we arrived home and began the process of putting the groceries away, I heard the noise of thumping bass.  Loudly.  It is a noise we rarely hear in our neighborhood – I can actually say we never hear it.  Certainly not longer than a few seconds which is a good thing as my body cannot tolerate that frequency and hearing it makes me want to hit someone – namely the one blasting it.  Today the noise continued.  As my mate began to comment how long the assaulting noise was going on, I suddenly stood up tall, put out my right hand and announced loudly to no one in particular “NOT in my world!”  (thank you deborah for that one)


My mate looks at me – eyes wide – huge smile on his face – and gives me a high five.  Way to go Goddess!  Instant manifestation, I thought, recalling Michelle Walling’s words.  Maybe this WILL become my reality.

After the groceries were put away and lunch made, we did some yard work and gardening.  I had not planned on doing any of this and I found myself feeling as though I was at the beck and call of my family.  The claustrophobia sensation kicked in.  I was not enjoying what I was doing and suddenly knew I needed to do something different.

What did I want to do?

Go for a walk.

So finishing up the gardening project with my girl, I said mama was headed out for a walk.  She begged me to go until I finally said “Ok.  But when I go for my walks, I walk fast.  And I do not talk.  And I listen to music.”  Of course she claimed she would be JUST FINE with me doing this.  I already knew differently but instead of telling her she had to stay home, decided she needed to learn for herself how she would indeed NOT be “just fine”.

Ten minutes into the walk she’s whining that I’m going too fast and she doesn’t like I am not listening to her.  I said it was time to take her home. She didn’t argue.

So having to interrupt my usual route (which annoyed me), I took her home, bid her and my mate good-bye and took off.  The claustrophobic feeling overcame me again.  Finally able to hear my own thoughts, they were screaming quite loudly in my mind.

I cannot live this way one more second.  I need help.  I need a new direction.  A doorway to open.  I was DONE trying to find someone to help me with this site.  Just DONE with it all.  I needed positive change.  Now.

I commanded the Universe and Highest Self to BRING ME WHAT I NEEDED NOW THIS INSTANT.

Miraculously, this just flowed out of me and I completely let it go.  Calm and a quiet mind immediately followed.  I rounded the corner and taking off down a new road, I glance up and notice a man I have been seeing lately.  I had seen him several times – in a cluster you might say – a few years back.  Then the encounters stopped.  We never spoke past a greeting. I always liked his energy though.  Very positive and up – very confident with himself – which such energy has often intimidated me as that is a state of mind that has not come naturally for me.  I have had to really work on it and I am the first to admit if there’s an easy way to do something, I’m takin’ the easy way – which often means I have let myself go into the self-doubt and depression option.

I walked up to him and we greeted one another and this time we began to talk.  I told him how I had to get out of the house for some “me” time.  He nodded, understanding then proceeds to ask me the most amazing question – what else did I do to bring me passion?  

Normally such a question would stump me at first.  People don’t ask such questions of one another – even though I LONG to have conversations like that.  Today though I had no hesitation.

So I happily and easily I shared with him about writing music, playing piano and guitar, writing and this site.  It was almost as if I stepped outside of myself and witnessed the pure confident Me.  In that moment I knew Who I Was and how gifted and amazing I really am.

Now here is where the “instant manifestation” experience comes in (#2 for the day):  Guess who used to mentor men and women in marketing their businesses?


And guess who offered to help me with this site?

Yeah baby!

I had tears in my eyes and I asked him if he believed in synchronicity.  I can’t remember his answer fully as I was in a state of high flying disbelief and bliss – but I know he said something to the positive.  I shared what I had just put out to the Universe and wow – it only took half a block walking to be created.

We left our conversation with the promise of a get-together to talk more, or as he said “you talk and I will listen”.  Another huge wow! for me.  I am not used to that experience (unless I am paying someone…lol).

As I walked away, walls of emotion overcame me.  My sacred tree was not far away.  I suddenly needed her.  So I walked quickly and half ran up the gravel road where she sits in her majestic beauty.  I ran up to her and fell right into her strength.  The tears came and wow – they did not let up.  I must have clung to her for over 5 minutes, sobbing all over her.  “It’s ok. You just let yourself go, girl,” I heard.

In time, I wiped my eyes and headed home.  Refreshed.

Has there always been such magic in the air?  Is this the result of the schumann frequencies and what is being called “outside of our galaxy” pulse waves of energies allowing for the end of the illusions of separation and the return of Full Oneness?

I know the answer.  And in another moment of paradox, I also don’t need the validation this time.
We are magic.  You.  Me.

It has always been in the air.

I think, at least for me, I have just forgotten to claim it as my Divine Right to experience.

The day ended with another object just mysteriously disappearing.  This time it was something that belongs to my mate.  We have begun making a list of such experiences.

That is all for now.

Much love.  Much bubbles of happy.  And much in the way of moments ~ new moments ~ new ways of Being and Living and Doing where we are fully engaged in what brings us passion.

And that will be enough.