Leuren Moret: 2016



Leuren Moret: 2016 – Putin’s Russia & the new Silk Road Economy: Creating cooperative, peaceful, beneficial trading

Leuren Moret: 2016 – Putin’s Russia & the new Silk Road Economy: Creating cooperative, peaceful, beneficial trading

By Alfred Lambremont Webre



VANCOUVER, BC – In her first 2016 NewsInsideOut.com interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD ABD, states, “This new 21st century millennium we are in, comes with the promise of a new and vibrant Atlantic to Pacific Silk Road economy being built by Putin’s Russia and China that is cooperative, peaceful trading with benefit to all sides.  It is certainly more sustainable than the Western predatory capitalism that has dominated and destroyed many countries around the world.”

Summary of Interview


The greatest threat today is global terrorism, created and funded through the Anglo-American Permanent War Crimes Racketeering Syndicate as agents of the Jesuits and their masters – the Ancient Iranian bloodlines that have ruled the world for over 5000 years.

– Present conflicts are a result of US NATO aggression in Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the systematic US destruction of entire countries in the Middle East and other regions:

US General Nov. 2015:  “We had this coming [Putin bombing
terrorists in Syria] we crossed the red line too many times with

Sept. 29, 2015: Putin’s speech in the UN warns of RU action.

Sept. 30, 2015: RU started aerial bombing campaign in Syria.

Dec./Jan. 2016: US conceded Ukraine and Syria to Putin/Russia.



Putin used his background in International law, diplomacy, strategies
of martial arts, fund of knowledge from C. Asian cultural practices,
good staff around him, and a professional military.

(Chief of Staff – Ivanov, Minister of Defense – Genl. Shoygu, Foreign
Minister – Lavrov)

PUTIN: examples of diplomacy

– President of Iran: Putin attended the Natural Gas Conference in
Tehran and gifted the Pres. of Iran (a Mullah) with a museum
antique Koran.

– Emir of Qatar: This week the Emir of Qatar changed sides from the
Saudis and met with Putin in Russia to join his coalition.  Putin’s gift
to the Emir was a live and trained Russian hunting Falcon that
M. Easterners were no longer allowed to smuggle out of RU.  It is
the state bird of Qatar, and the Emir was absolutely thrilled with it
as he stood in front of reporters with a leather falconry glove
on his hand and the falcon perched on his wrist.

– Due to a CIA coup and corruption in Ukraine, there is very little
heat in living spaces.  When a city on the border with Crimea
requested that Putin give them electricity during this very cold
period, Putin immediately provided them with electricity.


– Putin and Lavrov persuaded Sec. State Kerry first to capitulate on
Ukraine (that Russia won) and then more recently on Syria.  Yesterday
the Pentagon capitulated on Syria.

Russia has demonstrated a consistent and purposeful intent without
firing a bullet at the perpetrators to win on these conflicts.


Saudi Arabia has been holding oil prices very low for several years through OPEC, which has nearly bankrupted Saudi Arabia.  This was carried out in order to bankrupt US oil and gas producers as competitors with Saudi Arabia.

On top of that, King Salmans young son (head of OPEC, Minister of Def. etc.) started the war in Yemen so he could steal their undeveloped oil deposits, a war that could never be won. AND at the Haj in Mecca this year, he drove at top speed with 300 bodyguards through a Hajji crowd of thousands of pilgrims doing a holy ritual and over 2000 were killed by his speeding vehicles and trampled by the panicked crowd, including an Iranian Ambassador.  The son is spending a fortune on mercenaries (Blackwater etc.) because Saudi’s army is nothing.  So a fortune is going into that war and they can’t win against the guerilla Houthi tribes (Yemeni Iranians).

As soon as the sanctions against Iran were lifted last Friday, Iran became the biggest competitor with Saudi Arabia because the Saudis refused to invite Iran back into OPEC, leaving them free and clear to pursue any economic path they wanted to, and making them an even bigger threat.

Now suddenly oil prices have fallen over $100/barrel a year or two ago, to below $80/barrel within the last 6 months (US oil shale can’t compete with this), and a few days ago the price fell below $27/barrel.  Russia is now scrambling to produce more goods domestically, redesign their car industry, and beef up their arms sales to other countries, as well as a 10% cut on spending in govt. orgs.  They will survive this.  But US producers are going bankrupt, and the Saudi’s are in a panic stage and about to lose their throne.


The EU refugee crisis is straight out of a RAND (=Jesuits) report.  It has destroyed the career of Chancellor Merkel of Germany, and is breaking up the European Union into the former sovereign nations of Europe.  How Germany will fare is now certain, but it has caused hell to break out in Europe, and many refugees are returning to their own countries in the Middle East.  Merkel has been called twice by her own party to Bavaria to be confronted by her own party demanding she close the borders and/or put a cap on it.  The refugees were housed in refugee camps for nearly two years in Turkey, and the UN fed them.  This did not work out in Europe, but RAND designed it to destroy Europe.


An agreement was reached with Iran on nuclear issues, and the sanctions were lifted this week.  This has put huge pressure on Saudi Arabia (and Israel).  Saudi Arabia now has no leverage over Iran, and Iran has no obligations to Saudi Arabia.  This is not a small matter – Iran is the richest gas producer in the world and has just partnered with Russia – in a collaborative agreement – no OPEC structure to be the ruler by one.


The US military has been producing poorly designed weapons systems that cannot compete with Russia led military upgrades that many countries will purchase – they are better and cheaper than US weapons systems.  The F-35 fighter jet is very expensive, too expensive to do maintenance and upkeep for many countries that bought it, and there are still serious problems with it after pouring $billions into “fixing” the problems.

The new Farragut boat designed for a new kind of warfare cannot go into areas with large waves because they turn the ship upside down.  This too was poorly designed, and cost a fortune.  Now another fortune is needed to “fix” it.

Obama is pouring $ trillions into upgrading our nuke program in the decade to come.  Why?


Paul Craig Roberts has written a new article “21st Century a period of US fraud” that everyone should read.  The US is the most fraudulent country in the world.


Syria has been a new opportunity and roll-out for Russia to demonstrate and encourage arms sales of Russia’s new and improved weapons systems that work better and cost less than US and other competitors.

This new 21st century millennium we are in, comes with the promise of a new and vibrant Atlantic to Pacific Silk Road economy that is cooperative, peaceful trading with benefit to all sides.  It is certainly more sustainable than the predatory capitalism that has dominated and destroyed many countries around the world.


DAESH/Islamic Caliphate – a creation of the Anglo-American permanent war crimes syndicate funded by the UK and US:

– At first funded by theft of huge amounts of oil from Iraq ($4.5 trillion since Iraq was invaded by US) and Syria (Over $800 billion in the past several years) is now crumbling under pressure from attacks from every direction.  Salaries have been reduced by 50% in Nov. 2015 to terrorists stealing oil and killing civilians in Iraq and Syria.

– The Russian military and allies have constantly bombed illicit oil convoys, production areas, and underground headquarters of the terrorists, destabilizing and killing them in large numbers.

– In addition to the Russian air attacks, they have been aided by new weapons systems, introduced robots that wipe out whole battalions, and a coalition of Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah, France, and German fighters.

– Russian bombs and missiles have hit all targets with high precision since Sept. 30, and Russia has trained and upgraded weapons of Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army (govt.) in new weapons systems.


Risk factors: (1) internal risk factors

(2) history of radical Islamic insurgency

(3) external pressures

This is contributing to the imminent fall of the House of Saud:

– domestic instability and discontent

– falling oil prices

– Kingdom’s ties to the West (radicals hate US)

– Govt. overcommitted – wars in Syria and Yemen, opens Kingdom to
Daesh targeting inside Saudi Arabia.






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