Let me Help the Wall Street Crash

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen

Dear people, following the article of yesterday 11 Nov. 18 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/2018/11/rinus-verhagen-time-for-change-is-now.html

Do I have an inspiration how we can speed up the stock market crash itself. I’ve made a blog about the smart meter and 5G, which dangers we are exposed to unasked for and unintentionally.

https://slimmemeter-g4-g5-g6.blogspot.com/ This section explains exactly what harmful effects it has on people, animals and nature.

Hold the CEO and the company liable, Telecom, Energy companies and Housing corporations that cooperate with this with a claim of €1000 per person per day. Encourage as many people as possible to file a claim with these companies.

As a result, this CEO will resign if he personally and his company receive a claim for unsolicited terror. The company will be rudderless and the stock market value will be reduced to zero by the mass of claims. This means that the whole fiat debt system will implode.

The RV/GCR can only start when the stock exchanges collapse, so we have a tool to do this.

Then people who have been promised funds can buy these companies from the bankruptcy, decentralize them and give the energy for free to the population.

The population now pays 80% of the bill and companies that use 80% only 20% of the bill. Companies will pay 100% and settle this with their products and services.

All personnel are employed by GESARA, which means that the entrepreneur can produce much cheaper. He will also receive an income from GESARA, whether he has assignments or not his income is secured. The invoices that the companies will pay and invoices are subject to VAT for 15%, purchase and sale VAT is settled.

This makes products much cheaper to pay up to 80% less tax, which will give the economy a huge boost.

Sample letter to your energy supplier. Do not allow this any longer.

Fill in the correct data yourself and look up the google for the correct name of director. Adjust the letter after your own insight.

City Date ……. November 2018

To Director …Own Name ……….. Energy supplier: …Nuon…Essent ???…………………….

Subject: delete request Smart meter

Dear Sir / Madam …………………………………….

I have been misled by you company into having to accept a Smart Meter. My request is primarily to you personally, as you directors are liable.

Through extensive information https://slimmemeter-g4-g5-g6.blogspot.com I consider it irresponsible that this imposed meter hangs in my home any longer.

I give you 14 days to replace this meter with a safe old meter at your expense. Your and your company hereby enters into a contract with me on my terms.

If you do not comply with my request, you tacitly agree to my claim of € 1000 per day that the infamous meter remains here.

This will result in many civil lawsuits that you can never win.

I also hold you personally and your company 100% liable for the health damage I now walk through this dangerous meter.

Now it is clear to me why I have unexplained headaches and bad sleep, thanks to the meter terror.

In which all health damage incurred will be claimed with a reversed burden of proof, so you must prove that complaints are not caused by the smart meter.

Given the versions info in the link above, this does not seem feasible for you and your company.

5G is a deadly technique to which the unsuspecting user is deliberately exposed.

Even though this meter remotely works with 4G, 5G, 6G everything can be controlled digitally, whereby my entire electrical installation can radiate this signal when the telecom provider wants it, by the deadly 5G, 6G technique by control drift of the corrupt government.

I expect to replace an appointment for the Smart Meter within 14 days, to take the 5G network out of service.

You also need to replace the meter at the neighbours as this also affects my home by the dangerous amplified 4G and 5G, 6G radiation.

Everything in the house with a wifi web interface is by the telecom provider to approach and influence through the Mac address and IP Address of the unsolicited connection, which in turn is against the privacy law of the EU and a claim of € 20,000,000 can be imposed.


Kind Regards