Andronicus symbols

The Highest Potential for Humanity

Andronicus shared with me a universal symbol for our planet to maintain a frequency to uphold the highest potential for humanity. This symbol cannot be broken or conflicted with. It upholds our inalienable right to sovereignty and a specific timline that allows us to embrace a wholesome, peaceful, harmonious and pollution-free environment.

We are also able to support our quest for clean air, water, earth and free access to all energy that helps us live an environmentally clean existence. Our highest intentions for humanity allows the family unit to be upheld with a political structure with consciousness, access to healthy organic foods and natural abundance of poison-free food sources, communities that are green, wholesome and harmonious. We request that our species continue to thrive on this planet along with all animal life, plant life and insect life that were intended to support this ecosystem.

We are acknowledging a galactic and universal system that is supportive to humanity and all living things. We remind all species; both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial about our covenant with the divine God source.

True Emblem: This is a universel emblem to support our quest for the longevity of planet Earth, huamnity, animal life, plant life, insect life, avian life, aquatic life, etc. We request this for all generations into our future.

Spacial Covenant: We remind all extra-terrestrial visitors that we have employes a covenant to thrive upon this planet without interference, obstruction, violence or manipulation. We welcome species who recognize our sovereignty and maintain these truths while visiting or cohabiting upon our planetary field, both in dimension or parallel in other dimensions of influence.

Highest potential for humanity – RESET: We request a reset of our reality to match and align with the original intent for humanity and all Earth species involved (animals, avians, plants, etc.). This symbol can also hold the frequency for individuals to reset and calibrate their soul agreements to realign with their highest potential. It can also be used to assist the realignment of family lineages, etc.

Highest potential for Humanity in 4 directions: This emblem supports the Highest Potential for Humanity to out to all four directions of the Earth whenever there is a crisis or a problem to support the agreements of sovereignty, peace and welness to our planet.

Unlimited Potential for Humanity: This symbol is without borders and can eclipse all parameters that intend to prevent sovereignty and free thinking. It is a reminder that we are fisrt free will thinkers when we align with inner truths and live harmonious with others. Sovereignty begins with ourselves first. We all harness unlimited possibilities with humanity without conflict or imposition of others truths. This is not something we need to fight for. This is something we already know and we allow it to manifest into our reality. The frequency of this symbol will support it.

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