Law Derives from Religion

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

You cannot rightly address any form or topic of “law” without realizing where that law comes from and addressing its source —the religion giving rise to it.

All Law, except Natural Law (water flows downhill) comes from religion.

Satanism is the religion that gives rise to the Law of Commerce.

The Law of Commerce also known as Law Merchant, Maritime Law, and in more recent days in other “special” venues, as Roman Civil Law and as British Equity Law —are all different names for the same thing. And they all derive from the practice and beliefs of Satanism.

So now you know why apprentice lawyers in Scotland are called “devils” and you know why the Office of the Roman Pontiff (vacant since 2011) required the Pope to sit on a throne surmounted by a giant snake.

Now the snakes are attempting to destroy the Church.

There is no safety in ignorance, no matter how much we would like to turn away and pretend that these things don’t exist. The only safety is in knowing the Truth and dealing with the Evil in our midst in a flat-footed, and practical way.

Even now, at this late date, the schemers imagine that they will get away unscathed to roll out another round of the same old deceit. They think that they will fool the entire Earth again and that soon we will all be enslaved to a different form of their prime commodity — money.

It truly doesn’t matter to them whether the money is made of paper or gold, oil or plastic. So long as it is their brand and they control it, the “substance” of the commodity is literally immaterial to them. They will happily trade in mere keystrokes on a computer, if you let them.

The key to defeating all of these evils lies in knowing that they exist, knowing what they are, knowing how they work, knowing who benefits —and getting your backs up to demand other answers.

The Law Merchant has been around for thousands of years because Satanism has been around for thousands of years — but so what? A bad idea that has been used to defraud people for thousands of years is still a bad idea employed to evil purposes today.

If you are offended by the idea that Satan has endeavored to keep his position as King of the World even after his defeat at Golgotha, please join me in exposing the entire idolatrous religion of money for what it is.

The water is indeed deep. The roots of the evil are well-entrenched and entangled.

The White Snake, a Paragon Dragon, is still alive and if not well— still kicking, in Scotland. This denizen of the deep has kept the Scottish people enslaved for centuries. I have heard them crying out to me, weak with their despair. How can any man contest with such a vast, and incalculable evil?

The same way he ties his shoelaces every day.

When enough of us see the Evil and oppose it, it will cease to exist. Like a bad dream, the fraud will be recognized for what it is– and be gone at last.

Until then, my mission — and yours, if you decide to accept it — is to educate, educate, and educate, so that people cannot be deceived and defrauded any more and so that those who are perpetuating this Old Evil are recognized and shamed and brought to terms.


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