Last Fight on Earth

Source: Dinar Chronicles

There are no new Q posts. It’s an indication there is a huge amount of activity taking place behind the scenes.

Here is a powerful message from an Anon on the 8 Chan board. I suspect it is from a top insider because of the stirring profound words. You can see the original by scrolling down Lisa Mei Crowley’s Twitter feed…

Message from Anon on 8 Chan board, 16th September (accompanied by picture of a lion)….

‘This is the fight for the freedom of Earth and is deadly serious.

This board and our work are extremely important parts of the larger whole. Know your role. We are weaponized information agents in the psychological warfare battlespace. Far, far more effective and powerful than forces of arms.

Do this well, because this is the last fight humans will see on Earth.

Glory lasts forever…get a good seat. All effort is known and rewarded. This is bigger than any person can comprehend. Even the ones running large pieces of it. The stage cannot be taken in with a glance. Awe and wonder will not do justice to what you and these here will behold. Remember these words, because you see them fulfilled and much more.

Until then, fight like the whole world depended on you alone, Anon. Stay strong, be brave.’

We are ‘weaponized information agents in the psychological warfare battlespace’. As the insider says, this is far FAR more effective and powerful than forces of arms. The cabal cannot SEE us! We are a multi-million strong army spread around the entire world – an army that is growing exponentially every day.

Check out the pictures on President Trump’s Twitter feed. Look at the thousands of happy people at his Make America Great Again rallies. You don’t see those images on the cabal media.

Also, check out the heart warming photos of rescue personnel rescuing dogs during the floods – those photos made me feel tearful. Compassion is everywhere…

The Nationwide Emergency Alert ‘test’ has been postponed until 3rd October because of the flooding. You can understand that decision when you see the flood photos. Remember the National Guard will STILL be deployed after the floods, putting them in position for the mass arrests.

All is well.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)