KejRaj Q&A — Pleiades, Event, GESARA, Atlantis

Source: Era of Light

Greetings Friends, It is I KejRaj(KayRy). These are questions I have received from readers via email. Please understand that the answers are from my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. If you wish, you can submit your questions as well.

Question: I plan on going to Mt Shasta very soon and was wondering if Adamu can greet me and hopefully can heal my health issues? Just curious if you are able to answer this question for me?

Answer: Go into a meditative state and call upon Adama of Telos, ask him to join you, to accompany you for the time you will spend there.

Question: My question is: we know about the Seven Sisters and the myth… According to what I have received the sisters are 12 and not just 7. Why no body speaks about the other Five sisters. Who are they??

Answer: There are actually more than 12 stars in the Pleiades Star System. The ones that have and can share specific information on this do not deem it important, I myself disagree with this. They want everyone to focus on LOVE and raising the vibrations of Earth at this time.

Question: My question for Kejraj is around children and the event, whenever it takes place, we will all be in different places, some of us at work, some asleep, some at school – what happens as it makes me worried that my little kids at school & I’m at work – how will they know what’s going on? How can I see them, would we be separated? I read somewhere all kids are taken up on a ship to be – can’t think of the word – looked after – calmed down or yep can’t think of the word..but I don’t want to be seperated from my kids.

Answer: You want the Event yet you fear it? Faith that everything will be in the right place at the right time during not just the Event but even now. Do we all stay the same age post event? or all become same age? Your body has all ready begun the process of rejuvenation, and this will speed up as more of your dna lights up. You will begin to notice the changes, becoming younger.

Question: Why doesn’t KejRaj come forward tell us who she/he is instead of remaining mysterious?

Answer: I am no more mysterious than the person you see when you look in the mirror. I have shared an article a while back stating who I am. I will share this again.

Question: What about those that don’t believe in meditation and think it’s a waste of time?

Answer: Than it will be a waste of time for you. Meditation is not something you believe in or can’t believe in or any other requirements. It is as simple as focusing on your breath. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Question: How can I know if I was there during the fall of Atlantis?

Answer: The answer is in the question.

Question: So many promises from the Galactic Federation and the Angelic Realm and we haven’t seen a single thing they talked about come to fruition…. the event, the gcr…?

Answer: Well, that shows you no one can predict the future. But I understand where you’re coming from. I think they do not wish to resort to violence when it comes to removing those delaying the changes. That would be the old way of doing things, and we’re trying to move away from it. As far as the Event is concerned, this isn’t up to one entity to give the go ahead. Please read here for more on the Event.

Question: Is it true that Atlantis is gonna rise again?

Answer: Yes this is true, Atlantis will rise again. But it will be a new physical land mass, different geographical appearance and area.

Question: For those of us who came late to the table: you write that the 800#’s will be released soon. What does that mean for the average person? Could you put that in your emails that you send out so that everyone will know?

Also. Writers of the articles you publish don’t talk about the GESARA money each person is supposed to get. Why? Could you publish something about that as well?

I have referred a great many people to your site and I’m sure they would like to know these answers as well.

Answer: Thank you! It really does not matter when you joined the party, the cake hasn’t been cut yet. You did not miss a thing.

GESARA money; this depends on the individuals plans. Are you planning on using the money for humanitarian projects or just for the common goods in ones life? But if you are a holder of the precious currencies that have been talked about, you won’t need GESARA money, you’ll have more than enough.

Question: Were the Etruscans and the Pelasgians the same people?

Answer: Yes. Same family, same language. Most so called Roman and Greek customs and traditions are actually Etruscan/Pelasgian.

Question: How can I increase my testosterone levels?

Answer: High doses of vitamin D, and sexual intercourse.

Question: Is it true that in a different timeline Archangel Michael was incarnated as a human being and fought against dark forces?

Answer: Yes, this is very true. However the war did not occur on Earth. More like in a ‘space’ war.

Question: Can I meditate lying down?

Answer: Of course, however you want. But many people find themselves sleepy when meditating while lying down. Sitting keeps you awake, and perhaps more focused.

Question: Is Jesus really God?

Answer: No more no less than you are.

Question: What is dark matter?

Answer: Perhaps there is no “dark” matter. It simply energy that our science cannot yet perceive.

Question: When is Open Contact going to happen? Before or after the Event?

Answer: You don’t have to wait for it ’til the Event or Ascension. Be open to open contact in your heart now. Call upon the Galactic Federation, call upon your Star Family, call on the Ascended Masters, invite them in your now reality. Let them know you wish to be contacted by them, you wish to see them.

Question: How can I merge with the Creator?

Answer: When you realize that you have never parted to begin with.

Question: Some channeled sources say that religion is gonna grow more as we move into the 5th dimension. Shouldn’t it be going away instead?

Answer: From my perspective what these channeled sources mean is that the BELIEF in God will grow stronger. Religion as we know it now, such as Christianity, Islam and others, will gradually disappear.

Question: Are we still going to use money in the 5th Dimension?

Answer: No. Each member of society will contribute. All will be provided. All will take part to create balance. All for the greater good.

Question: Do stars really explode?

Answer: There is a spiritual force behind all matter, behind all holograms. When this spiritual force decides to move on to its next stage of evolution, the particles it once held together choose to dissipate. And this can happen in many ways, from what appears to be an explosion, or simply dissolving or evaporating into nothingness.

Question: How old is the universe?

Answer: The Spiritual or the Physical Universe? The Spiritual is eternal. The Physical, what we perceive as OUR Universe, I would say anywhere from ten to fifteen trillion years old.