The Veil Has Lifted!

by Jelelle Awen,
Guest writer,
“The veil is gone,” this is the phrase that my guides and galactic/angelic aspects have shared with me recently. The veil of amnesia that we all placed over our soul memories and link in with cosmic collective ‘knowledge and truth’ has been lifted. It feels like a foggy membrane that floated above us, creating a ceiling or sense of ceiling over us, is now cleared. It seems like the ‘sky’ of our remembering is now clear.
This lifting offers tremendous opportunities in personal healing and transformation as what has felt ‘murky’ is now accessible. I have personally experienced a great acceleration in the last couple of months especially in connections and access to my soul legacy or what I call the “Metasoul” line of my soul, where all of the fractals from my Metasoul are expressing out in different dimensions, planets, and ‘eras’ of time. Access feels much easier now with portals to these Metasoul aspects available with a simple meditative states and processes.
The veil has particularly been lifted related to access our ‘memories’ of Atlantis and Lemuria, and our soul aspects that are expressing there. As there is no time, there are no ‘past lives’ and also no ‘past’ events. The fall and collapse of Atlantis from higher dimensional consciousness expression to ‘denser’ due to being influenced by mostly shadow-based reptilians (known as Dracos, the Controllers, Archons, etc.) is available for ALL of us to feel if we have a Metasoul brother or sister who is still living this energy out, still experiencing it as if it is happening today.
As my consciousness merges more with Metasoul and angelic aspects, I can feel more access to the cosmic collective and the truth of our story as humans here on Gaia. It feels like more and more souls, especially those called to be wayshowers and healers and teachers, are feeling the veils lifted and seeing and feeling this more clearly. As this ‘knowledge’, which is based in the upper or cosmic heart and the upper or ascension chakras, downloads to us and those of us with gifts of communication share it, more souls will be ‘popped’ into remembrance as well, adding their unique perspectives to the ‘story’. Access and capacity to connect with and integrate soul aspects and galactic/angelic selves will increase for more and more people. The sense of ‘being alone’ and ‘not being able to hear or see or feel Ethereal guides’ will decrease greatly as more and more souls gain this access.
Healing the emotional wounds, largely before subconscious, becomes more accessible as the PURE love waves push up the ‘oil’ of these wounds to be felt and digested. Healing the soul wounds, largely before shrouded in fog, becomes more clear as access to the Akashic records opens up more and more with increased galactic consciousness integrated in a personal way.
The healing of heart and soul is MORE important than ever though (even if it becomes ‘easier’ in some ways) because these unhealed frequencies can block, anchor, lower your frequency, and also because it is ‘time’ it seems to let them go. Fourth dimensional (4D) transitional and awakening consciousness holds the space and the stage for this healing, for this death and rebirth, for the blooming of the authentic self out of the ashes of the false and strategic self.
Lifting of the veil also offers tremendous opportunities related to our experience of reality in 3D or mainstream consciousness or prevailing worldview consciousness. The disclosure process will bring forward that which has been hidden from us related to our connection with star beings, the shadow influences of souls polarized to fear (CabalIlluminatiElites, creators of the matrix, etc.) Lifting of this veil will be very hard for many souls who are not yet awake and aware of the phase of this influence that all of us have chosen on a soul level and yet had purposely forgotten this choice as 3D selves. Many changes in our lifestyles are possibly coming related to these disclosures with amazing technologies becoming available to us for the first ‘time’ from star being allies and friends. Many of the issues that we suffer from related to 3D reality will most likely be resolved, cured, or in transition.
The veil has been necessary. It has been necessary for us to fully go into our experience and experiment of duality consciousness in 3D reality. We have played that out now and it has changed us from the energies and processing ground that we were coming from in Atlantis or Lemuria. These experiences harvested from the 3D experiment form the foundational soil for which the seed of the sacred human is growing and sprouting. Watered by the PURE love that is available from galactic and angelic sources, the seed is sprouting, the sacred human is birthing. Messy at times, this birth, ups and downs…..yet, the baby is gestating then it is wailing and then it is waking UP!
See if you can feel the absence of the veil in your own consciousness. Go into a meditative space and ‘feel’ the inner sky of our consciousness. Feel it as open and expansive. Feel it as clear and shiny. Ask your guides to help you access your heart woundings that are still in shadow. Ask your guides to help you access the soul expressions and aspects that are still unknown to you that you can benefit from connecting with. Listen for guidance related to reaching out to others, whether a space holder, teacher, and/or a community of others for which to receive support.
Opening sky of the third eye, opening of the cosmic Christ heart, opening of the Metasoul line, opening of the Archangel rays, opening of the Divine Source access, opening of the galactic connections…..all of this opening offers an invitation to us for a deeper embodiment of our process in all areas of our lives and HUGE support for the 3D life changes that may be pressing on you at this point in order to move you deeper into 4D transitional phase and into more and more experiences and tastes of 5D and beyond and beyond, there is much beyond, yes! And, all of this is held with love by love and for LOVE!
Below is a video of me with my beloved mate and co-creator of SoulFullHeart, Raphael Awen, as part of his Golden Earth Now! Vlog series discussing the lifting of the veil and the deeper meanings personally and globally:
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