JAE’s Final Statements, & ETs Will Arrive Soon (11-5-2018)

Gepubliceerd op 8 nov. 2018

Diana will publish information at TheSpiritualFoundation.com regarding the true colors coming from the various main energy focal points of the body (chakras) as well as the stones whose energy is relative to those fields. You will find this different to anything out there as they don’t have all the important fields and the auric expressions (colors) are incorrect in about 40% of the fields they do mention. She will also offer information relative to the different energy fields in your brain that I have been working on for years now. The auric expressions of each field will be shown in their proper colors as well as their locations in your body, mostly your brain. This video sums up the basic understanding of what’s been happening as well as what will. I’m finished here. Just be you; no one else can and everyone else is taken anyway.