Received via email from Yosef …….

Dear Sleepwalking Human Race,

Trump is not the American president and never was.  So relax.

He can start no war as he has no real power over over any military entity or force.

Think about it.  He’s got orange skin and his 35 year old daughter’s husband is his chief political advisor.

The USA, Inc. defaulted internationally first in 2012 and then dissolved in the summer of 2015 with Puerto Rico’s default.  Thus Trump cannot be a president over a corporation that no longer exists.

Even the US Presidential election was a complete fake pageant carried out to make “things appear normal” to the sleepwalking masses.

This is true btw in every country due to GESARA mandates of eliminating all domestic and current forms of government (Brexit referendum included).

Congressmen Paul Ryan was selected quietly to help publicly restore the Republic by Chinese and Russian Sovereign Elders to lead the nation post GESARA, and thus why has oddly forcefully inserted as Speaker of the House back in the fall of 2015 by Pope Francis, the recent former owner of the USA, Inc.. since 1871.

And well before that, Trump was quietly selected by all interested parties to lead the fake election pageant because no one wanted to give off an image of a foreign power military overthrow of any nation; so they needed a temporary burner President to appear as if they were really running the country seriously into the ground in order to clear subconscious mind space for the insertion of Paul Ryan.

That is what Donald Trump is… a temporary stand-in actor who in playing the part of a really, really, really bad President as to keep the collective peace and absorb all necessary criticism for making hard GESARA related compliance changes like immigration reform.

Because if people knew what had really been going on all this past centuries in government, banking, corporations and media they would have self-imploded or much, much worse.

The human psyche is that fragile and had to be protected.

Trump’s futility completely takes the heat off Ryan as well as sets him up for a heroic entrance after the Trump Administration has successfully burned off all of Washington’s global credibility as a controlling superpower.

Trump’s exit strategy, which is a simple resignation due to several impeachment level acts of Constitutional fraud, will now usher in a period of tremendous economic growth unprecedented in human history.

So yes, Donald the scum bag is acting in a benevolent manner because he’s getting paid to do so.

Bizarre world we live in, huh?

Hence we now see the bogus bombing of Syria (Israel attack and interests, not US) due to a bogus chemical attack by Syrian President Assad (didn’t happen), and of course the ever popular dozen or so emoluments violations of taking money from Russian surrogates loyal to President Vladimir Putin over what will be revealed by Trump’s tax returns to be a 10 year benefits period dating back to 2006.

Everything has been planned over a decade in advance (since 9/11) and thus it’s best to just to sit back and enjoy the show.  Including the on going political charade playing out in a Congress.

Everyone is playing their part in exchange for amnesty and currency redemption.


Now in return for Trump running for fake USA, Inc. Presidency, China and Russia have granted him prosecution amnesty for his many crimes against humanity over several decades, even agreeing to cash him out by allowing a one time redemption of his stockpile of Iraq Dinar.

Which his transgender son-in-law Jared Kushner executed for dad last week–and even got a military escort with Chairman of the Joint Chief General Joseph Dunford.

Both Kushner and Dunford only stayed 4 hours in Iraq and went as far as to do a fake photo op with Iraq President Abadi while Trump’s physical IQD exchange took place at the CBI.

His accounts are being held over sees in the Baghdad branch of Bank of China for obvious reasons.  We believe because he’s going he’s getting prime future real estate plays in Iraq.

Art of the deal right?

If Trump continues to follow his unconstitutional presidency script and resigns in two weeks when the Congress is on Easter recess, he will be granted additional and multiple prime real estate deals in both China and Russia as final payment for services rendered.

Trump chaotically, but mercifully, builds up a record low approval rating and ends his political career with a resignation.  This distraction is deemed enough to absorb global attention and offer natural media cover to release the RV worldwide.

Enter policy wonk, 45 year old blue eyed Paul Ryan and as the restored Republic two term leader, and watch as he reissues the gold standard and creates a new gold backed currency that’s yes already sitting in bank vaults nationwide.

Notice how right before his soon-to-be scandalous exit nears, China just so happens to make an official visits to Finland (Europe – NATO) and Florida (North America – CENTCOM) to maybe go over final military strategies for each continents GCR/RV roll out.

Stranger things have happened.

Just China’s President’s presence of foreign soil, Xi Jinping, demonstrates an urgency to implement fiscal reforms, let alone a hurried back-to-back continental jaunt in four days.

This is both a telling and wonderful sign that the long awaited monetary reform we’ve heard so much about in the shadows, prayed for in the dark of night, acted upon in blind faith and followed so closely without a bellwether guide is  finally being carried out in real time.

This is why everyone holding fiat currencies and/or defaulted historical bonds should be quietly rejoicing with every self inflicted Trump political dagger he sticks into his own side.  As his scary political death equates to your life post redemption.

It’s all a show.