ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry of Ritual Satanic Abuse

All videos from the London seating are available at

By Sacha Stone via FaceBook

Deeply sad but empowering moments during the recent ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry in Westminster. Ritual Satanic Abuse is a very real blight, claiming millions of victims each year. Torture, rape and murder make up the tapestry of horrors endured by so many of our brothers and sisters. Trapped in dark spaces, with nobody to hear their cries…. Help us change that now, in our generation. Survivors and whistleblowers are amongst the bravest and most noble souls you could wish to meet. I’ve spent years in this labyrinthine area of focus, meeting numerous escapees, survivors and victims and am humbled each time I see the light of human kindness and common decency issue from their eyes….despite all they’ve been through. Forgiveness is transcendence. The most powerful force on earth. The Judicial Commission filmed testimonies and commemorative issue publication will be released shortly. In the meantime please sign the treaty

(Arise Homo Sapiens) ♥

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Photograph with Ronald B. Blij Kristy Knight , ITNJ Chief Counsel Robert David Steele and ITNJ Founder Sacha Stone