It is reported by credible sources this is THE END of this ride !! (Video)

Source Posted By: Mr.Ed 

Hey, All! I have never been so expectant of the news we have awaited. All information is exciting and reports are solid as well as some backed up even by mainstream media.

I don’t think any of us imagined how significant the G20 meeting in Hangzhou, China, would be. This has been taking place the past two days – 4th and 5th. Remember, they are 15 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight/Mountain Standard time zone and it is already September 6th there at this time.

The G20 leaders are reported to be unified in taking care of final settlement talks for all global disputes. They determined not to leave this negotiating environment (same country, same city, same room, same table) until all matters were deemed collectively resolved and absolute unification was achieved. Signatures on all treaties are required by universal law. No country (or leader) may leave until all treaties are made law via their signature.

I want to remind you that 209 countries met months ago and included in other business matters, they all signed off also that the Restored Republic of the United States was at that point the recognized government. (The UN had also signed off to recognize the Republic government also). This meeting and resultant agreements are referred to as the Paris Agreement or Paris Treaty and was under the umbrella of Climate change.

In regard to the G20 meeting in China that has just wrapped up, Former President Barack Obama is not being included in this process as he no longer is deemed the lead diplomat for the Republic of the United States–this is why he did not get the red carpet treatment. General Joseph Dunford is signing all treaties (including the Paris Agreement on Climate Change) for the Republic of the United States per his own nation’s internal Constitution.

This is precisely why all such “real or new leaders” have gathered in China, as many are publicly unknown given all the severe and dramatic changes made privately in their countries. (Remember one of my last notes stated that part of the “cleanup” in government and finance has brought on leaders of nations stepping down – new leaders in place.)

Many this weekend are meeting for the very first time as to implement GESARA collectively, and their combined will–through the body of law–will now take full effect beginning in the fourthfiscal quarter of 2016. (Oct 1)

Global monetary reconstitution (aka the GCR/RV) is also included within the GESARA legal framework of change; thus, intake and settlement of all defaulted historic assets–including all fiat currencies–will now be retrieved, redeemed and revalued as well as removed from physical existence.

The entire global monetary reconstitution process is scheduled to complete by the end of your September (9) so your world can permanently recalibrate beginning in October (1).

The last three paragraphs above are written by someone else with inroads to the information presented.

As for the information regarding former president Obama, it was seen on mainstream media news broadcasts where the Chinese government representatives/airport not only did not provide red carpet treatment for him, but they also did not provide stairs for him to disembark the plane. He had to go to a rear exit to be able to deplane.

When a lady got “in their face” about it, she was made to understand this was “their country and their airport”. As we have stated in other updates, Obama is NO LONGER the recognized president of our country. I will also add here that this will become evident soon to the people here in our country. The media has sat on this information (much the same as they have done with the truth concerning the Clintons) and full disclosure will soon be presented.

As for where this puts us in our expectation of life-changing monetary events: The G-20 meeting will end on the 5th (has already ended) and we fully expect all funds to be released on Tuesday. We are aware of bonds as well as large groups of people who have been told to expect their funds on Tuesday.

Our group paymaster is expecting release of our funds along with our 800#s today so we can make appointments for redemption/exchange this week, probably as early as Tuesday.

It is reported by credible sources this is THE END of this ride, and our new lives individually as well as collectively as a nation are beginning.