Is the American debt-note Factory nearing its end?

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It’s becoming pretty obvious that the days of Federal Reserve System hegemony are now limited, in that much of the world is dumping the US Petro Dollar and plans to shift to direct trade and use of Gold, Silver and commodity-backed real currencies.

by  Preston James



Everyday more and more Americans that didn’t already know are now finding out that the Federal Reserve System is a private corporation, owned by foreign “Bloodline” families, and is neither Federal nor a Bank.

They are finding out it is a private corporation, a franchisee of the privately owned Bank of London located in the City of London, a private Khazarian Mafia nation-state with its own ambassadors and police.

The City of London is not a part of the UK and pays no taxes to England.

It was infiltrated and completely hijacked by the Rothschild Banking family by use of some crafty covert operations.



The most notable and first major covert operation by the Luciferian Rothschild money-changers was a stock price suppression operation which allowed them to buy up vast quantities of stock at fire-sale prices. This was based on a false announcement a victory of Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo, when it was just the opposite.

The second covert operation was the use of Rothschild money power to place Oliver Cromwell in power in England. Cromwell was a Rothschild puppet who was willing to harass, abuse and even murder Rothschild opposition which allowed them to complete their hijacking of the City of London financial and Banking enterprises and make England the center of their ancient Luciferian dark-side Babylonian Talmudic black-magick powers.

From their new home base in England they were able to expand their private central banking kingdom as a replacement for the eroded and dying British Empire which when at it peak was claimed that the Sun never set upon it it was so worldwide and vast.

It was the Rothschilds who were allegedly anointed by Lucifer (Satan) to become the functional head of the Khazarian Mafia, the World’s biggest Organized Crime Syndicate based on the power of the dark side. Those who run the dark side using the RKM and its Worldwide occult network of Evil must first give up their souls to Lucifer and must function as non-humans dedicated to living in an occult world of secret evil dedicated to performing the opposite of everything that is good, loving, just and righteous.

Hierarchy advancement to the higher positions of extreme power, privilege, wealth and status is based on participation in evil initiation rites based on deviant, perverted criminal acts such as satanic black masses, drug usage, pedophilia, child torture, child-hunting at private hunting lodges, child sacrifice, and human vivisection all secretly videoed for later blackmail purposes in the initiate ever goes outside their allowed behavioral parameters.

The RKM learned of the addictive nature of Turkish Opium and its medicinal and intoxicating powers, and its ability to temporarily stop time and remove all worldly cares.


Battle between the British war ships and the Chinese junks from the first Opium War– it is interesting that the RKM used its proprietary cutout the East India company as its chief opium trafficker

The English had been buying a lot of tea, spices and silk from China and had paid them a lot of silver and gold in exchange for these products which the English people demanded and paid high prices for.

The Rothschild decided they would traffick opium into China to create massive addictions and thereby recover all the silver and gold they had paid out to the Chinese for tea, spices and silk. Opium was deployed by the Khazarian mafia associated “bloodline families” as a weapon of covert economic war.

It didn’t take too long for the Chinese warlords to figure this all out and fight back. Thus the Opium Wars occurring. English troops prevailed but because they had suffered some losses negotiated treaties allowing some opium sales but with significant curtailment.

Ever since, at various times, the Khazarian Mafia has continued to deploy illegal, habit forming narcotics that are able to steal a person’s very soul and dirty them up for life in most cases, an addiction that usually takes everything they have including their life itself.

The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) “Beast” is centered in the City of London (COL) and is run by the Luciferian Rothschilds.

It is these Banksters who are reputed to have been anointed and empowered directly by Lucifer who are the head of the occult beast known as the “Hierarchy” which uses the High Freemasonry, and the Worldwide Satanic and occult networks as cover, and has continually trafficked illegal habit forming narcotics.

The RKM have trafficked numerous illegal drugs into America as covert weapons of war to not only destroy America the Constitutional Republic but to raise vast “off the books” black funds for various worldwide covert criminal activities as well as to make the Bloodline families participating in the drug trade rich beyond reason.

Many of these funds are used to finance vast mercenary operations of mind-kontrolled dupes pretending to be and acting like bloodthirsty terrorists who have lost their souls and are no longer functionally human.

Because the RKM basically owns and control every head of most of the American Intel and Law Enforcement Agencies they are basically immune from any arrest and prosecution for their massive illegal drug trafficking into and across America and much of the World.

Only their small time cutouts are ever arrested as token LE prosecutions to fool everyone.

After many years of failed attempts, the Rothschild COL Banksters were able to buy off most members of the US Congress and the sitting US President and were able to establish a foothold inside America with their passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

President Andrew Jackson — a true Constitutional Populist

President Andrew Jackson had driven the RKM Banksters out of America and felt they were evil. He was correct. He fully understood that these COL Banksters were foreign based vipers and parasites.

“Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families.

That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves.”

“If Congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given to be used by themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.”

These are quotes from Andrew Jackson, who was a distinguished Constitutional President of the United States 1829-1837, and who killed the RKM Bank and drove it out of America. Sadly, it successfully bribed its way back into America in 1913, this time to last for over 100 years; and the RKM bank effectively parasitized millions of American soldiers’ lives and health, along with most American’s earned wealth and assets.

Once these COL RKM Banksters were able to set up their stateside franchise, they were able to slowly and systematically change the US Dollar from Gold and Silver Certificates (real money) to their own FRS Fiat (counterfeit) money better known as Federal reserve notes.

These FRS notes are actually pernicious interest bearing debt-notes and slowly but surely all Gold and Silver backing was removed in 1971 by Richard Nixon and they  became debt-notes only.

This final act of the JFK Assassination coup d’etat occurred in 1971 by the man Richard Nixon who was deeply involved in what he called “that Bay of Pigs Thing” with GHWB.

It was GHWB who served as the titular head of the Bush Crime cabal which ran the CIA as its personal tool on behalf of the Fourth Reich and it was he who planned and ran the JFK assassination of the behalf of the Fourth Reich which was functioning as a part of the RKM.



This seems so counter-intuitive but when one pulls back the curtain one finds the RKM Babylonian Talmudic Zionists at the core of the RKM who work with every other major crime syndicate including the Fourth Reich which they set up and ran in the first place.

Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s national security advisor and high ranking secret RKM appointee of David Rockefeller and former Soviet Mole (Soviet secret code-named according to FBI files of “Bor”).

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?

David Rockefeller has been the head of the American RKM franchise. Kissinger negotiated the US Petro Dollar deal with the Mideast Oil producers. The deal was the US Military and NATO will protect you and will make sure you have plenty of profitable western markets only if you agree to accept US Dollars for your oil sales.

If you want to know the ugly truth about Heinz Kissinger (“Bor”) invest about 8 hours listening to Kay Griggs’ video affidavit, a truly great American Hero like Gwenyth Todd and Sibel Edmonds.

This deal was made and soon the US Petro Dollar became the World’s Reserve Currency, a distinct advantage for the FRS franchisee of the COL RKM private central Banking System.

We now know for certain that the RKM private central banking system is international, and functions like an octopus with many tentacles.

That is why insiders have called it both the “Octopus” and the “Baby” which is short for the current form of the ancient Babylonian Talmudic “black magick” money from nothing Zionist system (aka the secret Sionist Luciferian occult black-magick money-creation system).

And we know that without question a strong association between the RKM private banking octopus has always been associated with both illegal narcotics and drug trafficking and the massive Rockefeller created oil cartel which started out as the Seven Sisters and has now morphed into a smaller number of much larger corporations.

We know that one of the main methods used by the RKM to infiltrate and hijack many nations has been through the infiltration and capture of control over the underworld or criminal organizations in each nation, as well as by infiltrating their banking and corporations and consolidating them.

All the significant RKM leaders are initiated into secret societies using criminal, sadistic and highly deviant rituals, which increase in intensity and severity at each higher level as one become initiated to move up to the next higher level in the RKM system (aka the Hierarchy). Once the RKM gains control over the leaders in every sector, the rest is relatively easy.

And if these leaders go outside their prescribed and allowed parameters, they are sanctions and sometimes their evil activities during initiations are weakened to the public through Press stooges for the Hierarchy.

We now have gained a simple understanding of how the RKM buys its way into (infiltrates), then hijacks large corporations and then consolidates them into larger and larger entities that operate as virtual monopolies in function only but not corporate structure.


The joke was on us, the American people with the Bankster Bailouts. The FRS threatened that there would be blood in the streets and martial law would have to be declared unless the FRS and the “too big to fail” Wall Street Banks were bailed out by the US Taxpayers. This trick was successfully pulled off — TWICE

Once and industry is consolidated, be it oil, manufacturing or entertainment or media, it is easy for the RKM to exercise control over these virtual monopolies because all of the CEOs are owned and controlled by the RKM or its Cutouts one way or another.

Despite the incredible power and control the RKM has exercised over every American institution including the Pentagon, Intel, Law Enforcement, Congress, the Judiciary and almost every administration, their system has been exposed and such knowledge is rapidly diffusing to the masses who are beginning to connect the dots and have now had about enough.

The question of how long the American masses are going to continue to allow several wrinkled up old Luciferian occult masters in wheel chairs to run their lives and destroy everything they ever worked for and America too, is now becoming a prominent issue. 

These wrinkled up old Satanic pedophile mass-murderers and child-sacrificers have run the Hierarchy and gained reach all the way down to your street level through their control of local police, and state and federal agencies.

The answer seems to be “not much longer”. Why does this now seem a certainty? The answer will surprise many.

The private Federal Reserve System as well as it franchiser the City of London RKM are both nearing complete collapse.

And this is all due to a strange convergence of different factors including the end of the US Petro Dollar as the oil sales medium and the World’s reserve Currency, the emergence of the BRICs Development bank, the Chinese AIIB and their new swift type electronic exchange system, and numerous direct trade agreements between nations that avoid any use of the US Dollar at all.

FRS insiders know that the days of the FRS are limited and because they realize the whole RKM system is collapsing under a web of debt and runaway oil based derivatives that are now collapsing thanks to the Russians lowering their price of oil and collapsing the price down to reasonable levels.

The FRS has been buying up US Treasury notes from the Chinese and other nations who fear they are soon approaching a complete loss of value. Thus the FRS and the US Treasury are monetizing debt, which means they are kiting up the whole system to manipulate the statistics to look good, while the whole system nears ultimate collapse.

The top FRS officials know this as do the real owners of the FRS, who are the Bloodline families who have made immense unjustified riches off of the American taxpayer and renter of their fake FRS Debt-notes, which are little more than mere promises to repay the debt with pernicious accrued interest.

Obviously it is clear that the FRS is seeing themselves in a serious emergency state and is seeking consultations with the Administration about it. After the special FRS Board Meeting this last Monday April 11th, FRS Chief Janet Yellon met with President Obama. This itself seemed quite irregular and suggests something big is in the wind.

GetImage.ashxHow can we be sure that the FRS nears complete collapse? Their Controlled Major Mass Media have not been telling us the truth. These six Major Media News Outlets who are a virtual monopoly claim in unison that the US unemployment rate is 5% or less when it is at or near 40% or over 95 million able workers who are out of work. This 40% figure does not include the many millions that are grossly under-employed.

Recently an associate of the FRS approached several key members of Congress and proposed that the USG federalize the Federal Reserve System and take ownership for it.

Certainly this is some kind of an admission of near complete FRS insolvency and a coming financial storm. But it is also a request for a get out of jail free card and an apparent attempt to shift responsibility from the Bloodline owners of the FRS to the US Public.

This is a crafty new way to monetize the debt by shifting ownership of it to the American people. It is being proposed because the FRS Bloodline families who are the true stockholders and owners of the FRS realize that they cannot squeeze much more value out of it anymore.

The FRS was used to covertly kite the system through built-in inflation by using each local member bank loan to create money from nothing and then charging pernicious usury to use what should have been owned by the American people directly themselves in the first place.



Soon there will be no alternative but to set up a new American monetary system.

Most of the BRICS and AIIB members have already discussed in secret that these various new currencies will have to be linked to gold, silver and commodities as their backing for money.

Some believe it will end up being digitally based but still linked to Gold, Silver and commodities. And there will have to be trade boards to adjust exchange rates between trading countries in a mutually agreeable fashion.

It was all the unConstitutional Free trade Agreements and the mad addiction by Wall Street Banks to various pyramid Ponzi scams such as the S&L scam and the Enron scam (CIA black fundraisers), the Mortgage balloon Scam, and addiction to out of control derivatives and their continual repackaging and fraudulent sales as equity backed securities when they were anything but securitized by equity, and actually were fraudulent paper.

And we still have numerous top corporate leaders claiming on behalf of the RKM that America has a shortage of educated skilled workers and are continually begging for more H1B foreign visa’d immigrant workers.

This claim is of course based on a lie and is designed to keep the wages low and to destroy America the Republic by removing jobs from mainstream highly educated American workers.

And that the lies surrounding free trade and unrestricted immigration that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are now exposing is just one major reason why their words are resonating with so many Americans.

Many Americans are starting to envision the new dream team of Trump for President with Bernie Sanders as his VP running mate. Actually they agree on most of the most important issues. If both are cheated out of becoming their party candidates, they should quite their parties and join forces to become independents which both have been before. This team if they could iron out their differences would be unbeatable.

Bernie Sanders is popular among college students and the younger, and Donald Trump is popular among a wide spectrum, including many African Americans and Hispanics which is turning out to be a surprise to many so-called political experts.

red queen


The American masses do not want the sleazy Clintons back in the White House with all Bill’s unprosecuted rapes and sexual abuse incidents, and Hillary’s Whitewater scam, the Web Hubbell love child in the former First Family, the Vince Foster murder and being rolled up in the W.H. rug incident, and her W.H. Waco bloodfest tantrum.

Hillary is the Satanic RKM’s choice, and we shall see if their current diminished state of American political power is great enough to keep her out of jail for running a company covert op on her email, while getting a big chunk of money for herself or enough fake votes to get her elected as POTUS.

So far, her course has been completely protected, and she has been promoted to a status similar to the Queen of England.

No wonder she acts so haughty and laughs off every good question without answering it. She has the whole Hierarchy leadership behind her and is serving as a major Cutout right now. Of course they want her to be elected POTUS. If elected, she will be open for Hierarchy business 24/7.

With Hillary everything is always for sale, everything to anybody with enough money, and believe you me, it takes a lot to get what you want in DC these days.

But there are other secret forces at work here to expose her and block her, and these go deep within certain secret factions in the Pentagon and some powerful Intel agencies, and even Majesty, the beyond-black group that is alleged to handle the most sensitive Alien ET matters including secret negotiations and treaties with some such groups.

Far too many of their crimes were covered up and went unprosecuted because of their being appointed by the RKM Hierarchy to serve as master RKM puppets.

The Establishment wants the Clinton’s back in power because with them everything is for sale 24/7 and this is what the RKM members want so they can remain feeding off USG pork like pigs at the taxpayer trough.





As the RKM is now cornered by the rest of the World that is tired of their debt note private central Banksters Fiat counterfeit currency scam, it is becoming obvious by the day that the RKM is losing power and soon the Hierarchy itself will be taken apart at the seams.

Top Hierarchy members know this is happening and are scrambling to shift the FRS into the USG as a US Federal Agency owned by We The People to create cover and provide an escape from the peasants and their pitchforks.

Many Americans are now learning that the US Congress is spending about 40% more than it takes in in Tax revenues. This means that it must borrow more and more FRS Petro-Dollar debt-notes from the unending, elastic American Money Factory which is a true monopoly and completely illegal and unConstititional.

If a law is unConstitutional, it is by definition illegal and no American has any obligation to obey it.

The only reason we pay our Federal taxes is because the RKM Banksters have transformed America into their own police state with their “owned” judicial system, and their ability to use their unbridled power of the boot in your face and threatened imprisonment to force compliance.

by Ambrose Pritchard-Evans

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

This year it has been reported tax revenues are up. This is of course due to the secret actions of the “Plunge Protection team” which kites up stock with direct secret purchases and intercepts electronic trades using A.I. algorithms to make profits not otherwise available.

You can bet the Plunge Protection team has also been making secret tax deposits through various complex means to kite up the system and fool everyone.

When any government reached such a state that it has to borrow 40% or more money to balance its books, this is a scenario that is certainly a formula for complete financial collapse.

And when you add so-called Free Trade Agreements, massive foreign immigration into the picture, H1B visas and a World increasingly saturated in US Petro Dollars that are losing value by the day, you can see this is a formula for coming catastrophe.

The rest of the World is now catching on and is deeply committed to constructing serious firewalls against the US Petro Dollar such as BRICs, AIIB and direct trade agreements without the use of the US Petro Dollar.

The handwriting is on the wall, the days of the FRS and RKM World hegemony are now limited, and the end for them is near.