Thank you to SunWings of Project Avalon Forum for providing this update on Ahlex…..

Video Production from Miles Johnston


Bases 62. Saturn, 4th Reich, 5D Earth, Nazi Bases, Remote Viewing and Satanic Rituals


About Ahlex

• Has been part of a benevolent ET Super Soldier Programme (possibly Part of the 4th Reich)
• Recently Memories of his Alter have come back
• Ahlex repeatedly said I have been forced to put this information out about the 4th Reich by higher beings
• Ahlex is under massive psychic attack and it feels very uncomfortable to watch

I am putting a summary of the videos to see if anyone can confirm parts of his story. Not to promote it! He is certainly not the next Goode and I doubt we will see him again but I feel he may be worth listening to.

Part 2 Ascension and the 4th Reich

• He is being charged with frequencies in preparation for New Earth, 5D and Ascension.
• Goes through massive discomfort and physical discomfort because of this
• He is connected to the fourth Reich
• Claims fourth Reich to be both human and Reptilian
• Was told when his alters merge his DNA will Activate

Starts at 33 Mins

Part 3 Saturn

• Confirms Saturn’s transmitting a fake reality
• Explains Saturn delays time on this planet
• Therefore, manifestations take much longer
• Consequences / Karma are delayed by Saturn
• This Breaks the unity of human consciousness and creates individuals (in + divide + duality) Its often much later we realize the hurt we have caused not instantaneously
• Saturn is breaking /delaying our connection with each other and makes it a lot easier for ETs to manipulate mankind
• The human Mind used to be able to work in multiple Dimensions. Now no!
• Saturn has massive Reptilian transmitters on the planet which are heavily guarded by many Reptilian ships
• Says how in other Dimensions you can see up/down into other dimensions even if you are not part of them
• Saturn also blocks us from seeing other dimensions

Part 4 Remote Viewing + Base in Pacific

• Claims the fourth Reich has Grey Technology which distorts remote viewing off Planet
• This technology also muddies the water when Remote viewing on Earth
• His alter is able to manipulate reality using his consciousness
• Most recent memory only 2 months ago July/ August 2016 Took part in an operation in the Pacific Ocean
• He arrived to an Island where Naval ships and submarines circled and protected it
• He joined a Delta Team which went through a Portal to engage with Greys who were torturing 3 fmaily members of a bloodline Iraqi / Afghan family
• Delta force team claimed to be Nazis and told him that they were against the N.W.O.

Part 5 Polar Nazi Bases

• Recent memory of being at an Artic Base at an entrance to inner earth
• On the Base there was a line which everyone had to stand behind
• Then the Antarctic Base appeared and synched into place
• They fitted together perfectly
• Makes logistics a lot easier

Part 6 Disclosure

• Claims the 4th Reich roots go back not thousands but millions of years
• Originally protected humanity
• Was told During WW2 the Nazis were infiltrated
• Their intention was to do a Reptilian + Archon disclosure to the world. Similar to David Icke.
• Was told a big Disclosure would be a global event and is not too far in the future in this timeline
• This Event would be used to return Humanity to restore them to their original state
• Explains how CIA + Mi6 super soldier programmes use Satanic Ritual Abuse
• Fourth Reich super soldier programme uses Direct Consciousness Engineering
• Part of modern Day Fourth Reich has become Negative
• Fourth Reich is a modern name.
• Talks about a negative Black Cloud around the Earth
• Our DNA will have to be repaired and restored

Blog Satanic Ritual

• At 37 minute mark describes a horrific Satanic Ritual he has memories of
• Inside a black Pyramid possibly on the moon
• Involving A large Draco and a Nazi.
• Its not for the fainthearted!

Claims to see a Swastika similar to this Crop Circle.