“Intel & Facts”

Many top Generals and all of Congress (535 in total) are corrupted and will need to be replaced.

Trump is an astute businessman with a background in dealing with the rogue elements like the Rothschilds and their fellow cabal rats.

Hillary died in 2016 and the cabal are trying to pass her clone / double off on the American people.

Global warming is a hoax…but it must be acknowledged that the earth has shifted its axis…which is causing ice to melt in one location and refreeze in another.

There is more ice accumulating than normal as we are headed towards a mini ice age.

Scientists are working on technology that can reset earth back to zero degrees.

This will provide the entire planet with a Mediterranean type climate…eliminating arctic cold temperatures at the poles and northern latitudes.

There would be no more snowstorms.

The Rothschilds took all of America’s wealth last November and fled.

They have not been able to crash the economy because the good guys are able to keep it afloat until time for the shift / reset / event. (RV / GCR)

The new system will be gold backed and trade will be equal for all nations.

To confuse the sheeple the cabal set up many different treasuries:

1. The United States of America U.S. Treasury. (the primary one)

2. The United States Treasury.

3. The Treasury of the United States.

4. The United States Treasury Department.

5. The U.S. Treasury.

6. The Department of the Treasury.