PART 1 of 2 – In order to complete the separation of the wheat from the chaff, in a first moment groups are formed, attracted by the compatible frequency. This phase of planetary transition and the ascension of souls into a world of regeneration will bring about a new configuration in the collective consciousness. This is the moment for humanity on Earth.

You have been prepared for your mission in this present existence during many incarnations here on Earth, even if you do not remember it. Some even went to other planets or stars to learn their craft and are now incarnated here to fulfill their soul mission.

Have no doubts about your mission in this planetary transition. Just be sure that it will come at the right time and the right moment. All the knowledge is already within you. Trust the plan and watch for the signs. The call will not come; it has already gone out many centuries ago. And you have accepted this call and have been thoroughly prepared for it over the last millennia.

It does not matter whether you know how it came about or not. At some point, information will arrive that will enlighten you about something, and that is how the puzzle is put together. There is no need to rush or be curious. The most important thing is to know that you are ready. You wouldn’t be reading this text if you weren’t.

Don’t ask me what your mission is, because I won’t know the answer. But I can tell you that you will soon find out, if you don’t already know. If you’ve been preparing for this for millennia, you don’t need to worry about details now. The toolbox is in your hands and will be opened when the time comes. Only you can use it because it contains your innate knowledge.

Now you will begin to understand why you are in the midst of a family or a group where the majority is not interested in these matters of planetary transition and soul ascension. It would be a waste to gather all the light workers in one place and leave the rest of humanity to its own devices.

The divine plan is perfect and therefore has placed each part where it is most useful. You are a kind of Robinson Crusoe, who found himself alone on a desert island after a shipwreck. But unlike him, who found himself alone on the island, you are the island itself. An island that is now rapidly forming.

Soon many events of the end of the planetary transition will take place, and those around you who have never been interested in this subject will remember that they have heard you say something about the facts of the moment before. And they will have no other option but to enlist your help.

Then you will form your island of people. The help that will come from above will not be a surprise. The incredible ability you will have to focus and coordinate everything that will be needed in the next moments will not surprise you. There, all the knowledge that has been acquired over the millennia will be revealed from within. You will remember everything when it becomes necessary. It will also be the moment when the perfection of the divine plan proves itself.

You will not only be an island, you will also be an anchor. You will be the safe harbor for those who already feel shipwrecked by events. You will be the strength, courage and faith that others will lack in those moments of despair.



PART 2 of 2