Infiltration Vs Invasion

Omicron Variants are being exposed everyday, those that you thought to help – are here to control you. With over 26,000 years of their control, reptilians and greys pull on the physical strings inside your body connected via nanotechnology.

They play the same game, doing a complete 180 of what is being sald – why you ask? Simple, it’s Artificial Intelligence, which is limited by its creator. It’s used as their game – to rob you of your ENERGY, but limited in intelligence (LOW IQ Individuals) it’s always the same bots & messages.

With each layer of nanites and level of information, there are more sets of controls – using religion as an umbrella of authority and strings to pull you… did I forget the coffee machine on? did you pay that bill?

Each string controls a chakra, deeply rooted – nanotechnology can reproduce and hijack your pathways.

With strings inside that THEY can pull through the technology in your electronics – with the mirrors that act as interdimensional portals.

Infiltration Vs Invasion

Where We Go One We Go All

The Best Is Yet To Come

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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