In September, you will experience many energy changes.

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Montague Keen – August 22, 2016

Changes are afoot that cannot be stopped, no matter how many obstacles are put in the way. No power on Earth can stop them. Defeat must be accepted by the Cabal. They are losing ground every day and they are seeing all their plans fail, one after another. Many of them are now concentrating on escaping. Some are going underground, others are going to what they consider to be safe areas. Be assured of one thing, their power is fading fast. One day soon, they will plead for mercy from you, the very people they sought to destroy. They have used every possible act in the book to destroy you, the human race; but you will experience justice, all that they took from you will be returned to you.

In September, you will experience many energy changes. Yes, these affect some of you more than others. This is all part of the transition. These energies will affect you mentally as well as physically, as you open up to who and what you are. All the parts of you that were closed down must now be opened up again, so that you become, once more, the beings of light you were, before the Cabal took over. So, my friends, expect big changes, the like of which you have never experienced before. Nothing will remain the same. All the darkness will be removed and you will see the Earth and all of humanity in a new light. All the worry and stress of living life today will go forever, for it was man-made in order to hold you in servitude. Freedom is almost within your grasp. You have come through a lot and you have survived everything that was thrown at you. Help is at hand. It is all around you in the skies, awaiting your call for help.

This is a team effort. Your ET sisters and brothers are working with you to rescue the Earth and ensure that humanity survives. It is imperative that you remove all man-made differences: black and white, moslem and christian. The Cabal created all these differences to separate you, and thereby ensure that you do not come together as one. This has worked well for them in the past; but now, you can see beyond their mind control of the masses. It is so important to do the Revocations, so that you free yourselves of all mind control contracts and you see clearly what is ahead of you. There is no better way to do this. You must be prepared, as things will move fast, and you need to be ready with all the right information at your fingertips, to move on to freedom, free of all corrupt control.

Please ensure that you engage with your spiritual side, as this was closed down by the Cabal in order to control you. This closed your minds to who you are, as without your connection with spirit, you are controllable by the Cabal. Until now, you have fallen into every trap that the Cabal has set for you. You accepted the fairy story, the illusion that you have been living in ever since. Now, you must open your eyes and your mind, and see the illusion for what it is, and step out of it. WAKE UP and see things as they really are, not as you were told there are. They even made the killing of your fellow humans to be an HONOURABLE ACT OF WAR. How blind need you be, before you see that war only serves the Cabal’s wish to get rid of humanity. There is no honour in killing people and in destroying whole countries. This is not what you are on Earth to do. War creates massive BLOOD SACRIFICE for the Cabal; nothing more. It is the oxygen which they need to survive. Wake up to the truth. It is staring you in the face.

Again, I ask that you pray for those who are trapped by the Cabal. Some have important roles to play in the transition and the future of humanity. Please send love and light, and see them free and back within their own communities, working together for the good of all. These people suffer because they came to Earth to help you survive. They need your help. The Cabal is ruthless when it captures people. They inflict the most terrible suffering. Your prayers are needed to free these people who are on Earth on your behalf.

My dear, this has been a most terrible week for you. One shock after another. But these are the End Days and the Cabal is desperate to survive. The more it fights against you, and causes you stress, proves just how desperate they are, about losing control of humanity. This battle is raging and there can only be one winner . . . humanity.

Please take care, my dear. We need you to complete your mission. We have faith in you.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
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