In deep discussions with Mil. INTEL source (s)…

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“WWG1WGA” is a Military protocol that pertains to Cheyenne mountain…( Where Tesla created a time traveling machine connected to Inner ground zero energy//)/ > the looking glass is only looking into the future past and present…. But the Real Tesla machine is time traveling connected to ground zero energy that connects to the stratosphere and universal energy…..///
The connection between TESLA.. TRUMP ( John G. TRUMP)////

John G. Trump connection to TESLA is deeper than reported and worked in the same field and were just minutes apart ( same neighborhood) living and working in the same field….

///According to MIT, Prof Trump focused on high voltage phenomena, electron acceleration and the interaction of radiation with living and non-living matter. He also designed X-ray generators…..///

From insiders.. The Philadelphia experiment connects Tesla/Trump in the creation of the time traveling program….( But not revealed by MSM)///

WWG1WGA is a military protocol to activate the TESLA time Machines under Cheyenne mountains that has been locked down since 2016 under the order of TRUMP ….

The Switzerland particle accelerator machine in ( CERN)
Was a failure… And could not produce enough energy to create the Worm holes….//TESLA work was stolen by the DEEP state after his death and[ they] tried creating the time machine of his stolen blue prints of the machine..( which was created but FAILED)///)) the failure was due to inside placed White HATS who deliberately sabotage the CERN PROJECTS..
… in 2017 … The control of CERN came under U.S. Military white HATS CONTROL<

_ now the WWG1WGA all protocol had been initiated.. IN CERN – CHEYENNE MOUNTAINS.

The WWG1WGA protocol refers to HUMANS on earth traveling into the NEXT dimension as one….


SEVERAL sources from ;
_ white HATS in MI6/NSA
Russian undergroundWIRES Chinese Elders WIRES
Benjamin Fulford _Juan 0 Savin _Jim Willie ;: INSIDE EU .WH military contacts

ALL say the same thing and share the same WIRES the past 30 days ..

Trump is protected by MILITARY …..but He was removed from becoming President for 2024…. For several reasons…( This doesn’t mean he won’t run.. But other plans are in play to bring in another President//)… The White HATS ALLIANCE thought It was best to start over.. Their was to much civil unrest in several countries between those who loved Trump and those who hate him….. They want to start with a new era and let the Trump saga start to calm down…. The shaking of government officials through the world would feel safer if a new U.S. president would step in… They fear he has to much control over their countries and people…. Especially for the coming East Asia new digital currency backed by GOLD system . They want to trade with U.S in import/export and fear their share holders won’t comply fully if Trump remains in power in the world stage.

The Chinese Elders who cut off the ROTHSCHILDS regimen and turned their backs on Obama are very much interested in cleaning their CCP communist regimen through XI and fear the KAZARIAN MAFIA has now control of> Ivanka Trump and have devastating Deep State evidence on her husband KUSHNER……(This [ INFILTRATION] into IVANKA TRUMP caused her to turn against her father in the j6 trials)
Her family was threatened vigorously/// and the Chinese Elders who are working together with PUTIN Xi MODI feel it’s best if TRUMP steps a side. He has to much enemies through the world and many will not come into White HATS control till Trump steps aside and a different new era president is installed….. They fear he will retaliate and destroy their Asian System ( he gained to much a world following… Much much more than anyone expected)///

Personal Side note; I would love it if TRUMP came back now or in 2024 …… I’m a TRUMP believer and Honor him for everything he has done and continues….
But I had to share this INTEL report

In other INTEL reports U.S. DEEP STATE is attempting to create a fake digital currency SYSTEM and pretend it will be backed by GOLD and create their own block chain////… But everything will be hidden from public and will not be excessive to review the block chains and see the true nature of how the DIGITAL currency is operating without corruption.

EXPOSURE of the fake coming U.S digital currency will happen when Asia, middle east, South America will not EXPORT to the United States as the COMING U.S DIGITAL currency is not properly backed by GOLD
(The U S. 250 TRILLIONS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$has left the world waking governments fearful of the U.S D ))////

Lots happening behind the scenes;

Germany may be the first country to exit the EUROPEAN system and join China BRICs world digital currency SYSTEM
… They are finding out they can’t get any resources of oil, petroleum, and gas unless they comply with China/Russian currency. ( This move expected in 2024 after a NEW U.S. president is installed)

In. The U.S.. The 2024 President will expose the first Fake U S. Digital currency and there after comes the real BACKED BY GOLD precious metals currency//and last of the fall of the DEEP STATE FINANCIAL SYSTEM happens

Current COLLAPSE of the EU continues

There will be no World nuclear WARlll PUTIN /White HATS have several safety’s in place… But we will see more escalation in tl East Europe.. But several Military insiders confirm no NUCLEAR war ( I have stated this several times… We will come close but it’s only a major scare EVENT for several reasons)//// the> EVENT
Selena Gomez best friend Hollywood comedian Bill Murray’s restaurant was found with a dead body of a teen in the freezer.

The UN is certainly trying hard to Push US military into FULL conflict..
It takes one controlled ROGUE Deep State general to cross the line and ATTACK and create havoc…///)

At this point… There are to much variables….>

but what’s certain is the COLLAPSE to the brink ..
Famine in the CARDS , Cyberattacks ( blackout ) ATM//
Banks down //supply chains … PAIN…
Imagine if PUTIN & Salman are the masterminds behind BITCOIN? and… Deep state doesn’t want this truth coming out.. Because over a decade they were tricked into investing World wide into crypto ….
How cryptic that would be to have all their human trafficking money and money laundering in Bitcoin held up in a SEIZED PLANNED OPS…….( Some where @jack understands the Q quote ..

Thanks for playing, @Jack.

Showing your hand was the intended target.

The ‘SRIKE’ will be FAST.

Shall We Play A Game?


@jack Dorsey (Twitter)


There is more money hidden in BITCOIN than the numbers you Google or MSM reports…..

NAKAMOTO <front man

Perhaps now you understand why Hillary Clinton wants to seize Crypto>> BITCOIN<…..

( They all got played ///


You will know the Fake Allen invasion uses clouds. Project blue beam depends on this..
First [DS] in many countries start to declassify UFO documents / then[MSM[ Plaster’s the story (like now).. _EVENTually lights in the clouds in unknown countries and HUGE UFO crafts seen behind the CLOUDS.. Then LOUD sounds… EXPLOSIONS…
5G using super Sonic sounds that connect to your ear drum frequency.. Which simulates( Alien) telepathy ..
Then Earthquakes., Storms made/ produced by the GeoEgineering patents the government has had since 1892
_after the the Earthquakes New {fake} archeology will be found that will connect the ALIENS behind the CLOUDS.. your phone will transmit fake Alien stories and sounds. Pictures.. Videos…….. After all this crap is done DEEP STATE CABAL will have tried very hard to install a new religion…. Bring in the real Antichrist End Agenda/ connected to future sacrifices/ world control.. Mass extermination…. And blah blah blah…..>>>>> Most likely this project Blue Beam will be BETA tested in many Virtually unknown countries that are owned and bought by the ROTHSCHILDS/ROCKEFELLERS/=KAZARIAN MAFIA= {BIBLICAL dark blood lines}

Why would someone create a fake Allen invasion???
Because the CABAL/DEEP STATES last chance to hold on to POWER…. They are being EXPOSED world wide the past years…….. From VATICAN to pedophilia. To HUMAN Trafficking>. Cult satanic orders to sacrifices.. World CURRUPTION stemming to ROTHSCHILDs.. World BANKS cia.. Rockefellers.. and 3000 of the most elite families that control EU.. NATO..CCP. Corruption in all united States to most officials to government levels to local States and cities…

This Project Blue Beam was always in the cards for [DS] last resort……….


And a quiet benevolent real [CONTACT] incoming

The first fake contact ( project blue beam was always meant to disrupt the second [CONTACT]

LATER…>>>>. Clarity later<<

*If your not aware already.. They have already started project blue beam.. In ROTHSCHILDs bought countries.. Think south Russian border countries//