Important Message About Karen Hudes:

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

For the Generals, the Popes, the Monarchs, the General Populace, the United Nations, the United Nations Security Council, the Trilateral Commission, the members of “Congress”, the President of the United States (Corporation), the Democrats, the Republicans, Her Britannic Majesty, the Lord Mayor of London, the Lords of the Admiralty, the Banks, the British Crown Corporation, and Everyone Else Who Needs to Know:

1. Karen Hudes is a Bar Attorney pretending to “represent” us based on an appointment to do so granted to her by the World Bank.

First, she does not and cannot represent us. We are presenting ourselves as the Naked Owners. That should be enough said.

Second, she does not and cannot represent us. By our Public Law since 1819, no member of the Bar can hold any Public Office or position of trust related to us. Ms. Hudes is trying to assume a “position of trust”, but she is prohibited by our Law from doing so.

Third, she does not and cannot represent us. The World Bank has been complicit in defrauding us and has no consent to appoint anyone to any position of trust related to us.

We are competent to handle our own affairs, thank you, very much.

2. Karen Hudes is pretending that there is a “statute of limitations” that protects the World Bank and the members of the Bar Associations, but no such statute applies.

First, there is no statute of limitations to protect against charges of fraud, breach of trust, murder or kidnapping — all of which crimes have been committed against the American People.

Second, a first year law student should know this, which leads us to believe that in addition to the objections presented above, Karen Hudes is either: (a) dishonest or (b) incompetent.

3. Karen Hudes is presenting what she claims to be a “Secret” Constitution written in 1871, revealing an “insurmountable” debt on the part of “the United States”.

First, our Federal Government doing business as a Confederation of States ceased operations in 1860 and has been “held in abeyance” since that time pending “Reconstruction” of the Federal “States of States”.

[This circumstance in no way precludes nor prevents The United States of America [Unincorporated] and the sovereign States of our Union from operating in commerce and international trade, which is precisely what we have done and are doing. That is, we are under no obligation then or now to “reconstruct” anything.]

Second, the Municipal Government in 1871 was just getting organized and would not actually take form until 1878.

Third, this means that the only version of “federal” government operating in 1871 was the British Territorial United States and its corporation doing business as “the United States of America” (Incorporated).

Fourth, this means that it is the British entity dba “the United States of America” that admitted insurmountable debt in 1871 and agreed to any such “Secret Constitution”—– not the American Holding Company dba “The United States of America” [Unincorporated].

Fifth, this is consistent with the known fact that Andrew Jackson’s Administration paid off all American debts related to the Revolutionary War and subsequent activities just a few years prior to the so-called Civil War.

Sixth, Ms. Hudes willingness to “accept” the “insurmountable debts” of the British Territorial United States as if they were any debts of ours again demonstrates that she is: (a) dishonest or (b) incompetent.

We are sick to death of this nonsense and all the persons pretending to “represent” us in any capacity whatsoever. We are here, we are of age, we have given due notice and due process to all concerned.

Give us what is rightfully ours and get out of our way.


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