I Q Test for Democrats and News Anchors

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I Q Test for Democrats and News Anchors & #SpyGate – Collusion Scandal Bigger than Watergate [Part 1/2] Those Involved to Take Down Trump

I Q Test for Democrats and News Anchors

1. If Trump is part of the Global Elite why do the lame stream media owned by the Global Elite, politicians who sold out to the Global Elite viciously slander and attack him? Is it because he is not one of them, not part of the club? Who’s character and ignorance is being established?

2. Why did Muller choose all democrats and major donors to the democratic party to be on his team? Are there any Republicans?

3. Why has Muller ignored extreme Russian Collusion by the democrats, use the false Russian dossier as the bases for the FISA warrants and foundation for the special council. Was this paid for by Hilary? Why has he ignored the extreme bias within the Special Council, FBI and DOJ? If the Dossier is false, the FISA warrants were based on false information, the Special Council was created based on false information then the whole investigation has no foundation and is false.

4. Why has he turned a blind eye to Uranium One where the Clinton foundation was paid 145 million and Bill got 500,000 in speaking fees from the very same Russian group that bought the Uranium.

5. What was Mullers role in Uranium One? Did he take the samples to Russia to seal the deal? Could this be why he won’t address the real Russian collusion by Hilary and company?

6. What is the role of the corporate sponsored media in refusing to look into the origin of the Russian Dossier, who paid for it, who lied about it to congress, etc. Why wont the corporate sponsored media cover Uranium One where over 20% of our Uranium was sold to Russia with Hilary’s stamp of approval? Who else was involved?

7. What happened to the Ranchers forced off their land to mine the Uranium? Who was behind that and was murder part of the plan with Levoy Finnican?

8. Why has the corporate sponsored media ignored the child trafficking, pedophile networks being exposed, who are the major players and why are arrests being made with church officials and increasing political officials even Hollywood not being covered? Is there a pedophile problem within the main stream media, their owners and sponsors? Possibly some strange rituals going on?

9. What happens when the boarders are secured to the drug and child trafficking? Are there over 600 felons, gang members in the Caravan as Homeland Security has discovered? If so why open the boarder to that possibility?

10. Why is it anti-Semitic to talk about George Soros who has an admitted history of Nazi collaboration against his own people? How can Antifa claim anti Nazi when being funded by George Soros an admitted Nazi by his own words? Isn’t Fascism not allowing others to speak, express their opinions, resorting to violence? Soros also funds open boarders how did that work out for Europe? Sweden? Germany? How does the race card bring people together? Could the real agenda be chaos, destroy cultures, infrastructures. Does this fit into the Global Elite modes operandi? Create the problem, watch the reaction become the solution, the Hegelian Dialect.

11. Who funds, owns and chooses the content for the Washington Post, NY Times, CNN, NSMBC etc. Has there been leaking, collaboration against the duly elected President Elect? CNN sounds like Clinton News Network. Have they been fair or extremely bias?

12. Which major social media platforms have been given massive government contracts? Who gives them their marching orders and should they not be called government media? Are they fair and non-bias? Do they censor groups that do not support their beliefs or their owner’s beliefs?

13. Last but not least how did socialism work out in the past? Do they teach real History in schools? If everyone wants a free ride who pays for it? If people were all service oriented and had others highest and best good in mind a form of socialism would work. We are not there, those with a sense of entitlement become tyrants, tyrants rise to positions of power. How do they maintain that power? By the suppression of and theft from the people beneath them.


Everything begins in consciousness. An unhealed and ignorant society cannot operate within the rules and regulations of a highly evolved society. We need to heal the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience. In short release the past. We need to educate ourselves through other sources other than mainstream academia which has an agenda other than truth. We need to know about our true origins, the origins of religions, and our past so as not to repeat a failed experiment. We need to go back to a divinely inspired document, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as a step towards Universal Law. First and foremost we need to hold all leaders within, political, religious, and business institutions accountable for transgressions outside of the rule of law, our divine rights as spelled out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Almost every agency has been infiltrated, usurped and strayed away from its original intent and mandate. They have become weaponized by the power elite and no longer serve the people. All agencies need to go back to their original mandate and intent staying within the Constitution and Bill of Rights or a return to Common Law. It was said we gave you a Republic the question is can you keep it. We didn’t. We are not a democracy or United States Inc. we are a Republic. The power is with the people in a Republic not within a Hierarchial Power structure inserted by the Power Elite. It is a patriarchal system based on power and wealth void of the divine feminine. This is also known as the Deep State and it needs to be dismantled.

Advanced Civilizations

Advanced civilizations operate under Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. They see the Creator in all Creation. They are in service to Creation and assist those less fortunate to evolve to their highest potential. When one reaches their highest potential they give back to the whole understanding the nature of Unity Consciousness. Nature is highly valued and preserved, the quality of their food is also one of the highest priorities. This creates a quantum leap in consciousness and evolution. If we are going to become an advance civilization we need to adopt these principles.