Hurricane Michael Microwave Manipulation

Published on Oct 10, 2018

Hurricane Michael is the latest manipulated cyclone to hit the US mainland. Though we can speculate about the various agendas being carried out by the climate engineers, the fact that they are completely manipulating and steering weather systems cannot be rationally denied. The network of US based microwave transmitters are a core component of the manipulation. This less than one minute video reveals Michael making landfall. The cyclone drifts in a direction in which the transmitters have been de-energized, and away from energized transmitters (easily visible on the video). The microwave transmissions have a repelling / dispersing effect on the low pressure circulation as it migrates through an ionized / seeded atmosphere (from climate engineering jet aircraft dispersions). This process is visible on the screen in the upper left of the video below which shows the path of Hurricane Florence. There is no longer any “natural” weather, none. All is tainted from the climate engineering / weather warfare insanity.

Dane Wigington