According to,  a Roman Catholic diocese located in rural Montana has filed for bankruptcy after a court found the church guilty in over 400 cases of child sex abuse.  Meanwhile, the mainstream media keeps calling #Pedogate Fake News.
The Montana church officials HAVE CONFIRMED that the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings will not be able to settle the multitude of lawsuits that have been filed up to this date.  At this time 72 of the pedophilia victims have filed charges against the church.
The is reporting the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in federal court, effectively setting in motion the process to reorganize its assets toward a settlement in a lawsuit, in which more than 20 religious community leaders sexually molested and raped at least 72 victims in eastern Montana over the course of several decades.
Neonnettle reports that this is the second diocese in Montana to file for bankruptcy over child abuse lawsuits in less than three years, with the total number of cases of sex abuse by priests, nuns and church volunteers reaching over 760 victims just since 2014.  The payouts have been in the TENS of MILLIONS of dollars from these lawsuits.
Following the bankruptcy filing, the courts will appoint a creditors committee to exchange information with the diocese in order to reach a settlement that will compensate the victims and allow the church to continue operations.
According to GreatFallsTribune, the suit alleges that the Catholic Church refused to remove offending priests and nuns from their clerical duties, and permitted and/or required bishops and other leaders to participate in a pattern of shuttling pedophiles from parish to parish to avoid detection, resulting in the sexual abuse and rape of dozens of victims.
Trial has been set for July 10, 2017.