Humanity is awakening FAST

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Montague Keen – May 1, 2016

Humanity is awakening FAST. Evidence of this is calculated each day by the Schuman Resonance as it races to total enlightenment. All negativity is being exposed. Those who thrived and prospered at your expense, now find themselves powerless to hold on to control. The Cabal’s only hope of survival is to try to force World War III on you, and this will not be allowed. Their control is at an end. All their control systems are falling apart. They find it difficult to find support for their corrupt schemes. Every day, many more people release themselves from the control grid. Doing the REVOCATIONS helps the mind to let go of all the evil control so that you become FREE to think, act, and live as you wish. It exposes the puppets for what they are: puppets acting for an EVIL so VILE that it cannot show itself.

Look at the awakened. They look radiant as they carry within them the Light of Truth. Once awakened, it is never possible to return to slavery. Freeing the mind is a joyful experience: go for it. Think about this, my friends. If the Cabal had approached humanity, openly stating what they wanted, there is no way that humanity would have agreed to their demands. Humanity would NEVER have agreed to kill off other humans at the puppets’ request, yet that is exactly what they conspired to achieve. They created mythical reasons why man should go to war and kill his fellow man, wiping out countries and civilisations. ASK YOURSELVES WHY. Because the Cabal cannot exist without the ENERGY OF FEAR, KILLING, HUNGER, and SUFFERING of all sorts. It is the oxygen of life to them. This must be understood. Ask yourselves this: why do you continue to pay taxes for the POISON that they put in your water, the poison they spray on you every day, which also contaminates the land, and the poisonous chemicals that are forced on you by the medical profession. You cannot remain passive on this subject. Your survival depends on the actions you take on this matter. Think, my friends, you are supplying the money to these puppets to destroy you !

Look with love in your hearts to your fellow human beings. You are all on the road to survival. You are all at different stages, but I assure you, all will eventually have to travel this road. Those who think “I am doing alright. It does not affect me” are greatly mistaken. You are advancing rapidly as the Schuman Resonance proves each day. The energy work you carried out with M just shows what each and every one of you could do, if you put your minds to it. Believe in yourselves, learn what you are capable of, and take back your power. Move forward into the light of truth and love.

It is exciting to observe the awakening. It’s like watching a seed come to life, as it raises its head above the earth, grows, and blossoms into a beautiful being of light. Earth is a beautiful, bountiful place to be. It will be seen again in all its glory when the corrupt cease trying to destroy it. They do not belong on Earth but they want it for themselves.

The religion of LOVE that was the religion of ancient Ireland will once again become the norm. Teaching and helping each other will become part of living life on Earth again. Organised religion will be but a memory of the DARK OLD DAYS OF OPPRESSION AND CONTROL.

Through our Centres, we will advise on health. This is our number one priority. We must get people off drug-based medicine, so they become healthy again. We will show people how to produce good quality food without pesticides, etc. Water, without which humans could not survive, will again be pure and without additives of any sort. It will be a huge adventure, learning to live as FREE HUMAN BEINGS in a society that has the interests of all at heart.

We are proud of each and every one of you who puts his head above the parapet and takes the courage to make a difference to your world and humanity itself. See yourselves as The Army of Light, expanding your light in all directions. Success is yours, my friends. It is coming sooner than you think.

My dear, you are coping well. The circumstances are volatile. It is not an easy task. Another puppet almost got through the net. You were right in what you suspected, my dear. They will go to any lengths and pay any price to prevent you completing your work.

Be careful who you trust as they come in all guises. They are more easily exposed now. Be alert when new people approach you. It is just a matter of time now. We are almost there.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.
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