Human Hunting

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A common theme of many survivors and illuminati whistleblowers is of human hunts, often children. These children are stripped naked, then given a small head start and then hunted with guns and either raped or tortured when found and /or shot and killed.

This article will almost exclusively cover human hunting. The horrors of other but related depraved illuminati Luciferain practices of child trafficking, child cannibalism, satanic ritual and sexual abuse and mind control only briefly touched upon.

If you have any doubt as to how the bloodline families regard the rest of us, this comment makes it clear… “They’re children of a minor family, they’re orphans, they’re just trash, it doesn’t matter they were killed” Kees van Korlaar

Cathy O’Brien described this in her book Tranceformation of America and she describes various incidents which are summarised in this article – A Most Dangerous Game – Human Hunting [37] 

It is done

  • as training for the children
  • to reinforce programming that there is nowhere to hide
  • for the sadistic pleasure of the hunters

Cathys hunting occurred at

  • hunting lodge near Greybull, Wyoming
  • Swiss Villa, Amphitheatre in Lampe, Missouri
  • Mount Shasta, California compound

If caught children are beaten, raped by hunter or a dog, or killed.

Brice Taylor also describes being hunted, by George Bush Senior at Bob Hopes ranch in the Jordan Ranch area, after being injected with a drug. When Bush found her, he played “William Tell” and shot an apple from the top of her head and reinforced her “Shhh, don’t tell” monarch programming. See Brice Taylor was Hunted by George Bush Senior [38]

Clive Driscoll, an ex  police Detective Inspector tells in his book how he followed up on leads from Operation Middleton from a girl called “Vicki” from Kent, whose story was that children were hunted, some were killed but she survived.

Police had superficially investigated, and they concluded that the evidence on the ground did not match her story. Years later Clive checked properly and found a bridge she talked about had been washed away, an old well she detailed was now just a deep hole and the blue lake she talked about bodies having been dumped in, had been a blue colour from cement factory waste and body parts of 5 people had in fact been found there!!

Vicki had also told stories of ritual abuse of children from a local children’s home in a church. Police had in fact filmed groups of people there, but tapes had gone “missing” by the time Clive came to investigate years later. Hunting Children in Kent [39] 

Incompetent policing as an excuse only goes so far and when this happens time and again, it points to organised cover up.

Jessie, an illuminati whistleblower previously predestined to be the Queen Mother of Darkness, tells her story of human hunting in this blog, adapted from her tweets How Deep The Magik Well Goes (SBFISong Part 5) [41]. I adapt it further here.

We gathered at Rothschilds Hunting Mansion (in the Black Forest) My training partner and those my age of bloodline had some free time to roam before the hunt began. Hunt is generic term used for the quarterly ritual wood game with children.

We loved exploring the Mansions, Manors, and Castles of the elite, The places hunts were at. So much to discover, So many hidden places to find. One of the Rothschild children was a living, walking tour guide commentary. He knew everything and was more than obliged to share it. As he took us on a private room to room tour, we were busy looking for all that he did not share – entrances, exits and places to hide. We did this everywhere we went because we knew it was vital for survival. The night hours pressed on after dinner. We got to watch the hunt begin from the balcony above.

One had to be careful to not find themselves on the property ground, that would make you fair game if caught, for rape or death, depending on your captors mood that night. One also had to be careful not to be caught inside the house. That was where the older men and women, no longer as limber and swift as they used to be, prowled.

When the host ushered everyone from the balcony indoors, the full game was on. It was better to be indoors than outside. That night, the littlest Rothschild we found crying in a corner. Since we had found an exit on the second floor, which would give us a hiding place till daybreak, we took the risk, picked him up, hushed him and carried him along.

As we got to the second floor we heard voices. That of the head of the estate and one of his grandsons. The grandson was fighting, resisting, trying to get away. We were in a hall with doors on both sides. Going back down the stairs was not an option, So we picked the closest room. We ran in and saw a large wardrobe. Little did we know that we had picked the wrong door to run into. That was the exact room the head of the estate dragged his grandson. When they entered the room, The three of us in the wardrobe barely breathed.

The youngest child sat on the left, my training partner in the middle, I was on the right. As things in the room progressed, Such anger overtook me I looked straight at those wardrobe doors with all intent of bursting out through them, and helping the grandson fight. My training partner caught the sheer dread upon the littlest ones face. He knew we might be excused for such an action, but we could not protect the littlest or the grandson from more severe consequences, should we decide to intervene.

So as he watched me, Seeing the determination, he made a split second decision that could have ended in consequences for himself. I felt his hand come around me. Then his hand across my mouth. His hand and arm remained firm and in place, signalling I would have to fight him to get out. In anger I surrendered to the call he made. The three of us hearing, listening, knowing the evils done to the grandson that night.

I hated the depths of evil I saw. It gripped the core of my heart, With an unexplainable pain. Depths of sorrow I could not allow. Those depths only led to death.

Silence became my fiercest enemy. Death of others my strongest foe, The price of defying. What was the price of being good?

The rapes are not just about the pedosadism. They use hunts, rituals, and daily life to train children to use the physical abuse to access the spiritual realm. The man who owned the estate used sexual intimacy and sex Magik as a means to relate and connect himself and his grandson with spiritual beings ie demons. Read this post and her series for more of Jessie’s experiences. How Deep The Magik Well Goes (SBFISong Part 5) [41]

Unwelcome Ozian

In his free ebook U.W. Ozian written in 2014 Chainless Slaves [42], he describes the training of being hunted with dogs…

Hunting and tracking games where the prisoners are given a half hour lead are frequent. These may also involve the use of specially trained dogs taught to knock the quarry down but not kill them. Older children are taught to handle the dogs, and use them. Youth are taught to help the adults train the dogs.

Teens may be rewarded by becoming “youth leaders” who are allowed to plan the weeks activities. The military training will closely follow the principles of Nazi military and S.S. training. The trainers often speak in German to the children, who must learn the language. All C.O.s and high ranking adults speak in German during these exercises. They may also speak in French, since linguistic ability is encouraged in the Illuminati.

Exercises for older youth will include games where groups compete against each other, and the older teen leads, with the help of an adult advisor. Groups that win are rewarded, groups that lose are punished. The youth are taught to leave behind the weak, or slow members. Unfit members are shot or killed, and the youth leader learns to do these tasks.

They are taught to bring their unit through simulated battles with other units, and cool, cognitive logic under these conditions is rewarded. The goal is to creative cognitive leaders inside the military systems, who are dissociated from emotions under the stress of battle conditions.

The youth and their followers are taught and trained in all manner of crowd control. They will see special films, that address all possible responses to a military takeover, and the crowds’ response. These situations are then acted out during exercises, and the older Youth leaders and their units are expected to deal with the different responses. The “crowd” is coached by their trainers to act in different ways.

The ultimate goal of all of this is to create an organized army of children, youth, and adults, who will know exactly what to do during the coming takeover of the world. The training that I described is going on not only in the U.S., but in every country in the world. Top training centers are located in Germany, Belgium, France, and Russia. Military trainers are often sent to these countries, to learn new techniques, then sent back to their home countries.

It is important to realize that military alters inside are extremely hierarchical. They will often be ranked inside, with lower “foot soldiers” accountable to inside alters with increasing rank. Usually, the higher the military rank, the higher the alter will be inside the system. A soldier with no rank may not have much knowledge about, or pull, inside the system. Its only job is to blindly obey others, after years of conditioning to do this.

This helps explain what some of the training is for, the coming New World Order, which is being orchestrated now. If you look what is playing out in the racial divides that have currently been created, it may help explain that this is what many of the street leaders have been monarch mind controlled and programmed for, and extensively trained for.

Remember the book was written in 2014. They have been training for these times far longer than that. Jessie was chosen and arranged to be born on 24 April ready to be main character in the raising of the antichrist on 24th April some 40 odd years later. The illuminati plan in decades and centuries…

David Shurter

I and others, such as Fiona Barnett- who was trafficked from Australia, were taken to the Bohemian Grove as children, and we have witnessed pedophiles hunt for children amongst the redwood forest.

Hunting, raping and killing children for sport is a common feature of elite pedophile gatherings.

Concerning the Ranch Anton Scalia was Murdered at [58]

                                        David Shurter and his book Rabbit Hole

Fiona Barnett, another whistleblower and survivor is covered extensively in my blog. A summary of her posts is here, and also the updated version of her free ebook.  Fionas Barnetts Eyes Wide Open, updated, Lockdown Edition [44]

She describes one hunt.

[They] took me to national park land situated on the coast, between the Sutherland Shire and Kiama. I recall subtropical looking trees and foliage, and a picnic table laden with sweets and coloured cordial. A group of blond children were gathered around the table. The cordial was laced with drugs.

Later that night, a group of men from the local hunting clubs arrived in pick-up trucks,
dressed in caps and gingham shirts, carrying hunting and surveillance gear. The children and I were stripped naked. I was taken aside and instructed to take the children and hide them.

Their lives were my responsibility, and if I failed – they would be killed. They painted
something on my back before I briefed the children best I could. I had just turned six, but my mental age was far older. I desperately told the children they were to run for their lives, stay as quiet as possible, and find somewhere far away to hide.

A gun was fired to mark the start of the hunt. I shouted at the kids to run. I drove them
from behind like a cattle dog and pushed them up over the first hill. We were halfway up the second hill when I heard gunfire. Kids began dropping around me. When I realised all hope was gone – I took off. I dissociated from the pain and ran for hours and miles over hill and dale, through the wild fauna. A search party did not find me until the following afternoon.

Fiona also writes

USA Ritual Abuse victim David Shurter and I were trafficked to Bohemian Grove as children. There I was dressed as a teddy bear and made to participate in a pedophile hunt amidst the redwood forest, and was drugged and raped by Reverend Billy Graham in a pink bubble themed cabin.

Hunting, raping and killing children for sport is a common feature of elite Luciferian
pedophile gatherings.

In 1966, the USA branch of the Bohemian-founded all-male secret Order of Saint
Hubertus (aka the American Knights) held its first ever meeting at the all-male secret
Bohemian Club in San Francisco. The Bohemian Club owns Bohemian Grove.
So, Bohemian Grove is a Luciferian pedophile club that provides opportunity for
attendees to engage in their favourite pastime – hunting children for sport. This is the real hunger games.

Sue Arrigo, another whistleblower, who worked for the CIA, tells the story of a hunt and killing of a black man, on the streets of Washington DC, by a person from the White House who was seen doing it… See Dr. Sue Arrigo and the CIA: Timeline, Links, Torture Photos [19]

I then enquired about their methodology of hunting a man in a city the size on DC. He said that they picked a black person by name, and used satellites and sophisticated equipment to track him through the city as he left work. Then after their meeting they went out to a bar and got loaded. Then they went out and “painted the town red”.

I objected and said that he had said one man. He said that one got more points if one killed that man, but that one could get points for killing any black person, less for a Hispanic, or Oriental. He pulled out the scoring sheet. It gave more points for killing with a knife, and more points for biting into the heart. I asked him about the risk of his turning HIV from that. He said the virus was safe for a “blow job” and for “big cherry picking” (the euphemism for cutting the heart out of the chest to perform the ritual cannibalism that supposedly allowed you to gain the personal power of the victim).

He told me one cover-up horror story in which the VIP was not wearing a mask and because of his position in the White House was recognized by about 20 people as he shot a boy and then sodomized him as he was dying on the street under a street light! He said it took the CIA and FBI a couple of months to kill all the witnesses and most of them were not even black. The VIP was coming out of a DC Party on an estate in a nice section of town. The fallout was truly massive. A lot of DC socialites got listed as committing suicide in short order. It was remembered in the CIA as the Summer of Blonde Suicides.

The HIV positive man that I did the autopsy on was a homosexual CIA officer who doubled as a Vice Squad cop on the DC streets. His file showed that he was a pedophile who was stealing kids from bathrooms, if they were good at giving him a blow-job with his pistol cocked to their temple. He had “accidentally pulled the trigger once too often” and caused the CIA’s clean up teams to come out to public bathrooms. The man was into his next kid and still getting a blow job when Clean Up came.

Dr. Sue Arrigo and the CIA: Timeline, Links, Torture Photos [19]

FieldMouse on twitter @lone_horse has also experienced hunting children See FieldMouse [57] 

Hunting Testimony in the Belgium DuTroux Affair

This had very little to do with Dutroux but as usual the main perpetrators were not tried. However after the affair, for the first time victims knew who could be trusted and came forward…


  • Belgian X Dossiers of the Marc Dutroux Affair [51] 
  • Belgian X Dossiers of the Marc Dutroux Affair Appendix  [50] 

Sarah Ashcraft, illuminati whistleblower…

                                    Sarah Ashcraft’s drawing of child hunt

Becki Percy has also claimed to be a victim of human hunting in England Human Hunting of Becki Percy [40] 

ICLCJ Common law court has also heard testimony from witnesses about human Hunting.  Judy Byington, on whom I did an article several years ago Twenty Two Faces by Judy Byington [32] , has confirmed to me that she has listened to the tapes   European Royals Killing Naked Children for Fun at Human Hunting Parties? [55]

Four eyewitnesses confirmed that as children and youths they were forced to attend human hunting parties where they and other children were raped, with some killed, and deceased boy’s penises were cut off. Allegedly there was a Dutch countryside palace where boys’ penises were displayed like trophies on a wall. Some hunting parties were hosted on the grounds of Netherlands Queen Beatrix’s Palace.

                                         Boys penises as trophies on the wall

Alleged to be present during the human hunting parties were the late Prince Johan Friso and his wife Mabel Wisse Smit, former ministers, the top man of the Dutch army, the under secretary of the Raad Van State in the Netherlands, the Viceroy next to Queen Beatrix and other global business and political leaders including some from the US. “Surely the present King Willem Alexander and King Filip and their wives know about this abuse and murder of children” said one eyewitness.”They do nothing about it and likely are the ones to stop investigations and prosecutions.”

Teens were drugged, stripped naked, raped, hunted down in the woods and killed by European royals according to this week’s latest eyewitness to testify before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. The woman was the fourth eyewitness to give accounts about these human hunting parties of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network. A former member of the Netherlands criminal drug syndicate known as Octopus testified that victims were obtained for these human hunting parties from juvenile detention centers in Belgium and Holland.

“In 2004 I was an involuntary witness to torture, rape and murder sessions of drugged children performed for a group of high ranked people of the Netherlands” stated a woman. “I was taken to a hunting party in Belgium close to Brussels where I saw two boys and a girl ages 14 to 16, hunted and killed by global elites. The human hunting party was heavily guarded by the Netherlands Royal Guards. I was told that King Albert of Belgium was present.”

Human hunting parties were said to take place on the grounds of Dutch Queen Beatrix’s Palace in the Netherlands. Two witnesses have named former Pope Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Beatrix’s father the deceased Prince Alfrink Bernhard, as being present at child sacrifices. Both were said to be Nazi sympathizers.

Dick Cheney, a veteran of child  sexual abuse, torture and child human hunting reportedly extends this to adults also. Lawyer Harry Whittington was a pretty big-wig in Texas politics. On February 11th or 12th 2006, on the Armstrong Ranch, Cheney did not give him a head start, and it is debateable whether this was a human hunting accident or attempted murder…

Harry recently decided to clear up some up the misconceptions.  First of all, Dick Cheney was NOT his friend, and he was NOT on a quail-hunting trip with fellow enthusiasts.  It appears that he had received an ‘invitation he couldn’t refuse’ to be the guest of honor at a remote private property just minutes from the Mexican border.

After teaching him the rules of the hunt, VP Cheney unloaded his Perazzi-Brescia over-under 28-gauge shotgun directly toward Harry’s face and shoulder.  Although he claimed to have achieved the enviable shot (all pellets within an 18″ grouping) from 30 yards away, other hunting experts suspect he may be bragging just a little.

After the shooting, the VP and his staff decided to not bother the local authorities, and to take care of Harry themselves throughout the night as he lay bleeding.  This gave them additional time to discuss some of their disagreements and come to a better understanding of how politics works.

Miraculously Harry lived through the night, and by the next afternoon had agreed to apologize to the Vice President and his family, to keep the bloody vest as a reminder, and of course to never give an interview or discuss their trip.   Cheney’s staff then transported Harry to a hospital.

See When Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington – the most dangerous game [52]

Scalia, his suspicious death and the Order of St Hubertus

Torturer and paedosadist Cheney often goes hunting with other political figures. He went duck hunting with Justice Antonin Scalia in Louisiana, a trip that drew criticism because the Supreme Court had just agreed to hear a case involving Mr. Cheney’s energy task force. Howevr they are all in the same club, and we are not. [52]

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1986 until his death in 2016, Scalia himself died in suspicious circumstances at Cibolo Creek Ranch, a 30,000-acre VIP resort located in West Texas, 100 miles from the Mexican border, in the Chinati Mountains and owned by John Poindexter.

It is often frequented by international 17th-century hunting society Order of St Hubertus, and many members were present when Scalia died.

Scalia’s family refused an autopsy, and a Texan judge ruled Scalia’s death ‘natural causes’ without even viewing the body.

David Shurter ranks Scalia as “one of the top three worst” pedophiles who abused him throughout his youth. So when news broke of Scalia’s strange death, the monster’s former victims got talking. News spread fast among this group that Scalia had in fact been murdered by a 13-year-old boy at a Texan ranch. The child apparently took a dislike to Scalia’s approach to rape, was triggered – and slit his perpetrator’s throat.  [44]

The USA branch of the  Order of St Hubertus, aka the ‘American Knights’, held its first ever meeting at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco Concerning the Ranch Anton Salia was Murdered at [58]. It is said that the Bohemian Club owns Bohemian Grove, and both places feature images of the pagan god Molech which is depicted as an owl, but elsewhere it is claimed that Somerset Belanoff owns it.

People assume the word Bohemian stems from the club’s artistic origins. The true origin of this name formed the basis of my 2016 article Bohemian Grove, Pedo Hunting Parties and Rent Boy Ranch, written in the wake of USA Chief Justice Antony Scalia’s untimely death. See – Pedophiles Down Under Bohemian Grove, Pedo Hunting Parties and Rent Boy Ranch [28]

An Omaha child trafficking and ritual abuse victim, Shurter described USA Chief Justice Scalia as a violent Luciferian pedophile. When news broke of Scalia’s odd death, the judge’s former victims got talking. News spread fast among this group that Scalia had in fact been murdered by a 13-year-old boy at a Texan ranch.[59]

The child victim was apparently triggered by Scalia’s sadistic approach to rape – and slit his perpetrator’s throat. This version of events might explain why Scalia’s family refused an autopsy, why a Texan judge ruled his death ‘natural causes’ without even viewing the body, and why the FBI declined to investigate Scalia’s death after the marshals told them he died of natural causes.

This scenario gains credibility when we consider the history of the Cibolo Creek
property where Scalia died. An article in Veterans Day online magazine originally referred to the property as, ‘Rent Boy Ranch, playground for Mick Jagger and Charlie Sheen.’ The article was promptly blocked in the USA and later edited to exclude any reference to it being a pedophile establishment. So, what is it about this property, and why was it nicknamed ‘Rent Boy Ranch’?

  • Bohemian Grove, Pedo Hunting Parties and Rent Boy Ranch [59]
  • Fionas Barnetts Eyes Wide Open, updated, Lockdown Edition [44]

Whilst there does not appear to be direct public evidence of the Order of St Hubertus being a human hunting club, nor that Scalia is involved then according to a first hand witness, USA Chief Justice Scalia was a Luciferian and a violent child rapist, and certainly Scalia and the order of St Hubertus are suspected of human hunting.

                                                     Artwork at Cibollo Creek Ranch

Another version of the Bohemian Grove is what I  believe this ranch to be – a place where rich people are able to hunt children down like animals- which is just one small aspect of their perverted and dark activities. David Shurter [58]

Anne Marie van Blijenburgh.

This is the wife of Kees van Korlaar, who tells of her experiences in the Netherlands of her husband and the psychopathic elite. Although titled human hunting, it appears to be less hunting than child killing, sacrifice and rituals. The sound on the video is not good, so the transcript is included below.

Prominent Dutch figures including Queen Beatrix and many named others, at the killings. This former Dutch ‘queen’ Beatrix, mother of current Dutch ‘king’ Willem-Alexander.

2014 YouTube Eye witness of the human hunting parties of the worlds “elite” [60]

or watch on Invidious  Eye witness of the human hunting parties of the worlds “elite” [60a]

Transcript from 2014 of Anne Marie van Blijenburgh’s testimony about child murders in Belgium Human Hunting Parties [34]

My name is Anne Marie van Blijenburgh. I have been married for twenty four years to Kees van Korlaar. Together with his three brothers, Kees van Korlaar forms a criminal organization known as the Octopus Syndicate (ed. Note: This is a slang term in Holland for Ndrangheta, the modern Italian -based Mafia). They have worked from 1960 on to today. By order of Queen Beatrix they have organized the murder, torture, rape and killing of children in a public setting. They organized that through youth detention centers in the Netherlands.

The youth detention centers were told by the criminals that they were asking for the Dutch court for children who could work for the Dutch Queen for a certain period. The detention centers were very happy, they thought that Queen Beatrix was a very social person, and they gladly volunteered in giving files of certain children to the criminals. When they wanted to verify what the criminals told them, they were given a name and a phone number of a high ranking officer in the court of Queen Beatrix, and that high ranking officer would tell them that indeed the criminals were seeking children to work for a certain period at the Dutch court.

After receiving files of approximately three children every time, the criminals selected a child that had no relative or family. They told the youth detention center that those are the ones we want, the youth detention center would give clothes to the child and put the child on the train to Zwolle.

In Zwolle, the criminals fetched the child from the station and brought it to a building that was equipped like a hotel but was not working as a hotel, although there were people in the lobby as if the hotel was working.

The child was put on a table and was given something to drink and with that drink the child was drugged. Beside that hotel was a building where the performance took place.

In that building there were people were sitting down and at a certain moment the child was brought into that building by the criminals, was tortured, raped and brutally murdered in front of those people.

The audience was around Prince Johann Friso, the second son of Queen Beatrix. I was told that Johann Friso was quite insane and had an unhealthy interest in young children and had a psychiatrist with him every day of his life.

That psychiatrist’s name was Guus Pareau Dumont. The criminals organized those killings in accordance with Queen Beatrix, she paid for the killings.

And the criminals asked Johann Friso to bring his relatives and friends with him, so the whole building was filled with very important people from the Netherlands: ministers, high ranking officers and all kinds of people that the criminals could photograph so they could blackmail those people and get criminal advantages from that.

Question: Could you name some of the people who were present?

  • The people who I recognized there were Prince Johann Friso, his psychiatrist Guus Pareau Dumont.
  • I recognized Johann’s wife Mabel Wisse Smit, she was there with an old man – I think it was George Soros.
  • I recognized a Herr Donner, a former minister of the law department, the viceroy of the Netherlands,
  • I recognized Ernst Hirsch Ballin, a very important former Minister of Justice,
  • I recognized a Mr. van den Emster, he was for years the head of all judges in the Netherlands,
  • I recognized Dick Berlijn, he’s a former head of the military department in the Netherlands.
  • I recognized a very important journalist.
  • I recognized Carla Eradus, the wife of Friso’s psychiatrist Guus Pareau Dumont, Carla is the President of the Court in Amsterdam, a judge.
  • I recognized Mark Rutte, he’s at this moment the President of the Netherlands.
  • I recognized Geert Wilders, he is at this moment the head of the political party PVV and head of the Dutch Parliament.

There were about fifty people every time I was taken there. I have been taken there three times.

I have seen every time that they killed a child, I have seen two boys killed and one girl killed. I presume they were children from the Netherlands, I presume they came from detention centers and were recruited in the way I have told.

Question: You said that officials at the detention center thought that the children had been eaten?

I asked a journalist of the paper De Telegraff in 2005 or 2006 to look that up for me and to publish in the newspaper what was happening.

The journalist told me he had checked my story with all the youth detention centers in the Netherlands and had spoken to people who had indeed given those files to the criminals and they thought that the children they put on the train were going to be solicited to work in the court of Queen Beatrix.

And some of those detention center people told the journalist that they thought that Queen Beatrix was eating those children up because they were putting them on the train to Zwolle and they never saw those children again or ever heard about them anymore.

Question: Do you know what happened to the remains of the children who died, where they were buried or what they did with them?

Yes unfortunately I know, yes. They were first thrown in a container behind the building where they were murdered, a cooling container. After certain performances the container was brought to Belgium where they had a piece of land where they put the children in a hole.

Question: What is the name of the place in Belgium, do you know?

I must look it up, I found it but I must look it up.

Question: What is it that you’d like to see happen about all of this?

I want to see those criminals forever locked up.

Question: You haven’t received any help in the Netherlands, you said.

Not one thing, no, it’s terrible, from 2004 to today. I have spoken with every policeman I could find, and every law official, I’ve talked to INTERPOL about this, I’ve been to court to try to get a the prosecutor to convict this and investigate the matter.

The court told me it wasn’t my problem, it was a problem of society, and the court didn’t want to give an order to the prosecutor to investigate. I have done literally everything to clear this up. I have the idea that everything is stopped because Queen Beatrix is involved and the Dutch court is involved. And every time somebody wants to investigate they slap him on the shoulders and say don’t do that because Queen Beatrix doesn’t want it.

                                    Queen Beatrix with Marina Abramovic

Question: Are you willing to give this testimony in another court, say a Common Law Court?

Yes. I have no objection about that. I am very very angry, if you’ve seen what I’ve seen, it always stay with me. I can’t put it aside because it’s one of the cruelest things I have seen, it’s horrible, it’s really horrible.

The idiots. One time when I was going back to my home, my husband who took me there, he drugged and he let me see that and he brought me back to my home a hundred kilometers away. And during that ride I suddenly came to my senses,

I suddenly discovered that it was a child that I had seen killed.

I burst out into tears.

My husband [ Kees van Korlaar] was driving and he put his arm to me and he said, “Don’t bother, they’re children of a minor family, they’re orphans, they’re just trash, it doesn’t matter they were killed.” It’s horrible. I can’t describe it.

                                                               Kees van Korlaar

It’s horrible those people were sitting there and looking and not doing anything.

Question: And your husband is still alive.

He’s still alive and he’s still killing people.

If you just think how many people since 2004 have been killed, it’s been ten years, they kill perhaps ten or twenty people a year if not more, it’s horrible.

I have shown the police four places in the Netherlands they use as grave yards for people they killed. Never, never, has any policeman ever taken the trouble to look.

Question: Can you name those four places?

Yes I can name them, I can show them, but I will put them to you by email. But the criminals know I have told the police, they’ve had every opportunity to let the bodies disappear, I know two places where it is difficult for them to disappear…

But normally in the Netherlands when you find a body in a house with blood, the police go with 20 or 30 people to investigate. But when I say to the police I know four places in the Netherlands they use as a graveyard, and every graveyard perhaps 20 or 50 perhaps 100 bodies are buried there, nobody is looking, nobody goes to those places.

Question: Can you tell us your name please and the date today?

Today is the fifth of June 2014 and my name is Anne Marie van Blijenburgh.

Transcript from 2014 of Anne Marie van Blijenburgh’s testimony about child murders in Belgium Human Hunting Parties [34]

This IS hwo they view us – “They’re children of a minor family, they’re orphans, they’re just trash, it doesn’t matter they were killed”

Chaurisse, in the following video, describes being with young children on a human hunt

Dan Duval Bride Ministeries Programmed by Freemasons: You Won’t Believe What She Survived! [26] 

or watch CIA/google free on invidio [26a]  Chaurisse describes a human hunt in this harrowing interview at 1:10′-1:13′ . Cheney is mentioned in passing.

These videos also appear to cover human hunting but I have not watched them

  • Disclosure Library Royals Hunting Children For Sport 1 [46] 
  • Royals Hunting Children For Sport Part II [47]
  • Royals Hunting Children For Sport Part III [48]

Human Hunting in the Art, TV, Movies and Media

Of course the mockingbird corporate media does not cover the real stories of human hunting unless it is someone of no importance to them. Police found shackles, stun weapons, and tapes and DVD’s about “murder, sexual deviance, and ‘hunting humans,’” according to an affidavit posted by the Morning Call. It would be interesting to obtain the footage, if it has not gone “missing”.

Washington Post Man with ‘hunting humans’ videos charged with killing colleague whose bones were found in his yard [18a]

If anyone has any doubts that part of the job of the corporate illuminati controlled media is to normalise human hunting this Mail article should disabuse you.

The Mail is entirely uncritical of the idea that human hunting could be a sport in the future… 2016 Mail Could Hunger Games become a reality? Hunting HUMANS may be a hobby for the rich in the next 100 years [27]

The paper is by Daniel William Mckenzie Wright – a tourism expert from the University of Central Lancashire.

It is published somewhat unsurprisingly by Elsevier, who own many journals. The corporation is one of the main reasons present day science has become so perverted from the idea of “study of knowledge”. They control what is published, and therefore what science “is” and what “peer review” is, and hence what is funded. Also think coronavirus…

                                                   Science Direct (Elselvier) [61]

The illuminati always delight in portraying their pschopathic paedophilic paedovore behaviour in art.

This serves many purposes

  • 1. Show their invincibility and control
  • 2. Show and laud it over the people
  • 3. A wink and titillation to their supporters
  • 4. To gradually inveigle their depraved behaviour into society.

This is “art” from Aleksandra Waliszewska showing naked child hunts, and children wearing the red shoes made of human skin.

Unique Things [2]

Art and ownership of art is also a multipurpose

  • Money laundering
  • Flaunt their membership of the single eye club
  • Blackmail – they are told to buy it for large sums and display their “guilt”
  • Assimilate the ideas into society
  • Wink to their supporters

Movies on human hunting has been covered well and in different ways by

  • Anonymous Sage twitter thread [20]
  • Fighting Monarch Hunting Humans: The Most Dangerous Game [45]
  • The History That Inspired Movies About Humans Hunting Humans [13]

Fighting Monarch also details some actual human hunting stories [45]

It surprised me that there are so many movies, this is not a complete list…

The Most Dangerous Game follows a big game hunter being hunted by an aristocrat, and established the format for these movies in 1932 though the novel it’s based on goes back even further. It set the precedent for films of this ilk. Another version released in 2017.  It concerns the mad Count Zaroff, who hunts human beings.[45]

Surviving The Game  rich people chasing down the homeless

Deliverance rednecks targeting city slickers

Turkey Shoot people hunting criminals

Death Race 2000

The Running Man

Hard Target


The Man with the Golden Gun


Hunted – A window into a bloodline family that has an occasional hunt for humans when a new family member is added.

Hostel  A trilogy – a mysterious organization that tortures and kills kidnapped tourists

Hunger Games A slight twist on the theme, more gladiators but still enjoyment of the hunt and kill for the perpetrators.

The Hunt is the latest movie to adopt the formula, as rich liberals set out to kill rural conservatives.

Ready or Not 2019

                          Samara Weaver covered in blood just as the Illuminati like…

Samara of course, like many victims of the hunts as well, is a Monarch mind controlled slave, her beta kitten programming shown by cat tattoo and catprint shoes…

They are good actors as they have many mind controlled alters (alternate personalities)

It is no doubt worth someone studying further and making a comprehensive list and of those who act, direct, and produce such depravity.

I am also told that Game of Thrones Ramsay Bolton hunts girls for fun with his hounds.

Human hunting is part and parcel of the psychopathic, parasitical, predator, illuminati “elites” way of life alongside, satanic ritual abuse, magik rituals, cannibalism, torture, monarch mind control, and other sick depraved practices.

They flaunt their invincibility in partaking in this human hinting in many forms. What are we going to do about it and when?

Children mind controlled since birth, drugged, hunted, then raped, tortured and killed – this is what your Luciferian leaders do.

Thankyou to all who participated in the Open Source research for this on twitter

The research threads are here

  • Human Hunting research twitter thread 1 [62]
  • Human Hunting research twitter thread 2 [63]
  • My old human hunting thread of only 4 examples is here – Human Hunting Thread 1. #AMostDangerousGame #CathyOBrien #GeorgeBush #DickCheney [35] 
  • I will be making a new thread here, including the information in this post – New human hunting thread [36]

The Human Hunting thread…

New human hunting thread [36]

(note one typo mistake, in the thread I put Dutroux as Dutch and of course it should be Belgium)

and Human Hunting thread on @threadreaderapp [64]

Current Affairs

Just to finish on a few items in the news since last article and about to come up…

Do not take them as definitive or comprehensive, I am just trying to start marking some key events.


March 23 UK Coronavirus fear psyop lockdown, other countries vary

April 24     Antichrist takes his position at head of Illuminati

May       Obama takes over from Soros as head of Satanic Council []

May 25th   Race Riots BLM/Antifa fear psyop

June 22 c. Bubba Wallace fake noose subplot, part of divide by race #fearpsyop [80]

June 24 c. Flynn case dropped, almost ending the conspiracy to frame Flynn, as he knows where the Illuminati have buried the bodies, and start of a counteroffensive using the documentation now achieved through this  Michael Flynn case dismissed: Judge Sullivan’s novel actions served injustice [81]

c. 2020 June 27 It appears relaunch of Russia, Russia, Russia, psyop /Afghanistan

2020 Jul 2 Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested []

2020 July 17 Broward County wear mask in home

2020 july 20 Full moon/

2020 jul 20/21/22 Kanye presidential bid, breakdown tweets etc 20/21//22/

2020 Jul 21 Facebook bans mask groups Facebook is suspending #antimask groups… Who are these corporations to censor the truth and dissent to false mockingbird media narrative?… #facebook #censorship

2020 Jul c. 19/20 Teigen hysterical meltdowns over people calling her out of pedophile tweets. Reckons she blocked over a million.

2020 Jul 21 Twitter says they will ban Q accounts, day before they have to give evidence to court of and 4 days after Q leaked their shadowban /ban app. part of Social Media crackdown on truth psyop over (Last 4 days at least i have been shadowbanned) []

2020 July 22 is the day that Twitter is supposed to provide documentation to Jim Jordan regarding Twitter censorship of conservative accounts. Link to docs below.…



[] 2o20 Jul 22 EonOnline Kim Kardashian Speaks Out About Kanye West’s Mental Health Damage limitation psyop over Kanye and Illuminati

2020 Jul 25 [] Guardian  Extinction Rebellion protest on River Thames [gearing up for September psyop protests]

2020 Jul 27th Jack of Twitter to appear in Congress  [] (with other social media CEO’s?)

2020  Jul 30 Maxwell docs released []

2020 Jul 30 Julian Assange ?[]

2020 Jul 30/31 Rihanna launches some crap [only interested to RT Rihanna thread]

The proposal to scrap jury trials is an assault on the cornerstone of our justice system

Operation legend It is up to you to spread the word. There is a Deep State plan to kill a small child during Operation Legend, triggering massive chaos. Using one federal agent and one gun to bring Trump down. Be Loud.

Fear and Division Psyops

The illuminati are desperate not to be wiped out and to implement their plans for an earth controlled by the satanic illuminati.

To this end, now they have installed the antichrist in position Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How… [63] and replaced Soros with Obama as Head of the Satanic Council Obama is now running the Satanic Council [69]  They are carrying on with their fear psyops to achieve their ends, including the introduction of the New World Order, with one of their primary weapons the mockingbird corporate media.

  • Fear and Divide by Race Psyop  Riots, violence, Defunding Police, autonomous zones, Gun Control of the people, Statues,  Subplots- Nooses (Jussie and Bubba)
  • Fear and Divide by Climate Change Psyop Greta, Extinction Rebellion and Corporate Scientism dressed up as science and concern for the environment, in fact controlling people via green tax and insisting that it is peoples fault (not corporations!) The climate change psyop is due to restart at the start of September.
  • Fear and Divide Families by the Trans Agenda Psyop. Diminishing men and women in name of Trans Rights, leading to TransHuman Agenda, and chipping people to control them. then comes monitoring and control by 5G.
  • Fear and Divide People by Coronavirus Psyop, Social distancing, mask wearing, Divide by geographic area eg Leicester England, divide by treatment cheap hydrochloroquine v patented chemicals,  track and trace leading to dna altering vaccine for all
  • Fear and Divide – by any Anti Trump Psyop scenarios eg Russia Russia Russia, eg Anti Barr, impeachment of anyone they can, on false evidence

This is all backed by Mockingbird Media and dark forces still in Government, Judiciary and Intelligence Services and corporations.

Yes, some aspects of criticism of the system are justified. In this article I attack the judiciary and police. Yes they need vast reform.

But why have our systems got into this state?

Precisely because they were designed like this by the iluminati themselves. they were designed to be corrupt and unfair, and act for them not us.

Why do the illuminati want to defund the police at this time?

  • Precisely because they know that a sudden change will cause chaos and disorder in itself and enable the most violent to take over, and they control the most evil and violent forces.
  • They want to bring in order from chaos as their plan to introduce the New World Order.

Why do they want masks?

They want a compliant population – hence the extraordinary fear emphasis about coronavirus and on unnecessary masks. The mask is a symbol of your compliance, as well as your part in the ritual of accepting the New Abnormal.

They will continue operating all their fear psyops, because this ensures the most compliant population so that they can bring in their plans.


The climate change psyop will start again 1st September, and they will try and integrate and mix the pysops and people operating them as much as possible. Multitasking fear psyops.

These sites may be useful for people wishing to deprogram…

  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P] 
  • SurvivorsJustice Triggers post [E]
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping [V]

For other resources and links check at the end of this post after the transcript.

These are  posts that are part of, or related to illuminati whistleblower Jessie’s series Silence Breaks Forth into Song…

  • The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati [60]
  • You are a child… [52]
  • Silence Breaks Forth Into Song (SBFIS Part 1) [53]
  • Queen Mother of Darkness’s Special Pot Roast (SBFIS Part 2) [54]  
  • Equilibrium (Silence Breaks Forth Into Song Part 3) [55]
  • Forged Through Brokenness (SBFIS Part 4) [56]
  • How Deep The Magik Well Goes (SBFISong Part 5) [57]
  • Masters of Magik (Silence Breaks Forth into Song Part 6) [58]
  • Montauk Boys – Blood Ritual Monarch [59]
  • Illuminati Signalling Decodes [61]
  • Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [62]
  • Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How… [63]
  • 14th Satanic Illuminati Bloodline – Muslim Brotherhood [70]
  • The Drawing of Men’s Hearts (Silence Breaks Forth into Song 7) [64]
  • Lucifer and Luciferians –  Masters of Deception [65]
  • Obama is now running the Satanic Council [69]
  • Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 2, 5th June 2020
  • Illuminati Sacrifices, Magick, Rituals and Gloria Vanderbilt also including Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 3 [67]
  • Illuminati Midsummer Ritual including Jessie’s Interview 4 with Dave Zubrick [68]

What can you do to help?

We need more and more people working on our side. Remember we are the vast majority, the 99%, but so many of us are trauma based mind controlled, soft mind controlled by the mockingbird media, ignorant of what is happening, cognitively dissonant or do not care. We need to change that.

  • Our strength will come from working together, in joining up against the illuminati few.
  • Our strength is truth, and in spreading the truth, and let the chips fall where they may.
  • Our strength is in realising we are sovereign and spiritual beings with immense power, more than we can currently imagine.

The information about the true situation in this world IS shocking. How can we have lived our lives not realising we were controlled by a satanic cult, who rapes, sacrifices and eats babies and who have set up societies structures to feed this insatiable desire?

The illuminati’s whole philosophy demands the use, abuse, sacrifice and consumption of children.

It is so shocking that we hope desperately for it not to be true, that it is not the truth, but more and more evidence comes forth from insider whistleblowers, victims, symbolism, even the illuminati themselves, that we are forced to believe it is true by the sheer weight of the evidence.

However do not be angry, afraid or guilty, or any of those negative emotions. That will only help the evil side. That is also what they feed off, what gives them energy and turns them on. Try to get over negative emotions quickly, take stock of what decisions you made through incorrect and incomplete information, but do not blame yourself. eg vaccinations, you made those decisions with the best intent at the time, learn from that and move forward.

If you have awoken to the grim reality, then the world is already in a better position. We have one more person who is working with us and against the illuminati. Try to help that cause in whatever way you can to bring forth the truth and spread the information.

Our side against the evil illuminati agenda is getting stronger at an ever faster rate. Fit in where you can with this – art, music, writing, humour, spreading truth, supporting others, whatever is your strength, and develop new strengths!

We also need to raise the vibration, pray or meditate…

This post and others of mine and other peoples, answer why so many bad things happen in this world, when so many people are good. It is also the simplest answer to explain events, Occams razor…

Trigger warning for conspiracy deniers – this article was likely to make you have palpitations and search frantically for your tired ad hominem attacks, pictures and gifs. The mentally frigid are best avoiding this article and I suggest you buy a goldfish to converse with 🙂

Other resources are immediately below and later after this posts links

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • Jessie Czebotar Illuminate the Darkness [R]
  • PsychCentral The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief [S]
  • Researching Reform [T]
  • Maggie Oliver Foundation [U]
  • EFT Universe Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping [V]


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[8] 2019 Nov 18 Justice Heroes Royal Human hunting parties are real


[10] Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones hunts people ( girls) for fun with his hounds.

[11] 2019 Apr European Royals Allegedly Killing Children in Human Hunting Parties — 4 Eyewitnesses Testify

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Current Affairs

[80] 2020 Jun 23 Conservative Treehouse Fake Noose – The NASCAR Bubba Wallace “Rope Noose” Was a Purposeful Hoax…

[81] 2020 Jun 24 USA Today Michael Flynn case dismissed: Judge Sullivan’s novel actions served injustice

Twitter Threads

[101] 2020 May 18 cathyfoxblog Twitter Threads – Symbolism, Mind Control, Hollywood and more

Below are links to Twitter threads on the following subjects. Numbers with [a] following eg [3a] are the link to twitter threadreaderapp saved threads

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


[C] One in Four

[D] Havoca

[E] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog

[G] Jim Hopper Mindfulness

[H] Jim Hopper Meditation

[J] 2016 Jan 5 Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma

[K] Survivors UK website for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men and twitter

[L] Voicing CSA website – helps arrange survivors meetings in your area. Voicing CSA supports the IICSA and VSCP and works to help adult survivors of child sexual abuse find their voice

[M] A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links

[N] Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors to achieve Truth & Justice and to support their recovery.   Facebook

[P] 2020 Mar 21 cathyfoxblog How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett

[Q]  Deprogramwiki

[R] Jessie Czebotar Illuminate the Darkness

[S] PsychCentral The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief

[T] Researching Reform twitter

[U] Maggie Oliver Foundation Helping Survivors of Abuse Move on with their lives

[V] EFT Universe Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping

[W] Body Centric Healing Extreme Trauma

[X] Victims Refuse Silence Site of Epstein Survivor Virginia Roberts Twitter @VRSVirginia

Other child abuse, mind control, TI resource suggestions, websites and self help / survivor group suggestions welcome…

Appendix 1 UK Press Cuttings and Research Database and Blogs on Child Sexual Abuse

I will gradually build up this list of sources that I read or listen for more general news. Naturally, as with all sources, use with discernment, question everything, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. The time is over for propanganda on a plate served to you… we are the news now, research and seek the truth…

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected or you wish to write to me please email quoting the article title.

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella  Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, and commits horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…

My notes if any, intended to be added somewhere in due course   –


The eight key dates incomplete check source

  • Yule/Winter Solstice
  • Imbolc/Brigid’s Day/Candlemas
  • Ostara/Spring Beltane
  • Midsummer/Alban
  • Hefin Lughnasadh/Lammas
  • Mabon
  • Autumn Equinox
  • Samhain/Halloween

Other triggers 22 December, 2 February, 21 March, 1 May, 21 June, 1 August, 21 September, 31 October


thread on v2k



darkly illuminated []



[] debbyharry


operation legend


secret socieities []

[] kanye

[] cannibalclubthread

[] Thread of some threads of London Child Abuse that I have covered.

[] pence

[] 2017 Nov Empire Exposed Anatomy of Luciferian Elites Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations