How the Financial System is Being Used to Disempower Us

A way in which we can conceptualize the banking system is by imagining 100 people all being given $100 and as a result of this they are expected to pay back $110 at the end of the month.

The only way in which you can earn extra money is by earning it from someone else in this group of 100. So there is $10,000 in circulation, but $11,000 needs to be paid back.

In the best of situations this would mean 10 people would end up with nothing and go bankrupt, and the other 90 would be able to continue the cycle. But in our current system it does not work in this way as there is such inequality.

It is more like 10 people have $5000 each and the 90 get $55.55 each, but still need the $110 at the end of the month.

So as a result they have to borrow the extra $54.45 from one of the 10 with $5000 to keep on going, but for this to happen they will need to pay more interest and the never ending cycle continues.

The central reserve banks create money which are not backed by anything tangible, meaning there is no gold or asset supporting it, it is generated from nothing. They then put interest on that money, loan it to the banks and add their fees.

The banks then loan it to the people and add interest. The money can never be paid back, as there is not enough money in circulation to pay back the debt. It is like one giant ponzi scheme that will eventually collapse.

This has ramifications on an individual level, but it is so much more far reaching than that.

Because the debt keeps growing, the only way to keep feeding the system is through aggressive growth of industry. This comes at the expense of the environment, human rights and anything that can damage profits.

Our government is supported and influenced by this system and as a result the majority of the problems we face can be linked back to the financial sector.

Halliburton a company that have armed multiple sides of global conflicts for nearly 100 years made $39.5 billion from the Iraq War (a bill picked up in part by taxpayers), they also had Dick Cheney as their CEO before he became vice president, Dick Cheney was very vocal on why we should go to war in Iraq.

Does anyone see the conflict of interest here?

Education is provided to keep this system flowing and science for the most part is funded by organisations that have agendas.

We literally have a system that is created to serve a very small group who want to disempower us, so they can continue with their abuse. The groups that are creating this mess are by definition parasites.

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By Luke Miller,