Hell Week Heats Up after Deplorables Oust “Respectables”

The Epocalypse has arrivedKing Obama — in that he governed by executive decree — now gets to watch his legacy go up in smoke as streets in major US cities become littered with fires. Although Hillary gave a gracious speech accepting the results of the election, many of her supporters have decided not to accept it and are acting worse than they claimed Trump would if he lost.


Election fever boils over: Trump and Clinton supporters brawl outside the White House as violence erupts across America


While some of these protests were small and non-violent; others … not so much. Some are just leaving the country. Others are taking it so far as to try to get their state to leave the country and form a new country of its own. Oddly someone from the bankrupt state of California, even asks, “If we combine Washington and Oregon [with California’s secession], what will the red states do without us bailing them out?”

Shows how much grasp on economics the deeply indebted state of California has. #Calexit is trading high on Twitter right now. One man suggested the new nation of California, Oregon and Washington should by named “Cow,” as an acronym for all three. Well Coward you go, then.

Who can spell hypocritical? Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago that Hillary’s supporters were enflamed about how anti-America Donald Trump was for not stating before the election even happened that he’s accept the outcome, no matter what transpired? But these people can’t accept the outcome even after the election has transpired and after Donald gave his own gracious and completely non-devisive acceptance speech. I guess being American and accepting the outcome of an election only applies as a standard for Trump supporters to live by. Kind of proves the Donald’s constant statements about double standards.

And don’t think they’re just kidding. Already the counter-revolution is spreading across the nation, sometimes in acts of (so far minor) violence. But this is just Day One in the Days After.

Just look at the headlines at the top of The Drudge Report right now?


On a cheerful note, there is a delightful side to Hell Week since most of the hell is being felt by the establishment. I particularly relished Fascist Paul Krugman’s piece, so let me quote a few of my favorite lines:


It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? …A first-pass answer is never. (The New York Times)


Oops. How about the very second they opened? The US market, counter to almost everyone’s thinking, leapt off the ground and soared this morning. Even people like me expected the US stock market would, in the very least take a brief Brexit plunge. I’ll have to cut Paul some slack on that one, though, if I dare hope for any for myself; since I didn’t see that one coming at all either. My only consolation is the I didn’t hear anyone else who saw it coming either.

Never did I think the market response to so much change would be an immediate bounce. It does make me suspicious that the Obama Administration worked overtime last night, after Obama assured the world, “The sun will still rise tomorrow” to make sure the entire global economy didn’t crash on his watch, as I said I thought likely. Still, I thought there would be an initial plunge. Either the Obama Admin. really got ahead of the market, or I’m as wrong as can be on that one. I will leave it to others to judge and will accept the judgment until time tells what is really happening.

We’ll know better, though, in a few days what reality looks like. Everything about this election was weird — not that I was surprised by Trump’s victory, which I expected — but that I was surprised by the enormous sea of red flooding across the US and even more surprised to find that establishment Republicans did so well right alongside Trump to where Republicans now fully own the government. I anticipated a more divided result.

I can relish in the rest of what Krugman writes, as it does give me pleasure to watch the establishment writhe a little in their own disillusionment:


What makes it especially bad right now, however, is the fundamentally fragile state much of the world is still in, eight years after the great financial crisis.


Well, gee, Paul. That fragile state would be because your engineered recovery was so fake and ready to crash all along.


It’s true that we’ve been adding jobs at a pretty good pace and are quite close to full employment.


Unless, of course, you’re part of that great percentage of the Middle Class that dropped out of the job market because you didn’t want to compete against all the cheap labor that was being imported at a rate of 1.5 million units per year, much of it as contraband labor. (The kind Trump has promised he’s going to return to sender.)


But we’ve been doing O.K. only thanks to extremely low interest rates.


You know, Paul, I would think that right there would be all it would take to convince you that your recovery never really recovered from itself. It is, even by your own words seven years later, utterly dependent for its survival on continued economic stimulus in the form of “extremely low interest.”


Now comes the mother of all adverse effects — and what it brings with it is a regime that will be ignorant of economic policy and hostile to any effort to make it work. Effective fiscal support for the Fed? Not a chance. In fact, you can bet that the Fed will lose its independence, and be bullied by cranks.


That, dear Paul, is music to my ears. Who better to play a sweet requiem for me than one of the architects of the dying fake recovery? We can only hope you are right and that the Fed is burning, even as you are fiddling.


So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.


That was the choicest bit of all. Now you’re sounding exactly like me, Paul. Yes, we are very probably looking at a global recession (since many nations are already in recession) and with no end in sight. I’ve been telling you, Paul, that would happen this year and that you’d wake up to it right after the election. Well, here we are!

Of course, you will say that the global recession is all Trump’s fault, but he hasn’t even entered office in order to do anything yet. So, are you saying that your recovery was so etherial that the mere thought of Trump entering office is enough to blow it away? I thought so. But that’s what I’ve been saying you’d do, too. So, thanks for fulfilling that prediction.


Mr. Trump ran a campaign devoid of policy substance and human decency. He feuded with the Republican speaker of the House and was disavowed by dozens of prominent party leaders, including four of the last five Republican nominees. Conservative intellectuals rejected him in droves. Ross Douthat characterized Trump’s message as “We’ve tried sane, now let’s try crazy.”


I thought those were the guys you considered your enemy. I guess because they became the enemies of your enemy, they are now your friends, for you are now using them for support of your argument about how unfit Trump is to be the nations’ next leader.


But the remarkable lesson of this election is that crazy is not disqualifying.


I have to agree: it got you the Nobel Prize, so I guess it isn’t.


Mr. Trump has won an astounding victory.


At least, you can see that much through your reddened eyes.


With all the justified discontent there is against the smart politicians and the Plush Horses of Plutocracy — oh, if it hadn’t been one Windrip, it’d been another. … We had it coming, we Respectables.


Well put. The discontent was entirely justified. It is precisely because you didn’t see how badly you were failing the Deplorables of the Middle Class with your recovery that drove all wealth to the upper stratosphere of the electorate, you “Respectables” had this coming.

This next one is rich:


Political scientists have long recognized that most ordinary citizens have only a tenuous grasp of “the presuppositions and complex obligations of democracy, the rights it grants and the self-restraints it imposes.” Thus, political elites “serve as the major repositories of the public conscience,” if anyone does. But Americans’ attachment to an unrealistic “folk theory” of democracy has made the position of political elites increasingly untenable, bolstering Mr. Trump’s appeal.


I never thought I’d hear you so openly confess that you consider yourself to be elite — one of the top few upon whom the rest of the poor suckers are beholding for scraps of guidance in governance. Well, if you were so smart about guiding governments, how on earth did you not see this tsunami coming for your ship? The ordinary citizens here certainly saw it coming (maybe not as grandly as it emerged, but coming all the same). Is there something about elitism that by nature leaves you … out of touch with life on the ground?


Mr. Trump is a textbook case of how unrealistic democratic ideals can exacerbate the dangers of real democracy.


Could it possibly be, Mr. Krugman, that you don’t accept the outcome of this election, such that you now consider democracy to be something dangerous, especially if the peasants should revolt against their elite overlords? But, hey, you guys love immigration and lots of it, so why not try some to Canada? In that more liberal climate, you might be spared of the following:


We have made our presidential nominations “more democratic” in crude populist terms, diluting the ability of political professionals to screen out amateurs and demagogues.


Oh, my gosh. I couldn’t have written anything more fully self-condemning for you if tried. I am relishing the results of this election even more now that it is causing elitists to confess their true colors. If you elitists had the political wisdom you think you have, you would have seen that pushing all wealth to the top would certainly lead to revolt. I’ve been writing that there will be a peasant revolt for over a year and that only a peasant revolt would change things (one that I hoped would happen peacefully through the democratic process that you now malign). The question now is whether or not you and those who follow the religion to which you are high priest will accept the election results and, thus, allow the revolt to happen by entirely peaceful process.

That’s up to you and yours. (My belief is that you won’t; but make my day and surprise me.)

The French ambassador to the US is crying with you, Paul, saying the “world is collapsing before our eyes.” I’m glad you both sense the importance of all of this. Yes, the globalist world is beginning to collapse as the people you’ve ruled over say, “enough!”

So, I think I’ll let Nigel Lafarge, leader of the Brexit movement put a nice finish on these quotes, as things always sound so much better with a British accent:


Today, the establishment is in deep shock. Even more so than after Brexit. What we are witnessing is the end of a period of big business and big politics controlling our lives.

Voters across the Western world want nation state democracy, proper border controls and to be in charge of their own lives.

I commend Donald Trump for the courage with which he has fought this campaign and I look forward to a closer relationship between the USA and the UK. We now have a President who likes our country and understands our post-Brexit values.

Prepare for further political shocks in the years to come.” (Zero Hedge)


Indeed. And in the week to come. Hell Week is here. Right now it is mostly hell for the establishment and their pollsters. Let them eat cake.




Horror and disbelief…

How she destroyed her campaign…

Hillary supporters burn flag, threaten to kill Trump…


Even the United nations is shaken:


Disbelief, “despondency” at United Nations after Trump victory


While it is Hell Week for Hillary and the globalists at the UN, the rest of the world is warming up to something more pleasant than hellfire. It’s kind of a global warming of its own kind. Political relations with much of the distressed world became more cordial overnight:


Netanyahu congratulates ‘true friend’ of Israel… 

Egypt’s Sisi is first international call…

Hungarian PM Orban hails victory as ‘great news’…

Philippines’ Duterte congratulates, wants to work together…

Le Pen’s regards…

Putin sends telegram… 

Russia ‘ready to do its part’ to rebuild ties…


So much for Donald Trump being the guy who was going to start all kinds of wars. Looks like we finally found where Hillary hid the reset button. Just in time!




Not too surprisingly, protests that started non-violent earlier today are already becoming more violent. First, visually violent with burning flags (that’s how much they really care about America) and burning effigies of Donald Trump. Then five people were shot in Seattle this evening with two life-threatening injuries.

Seattle has a reputation of coddling protestors by allowing them to block the only freeway through town. So, it is not surprising that Seattle would be one of the first cities to turn violent.

These are not your old-fashion protestors who protest the establishment in order to bring change. These are a new kind of protestor who protest change in order to preserve the establishment. And, again, the people who are protesting the election result are on the side that ardently criticized Trump for merely saying he  might not accept the election results.