Hello Gabriel

I received this info from an acquaintance who works at Blackrock, he too is now awake and searching his own network.

“GCR Intel from Charlie’s Show” van Rinus Verhagen – 3.6.22 | Dinar Kronieken (

This has also been confirmed from multiple sources.

You see now the action of Putin cleaning up the bio-labs in the Ukraine, everything will come out now, it is a matter of days.

China dringt er bij de VS op aan om details te onthullen van door de VS gesteunde biologische laboratoria in Oekraïne – inclusief soorten virussen die zijn opgeslagen (

I myself have been very busy with KYC for about 200 people who have received free Zim from me and have bought into it themselves.

Thus I increased the number of investors, To fund all this I created the Batavian Coin on Lobstr, sold them, promising to buy them back at a high price, aiming to make as many people very rich as possible.

Then the big investors won’t stand out among all the rich if they stay modest.

Looking at today’s events, where also in Germany and Austria Russian and French army they have entered Vienna, it can indeed not take long before all Ducht Bilderberg Cabal Nazis and Globalists are removed.

The Élysée Palace published pictures of French President Macron after his talks with Putin today.


Hi is Don, Game over.

Dates are tricky. I know!

Zero days?

3 days and counting…

cliff high

March 9

We now know that March 12, five days from now, it’s going to happen. That’s the day the telcos of the West disconnect Russia from SWIFT.

Therefore, Russia wants all their companies to be “native” on the 11th, with their IPs within their geographical boundaries. So, in a very real sense, the 11th is a Zero Day.

Now, is it really such a Zero Day?

We won’t know until afterwards.

But we do know that the 11th is an important day for the Khazarian majesty, on which many past events took place, such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

This 3/11 could well be that Zero Day, but even if not, it is the ZERO DAY for the next phase of the collapse of the criminal network of Western private Central Banks.

Their Petrodollar goes to shit on that day.

Their actions, and Putin’s counter actions, have determined the fate of the PetroDollar. It will not recover from the events of this coming week.

On Friday, there will be telephony problems. The Petrodollar will begin to taper.

On Saturday, problems with international dollar settlements will arise to grow and persist.

On Sunday the markets, PMs, and FX will get the Big Time Jitters in anticipation of the opening. Gold will learn to dance, while Silver will take a leap.

No one will know WTF crypto’s have signaled with their over-the-weekend behavior.

It will be truly bizarre.

Two days and counting…

Breaking News…… Breaking News……

The Russian army in Chernobyl, unbelievable, what they found there in the depths, 4 floors underground…original sound of the Russian commander…what we have seen, makes the blood freeze in the veins…mutilated children, orphaned children, children in chains, all living children we freed. 40 Deep State criminals shot. More Deep State members on the run, the commander on, we get them all! When everything is done here, we should probably invade occupied Germany to eliminate all Deep State criminals. The German people will be liberated!


Only the Nazi militias are still active in the Ukraine. Free war supplies are no good at all, because who gives these weapons to the Nazis, it will disappear on the black market.

Two USA fighter jets have landed at the GDR BER airport in Berlin, supposedly with “engine trouble”. However, with this the escape route Ukraine, Kiev – Berlin is closed. Indeed, internal sources report that below BER a 200 floors down is a military base with tunnels from the Kiev side, but also to other sides….

This may have to do with the report that russian panzer have hermetically sealed off part of Vienna, ( the 19th, bezirk) the capital of Austria. Also, a French troop transport has been seen in Vienna, ( the 14th bezirk) and filmed. Heavy explosions are heard underground in the sealed-off area.

It seems that the Q-forces have started the big cleanup operation in Europe.  That confirmation has yet to be received. So it remains a suspicion, but it is a very interesting event, nobody says anything. Nobody does anything…..!!!!!

Under The BER in Berlin there is also a U boat base, from the second world war. Rumors say, that 300 U boats were hidden there, of which 250 sailed to Antarctica with the highest officers of the NAZI SS on board. Until now, I personally only knew of 50 U boats, which one can no longer find anywhere…. now they are talking about 250…..

So this base was also destroyed. ( Probably with nuclear related explosions. ) That won’t be easy, since the concrete structures are giga. I have visited these kind of bases in SAINT NAZAIRE, AND ALSO IN LORIENT, IN BRETAGNE, FRANCE , INDRUK WEAKING AND BOM FREE, WHERE BOTH BASES ARE STILL COMPLETELY INTAKE, INCLUDING MEGA AIRFLOWS…..From THE LAWYERS…

Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly clear that SOROS has gone to heaven, as the sons have announced an estate distribution.

You just don’t do it that way. (But sometimes they do it anyway)

You can see that in the increasingly strong rumors that John F Kennedy junior is still alive. He is said to be the distinguished man behind Q, who vowed to avenge his father’s death and murder and remove the evil from the world. Of course, it is the military and the Q intelligence army, which is behind him. The maxim on the ship’s bell of his little boat is to blame for this WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL…. WWG1WGA.

Exciting it is…. and with the flat chicken I meant in report 468.

That the Dutch people find it hard to explain and deny that they did not agree with all that thug Mark Rutte has brought about….!!!!!

Source: GTB



Live on Turkish TV!

They are bringing it out into the open now.

Europe has created its own army and NATO is said to be extinct.DE EUROPESE UNIE (EU) ZOU OOK AL WEGGEVAAGD ZIJN!


The Bank of London is at the heart of Basel 3 and ISO20022 implementation, which unleashes Stellar Protocol 19 😋😋😋




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Wolverine 🇦🇺 🇦🇺, [8 mar, 2022 om 11:23]

RV👉 Once began, Foreign Currency Exchanges/ Zim Bond Redemptions would last at least six days, maybe longer, so book your timeslots ASAP.

The Department of Defense has mandated that the Tier 4B security codes be completed by Thurs. 10 March.

The above made the Tier4B notification window between Tues. 8 March noon EST through Thurs. 10 March.

The first thing I will do when the system is over is, kill all the Fake court Bailiffs, they are going to get claims that will totally expropriate them.

In the old days right after May 5, 1945 all NSBers got their heads shaved, think it would look good on Ilse Van Garrel too. she claim monies from me for contracts I never entered into, this she also stated during the court hearing, how stupid can you be to challenge me then.

I had given her another 100,000,000, ZIM which she sent back. How stupid do you have to be if you ignore so many signals?

She declared war on me, which is very stupid, especially when you can’t win this one.

It’s a Dumb System Hyena who is now being presented with the bill for all the people she has besieged.

You don’t often come across people with such low IQs, Would she really be blonde?

System Autist

Greeting Rob aka Rinus

Verzonden vanuit Mail voor Windows

Hello Rob,

I live in Arkansas.  

I’ve never like hearing things from mutiple links of middleman so I figured I would ask you myself. 

There has been loads of disinformation all over the internet for years. How sure are that this is really it? 

Did Trump really endorse what you wrote?

Trump called last night and told me to forward this. I said to who?  He said everyone so here it is. He said we are all thought to be conspiracy people at this point so no mopre harm can come to us. Also if you see a word or two mispelled it is done on porpoise to throw the bad guys off.  Also I got a few words from Diana, Michael J. JFK jr and a few others. They said Wat’s up. That’s code for what is up.   Hmmm   I hope to be done this week. If not I will forward something else that will say the following week.


On Mon, Mar 7, 2022, 1:08 AM Rob Brekel

Hallo Gabriel.

Wat kan ik voor je betekenen, waar woon je en in welke taal moet ik met je communiceren?

Hartelijke groet Rob Brekel aka Rinus Verhagen

Hello Gabriel.

What can I do for you, where do you live and in what language should I communicate with you?

Best regards Rob Brekel aka Rinus Verhagen

Hallo Gabriel.

Was kann ich für Sie tun, wo wohnen Sie und in welcher Sprache soll ich mit Ihnen kommunizieren?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Rob Brekel alias Rinus Verhagen