Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, glimlacht, de tekst 'Princess Diana She Knew The Royals Wanted Her Dead, So Like Another She Faked Her Death, Allied With The One Person Whom She Knew She Could Trust, And Together They Developed a "Plan".'

All youtube links have been removed, this says it all.

This Plan involves a beautiful good Princess and two strapping young Men, who chose a totally different path than that of the dark satanic elite or deep state cabal, who were in the same circles to learn their ways, yet They never conformed to them. These 3 Created a Plan that has literally shaken and shattered our techno-matrix city ‘reality’ overlay of God’s Perfect Creation.

Meet the beautiful, pure and lovely Princess Diana, who said, “I was forced into a marriage where I was nothing more than a breeder for the reptilian royal family. At 19 I was forced to marry a man that used me only to bear his children and then I would be thrown aside. I quickly learned of the horrific crimes of the queen and royal family and realized that they, the queen, and many of the secret societies sex-trafficked, raped, ate and drank the blood of little children while ritually sacrificing them to satan.

“I was in a situation with no control and powerless over my boys and everything, as the boys were groomed to take hold of power and authority. I was told I am nothing more than a breeder. My relationship with the queen was horrible and I hated her and the queen hated me. I even made it clear that the queen is evil. This left me a major threat, as I want to bring down the evil and avenge the evil done to me and my sons, so what did I do knowing my certain fate is death? I became part of the Plan.

“Diana knew Donald Trump and JFK Jr. were good and They knew She was good. The Plan started after JFK was assassinated to take down the dark cabal. Donald Trump and JFK Jr. were a huge part of the Plan and so was Diana. Who better to take down the royals but and insider whose life was destroyed by the royals? JFK Jr. and Donald knew the royals and that they had to be destroyed, as they were the figureheads of the crown and the crown owned the US. They knew we would never be freed unless the crown and the banking system was demolished.

Diana was the perfect kingpin.

In the summer of 1995 a secret meeting was arranged between Diana and JFK Jr. An arrangement was made and her fake death was plotted and planned with the cover and details and Her role in the Plan was established.

Then in Dec. of 1995, 6 months later, Diana and Donald end up at a charity event together and ‘coincidentally’ ended up at the same table. Donald played His part well, first flattering Her, then going on and on about Her in a less flattering way. This was important as it kept all suspicion at bay.

After Her divorce was finalized, Diana sent a handwritten letter to Donald. This was the go-ahead! The Plan and cover began to unfold. She ‘died’ almost exactly 1 year from Her divorce and exactly 2 years after meeting with JFK Jr. And JFK Jr. ‘died’ almost exactly 2 years after Diana ‘died.’ There is no coincidence and there is no way that Diana and JFK Jr. would have been able to execute their roles in the Plan alive. There was no choice and Their lives were in danger.

So 3 short weeks before Diana’s ‘death’ entered Dodi and that was the extent of their relationship. Dodi was the cover and also the connection to the Good side of the House of Saud (think Godfather 3 movie). Dodi’s Grandfather was the doctor of King Salman. JFK Jr. and Donald Trump knew there were two sides to the House of Saud and that the Good side (King Salman) wanted to break free from the bad side (Mob Prince Al-Waleed side). The bad side of the House of Saud was funding most of the corruption and was a big part of the funding of the crown.

Donald and JFK Jr. arranged with Them through Dodi that if They (Good side of the House of Saud) would keep Diana safe, They would free Them from the bad side that had been running the show (Al-Waleed) and by eliminating the bad side, you eliminate the funding of the dark cabal, crown and free the Salman side from the evil Mob. In exchange for Their freedom Diana is kept safe and helps take down the royals with cabal inside info. The Good side of the House of Saud needed Diana’s knowledge of the royal connections to take down the bad side of the House of Saud, who was connected to the royals and was funding the corruption.

Remember at the beginning of the Q drops it said that the Saudi Arabia take down was so important, because it cut the funding ties to all the corruption. They had to be the first to go. Without their ties being cut, nothing else could have happened. Their funding cut put a big squash in the royals funding, making them weak and neutralizing their power. For that you can thank Diana and enjoy the show.

Princess Diana went to JFK Jr. for advice. She met Him in NYC in 1995 to talk. They both planned to fake their deaths. They had 2 cars alike. She wasn’t in the car they thought She was in. She went through the same scenario as JFK Jr. before He did later. That car was sabotaged to crash in the tunnel with a clone and thus She fooled Her ‘murderers.’ It was sabotaged. But it made them believe Diana was in there. She’s a very wise woman just like JFK Jr. is a very wise man.


Dodi and Diana’s death was a cover planned by the EA (POTUS, JFK Jr., etc., Fayed SA good side of the House of Saud). The royals wanted Her dead but the ‘fake accident had nothing to do with the royals.’ It’s the cover. She was divorced from Charles at this point. Where was She when the cover occurred? In Paris at Dodi’s Father’s Ritz Carlton.

The accident was a distraction to give them time to escape and get them to the safe house of the Ritz Carlton. She was in Paris and Paul, the driver of the Mercedes, was head of security at the Ritz Carlton in Paris that Dodi’s Father owned.

Her clone was prepared and placed in the coffin before being shipped out of Paris. It was simply a swap out. Remember the EA has just as much technology as the deep state. The royals really thought She was dead. They and the world are in for a treat.

Diana and Dodi were at the Ritz in Paris before the cover happened. Then they went back to the Ritz. No one would suspect them there, as it was their safe house owned by Dodi’s father, so they could get away.


Princess Diana’s mother is part of the Rothschild family, which also has a good side and an evil side, just like Saudi Arabia’s House of Saud (Prince Al-Waleed bad vs. Crown Prince Salman good). It’s exactly the same with the Rothschilds. The 3 sides of the pyramid that needed to be taken down to break all the strings of the techno-matrix were the House of Saud, then the Rothschilds, then Soros. Diana’s significance to the Plan was to take down the Rothschilds who owned the royal family. The royal family was tied in with SA and was a puppet of SA, so SA had to go down first. Diana’s new name with Dodi is Ondine de Rothschild.

The Plan was always to help Diana escape from the royals from day one of Her marriage to Charles. From birth Diana was chosen to take down the Crown and the figureheads, the royals and the bad side of the House of Saud. She was placed there, undercover, to get the info. to bring them down. She was on a Mission!

Remember Earth Alliance (EA) military intelligence has infiltrated every bad structure, just like the bad side or deep state had infiltrated every good structure. EA Military Intelligence has been doing exactly what the dark cabal has been doing to counter them. Diana was a very necessary part of the bigger Plan.

The cabal-owned msm worldwide has been caught in so many lies now that its whole reputation has been eroded, their circulation and profits are down, and they are going down completely, along with all gov’ts worldwide. What makes a good actor? Enjoy the show! See


We all know who Lady Di and Dodi are (Princess Diana of Wales and Dodi Fayed, Mohamad Al-Fayed’s or the King of Egypt’s (KOE’s) son. Lady Di and Dodi, along with Henry (Henri) Paul, were not killed in the Pont de l’Alma bridge car crash.

What happened is that, the Faction 3 White Knights created clones of these 3. Lady Di, Dodi and Henry Paul are alive and well and will testify to the attempted murder of themselves by MI5, MI6, the CIA and the Mossad when the time is right.

The King of Swords said that Lady Di and Dodi will return to the world stage within 4 months after the public enactment of GESARA Law. Lady Di and husband Dodi (apparently they got married and had their own children) live in the Weasack Valley, supporting, refugees, children, etc., from 3rd world countries.


The King of Egypt (KOE) of the pharaonic lineages that are still actively being honored today is the pharaoh of the Egypt. His name in his Earth life today is Mohamad Al-Fayed. He owns Harrod’s dept. store in London, England. The KOE is a Faction 3 White Knight. He spends a lot of his time protecting Lady Di, Dodi and their children, Inanna, 16 and Omar, 18. He also, from a distance, guards over Prince Harry, Prince William and Princess Kate.

People mainly believe what the media says. Prince Harry and Meghan joined Her in leaving the corrupt royal family, now living in Los Angeles, CA, USA. They will all see the Military Tribunals at Guantanamo Bay and worldwide and Diana and JFK Jr. will come out of hiding to complete the Plan and celebrate with us when GESARA comes out this summer of 2020. See also “JFK Jr & Princess Diana Connection” at “JFK Jr. Faked His Own Death With the Help Of ‘Master Chess Player’ Donald Trump—And He’s Planning His Return Apparently” at…, Charlie Freak Colleen The Q Plan Explained MIRROR at and “THE LAST PRESIDENT | What a 127 yr old book reveals about Donald Trump, time travel & Nikola Tesla” at

We the Anonymous Charity (I) had a friend who was an agent for MI-6 British Intelligence, who also worked in Los Angeles through the British Embassy as a film editor and hacker part time. He was eventually recalled to England to work on the retrofit of the HMS Intrepid. We asked him, “What can you tell us about the deaths of Princess Diana and JFK Jr.” He gave us a detailed account of how MI-6 ‘murdered’ Diana with the help of German Kill Team 6 on the direct orders of Prince Phillip.

He said, “Whenever I pull up the two files that you asked about, it comes up as the Project: GAIA classification. GAIA is our version of the top level British gov’ts witness protection program!” We said, “So You’re telling us the JFK Jr. and Princess Diana may be alive and that their deaths were faked?” He said, “Did you ever see any pictures of either of the bodies? In fact Hard Copy TV Show offered a $10 million reward for postmortem pictures of Diana and they had no takers.

JFK Jr. was supposed to reappear publicly July 4, and then Oct. 17, 2020. That didn’t happen, though there are pictures of Him standing on George Washington’s head on July 4. Diana was supposed to reveal Herself publicly shortly thereafter. It’s all been delayed for various reasons. It should happen in 2021 when or after all mass arrests happen, which started shortly after the election.Sources: and

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, de tekst 'JOHN F KENNEDY, JR PULLED LAST MINUTE FROM 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATIONS Trump & Earth Alliance agreed his appearance should Only be made when the RV has come to Fruition.'


JFK Jr.’s death was planned and He was thought ‘murdered’ by the Clintons. He was just one more body in the massive death count they have accumulated around themselves in their Satanic and deadly careers.

1. JFK Jr. was planning on running for the NY senate seat held previously by his uncle using his own money and his magazine GEORGE as a platform.

2. He described HRC as an ‘unscrupulous carpetbagger.’

3. Jackie Onassis always warned Her Son, “Please do not enter public political life, or you will end up like your father and uncle.”

4. The day JFK Jr. ‘died,’ He had lunch with HRC and told her of His plan to run for senate and basically said to her, “Get out of Dodge! This town ain’t big enough for both of us.” This obviously put a kink in HRC’s plan, as she was promised the seat and felt entitled to the NY senate seat in her ultimate goal of the White House.

5. JFK Jr. left the lunch looking white faced and terrified, saying, “No comment,” to the press when asked about the lunch.

6. Reporters asked HRC, “What did you talk about?” HRC said, “I advised him not to enter public political life!” quoting as a death threat his words His Mother had used.

7. Though it was reported as foggy in the night He ‘died,’ there was only a light mist, and His last words were, “Runway and tower in sight on approach.” The last 10 minutes of the lower recordings were confiscated and classified by the FAA.

8. Bill Clinton took over the search for JFK Jr. All Coast Guard, Sheriffs and civilian craft were banned, as a 25 sq. mi. radius was cordoned off by the US Navy. This has never happened before.

9. Civilians on the beach claimed to have seen a helicopter chasing and firing on a small aircraft but miles away from where the search was happening.

10. The entire Kennedy Family stayed out on a yacht the whole time this was going on.

11. Time Magazine ran photos of JFK Jr’s plane, which they claimed was red with a white stripe, but the recovered aircraft was reported white with a red stripe.

12. The plane was found at dusk by the USS Briscoe. All 3 bodies were then transferred to the USS Grasp, where they were quickly cremated. No autopsies and no Navy ship has these kinds of facilities.

13. JFK Jr. was a devoted Catholic who didn’t believe in cremation and had made arrangements in His will to be buried next to His Father at Arlington Cemetery.

14. The ashes of all there, JFK Jr., his wife and sister in law, were all dumped over the side of the USS Grasp the morning after they were found. The Kennedy Family, who conveniently were all in their yacht at sea, were picked up and supposedly present for the quick funeral.

JFK Jr. said, “Why did I fake my own death? Because the Swamp killed my then Pres. dad when I was 3 years old. Threats remained on my mother throughout her life to keep silent. 5 years later they killed my Senator uncle who knew who killed the President. At age 35, I started a political magazine ‘George’ to expose the killers and it made the Swamp very nervous. Family and political friends warned me. Then an attempt was made on my life at age 37. I openly implicated George Bush Sr. and the Swamp as my dad and uncle’s killers. I began to make public my intention to run for the 2000 US Senate, as did 1st lady Hillary Clinton. She won because I ‘died.'”

There were many silent Patriots serving as security around the ‘assassinated’ President’s son all through his life. Some watched from afar off. These Patriots were also in every part of the Gov’t and Military quietly observing/waiting.

The day came when his security found a thin strip of putty strapped around the fuselage of his airplane, it was C4 with an altitude trigger. As the plane goes up to an ‘x’ altitude, the trigger is armed and when the plane drops back down to the land, the explosives are set off at an ‘x’ altitude, and the back of the plane is blown off forcing the plane to dive, giving no electronic record of what happens, and the appearance of pilot error. The Swamp then used the Coast Guard, Navy, MSM, etc, to complete the ‘accident.’ But the Swamp had to wait until JFK Jr. decided to fly. He had time to plan.

The plane took off on July 16, 1999, it was rigged to explode, but a remote trigger replaced the altitude trigger. A Navy pilot flew JFK Jr.’s plane armed with a parachute and a tape recorder. Playing the voice of JFK Jr., he radioed the tower at Martha’s Vineyard to land. After they all jumped from the plane, he hit the remote, and boom, the plane went down. Patriots in the Military recovered the bodies. Navy divers had 8 hours of video recording the rescue. The tapes are missing. There is no proof of the bodies being recovered. Navy divers relocated after the search. The ‘cremated remains’ at the funeral were held on the Navy Ship. Only 17 people attended the funeral service, because it was all fake.

JFK Jr. (Q)/EA/Trump Plan was for JFK Jr. to re-appear and announce full arrests of deep state, all going to GITMO or the like, to atone for their crimes, the RV starting and GESARA, a sort of Disclosure, along with Trump announcing JFK Jr. as His new running mate for the 2020 election and to Celebrate full freedom from the Deep State before ending all GESARA transitional gov’ts worldwide by 2022 before they both step down. However, since the RV was delayed yet again by a few remaining deep state operatives imbedded in the US banks, They decided that JFK Jr.’s appearance, instead of July 4, 2020 occur after the RV starts and most of the deep state arrests are completed.

JFK Jr. in George Magazine June 1999 said, “If my dear friend Donald Trump ever decided to sacrifice his fabulous billionaire lifestyle to become Pres., he would be an unstoppable force for ultimate justice that Democrats and Republicans alike would celebrate.”

JFK Jr. ‘died’ on July 16, 1999. It’s confirmed that He’s alive. Does He reappear alive from the ‘dead’ on July 16, 2020, 21 years later to complete fully Draining the Swamp and initiate a Grand Celebration? That didn’t occur either, but it is now expected to occur when the RV has come to fruition.

See also “JFK JR July 17, 1999 Burial At Sea” at–WKdg, “July 16, 1999” at and GREATEST PLAN IN THE WORLD at