Great Insight into Sessions, Timing of Declassification, Sealed Indictments, etc.

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Future will PROVE past. – Q

GREAT insight into Sessions, timing of declassification, 50k sealed documents, etc.

I’m going to post my thoughts out loud here about AG Session’s. That way those of you confused as to WHY I support him might have a better understanding. With the non stop anti Session’s articles/interviews playing 24/7, it’s IMPORTANT to review WHAT WE KNOW. The media WANTS YOU CONFUSED. The media WANTS YOU TURN ON TRUMP. The media NEEDS THIS IN ORDER TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED.


Trump interviewed Michael Horowitz for the IG position right after he won. Trump gave his blessing for Horowitz to be HIS IG, UNDER AG Session’s. Little back ground on Horowitz. Horowitz was the IG under Obama. Horowitz investigated the Fast and Furious mess and he determined CHARGES SHOULD BE BROUGHT AGAINST AG Eric Holder and ;whomever gave the F&F orders’. WE ALL KNOW THAT WAS OBAMA. Horowitz ALSO stated ‘all person’s involved, including BATF agents should be brought up on charges’. Now, when the IG is done with an investigation it is turned over to the AG for prosecution, as the AG IS HIS BOSS. AG Holder refused to bring charges against anyone over the F&F mess. Then Obama took his own revenge. Obama stripped Horowitz OF ALL OF HIS POWERS. Remember… soon as Trump took office the first thing he did was give Horowitz his powers back. Imagine being AG Horowitz. An honest, law supporting man who TRULY BELIEVES IN JUSTICE being stripped of all authority and delegated to a windowless office for the remainder of his term. How demoralizing and HUMILIATING. Horowitz is a man with a grudge. Horowitz was handed 6 investigation’s to handle by AG Session’s. 1 has dropped and TOP FBI AND DOJ PERSONNEL HAVE BEEN FIRED AND WILL BE PROSECUTED OVER THAT INVESTIGATION. THAT is a HUGE DEAL. Tell me when THAT has happened before. That leaves 5 investigation’s in Horowitz’s lap. Now let’s move on to Jeff Session’s, Horowitz’s BOSS. Jeff Session’s quietly appointed a Special Prosecutor, in Utah by the name of Huber on or about the month of March(we don’t know exactly when Huber was appointed, as Session’s never gave an exact time frame, we can guess by document’s Session’s has talked about). We found out about Huber in early Sept. when Session’s casually mentioned him in a press briefing. So, Huber was quietly working with his team of 400+ attorney’s for AT LEAST 6 MONTHS!! AG Session’s not only appointed Huber, but HE GAVE HUBER POWERS TO CONVENE GRAND JURIES AND BRING CHARGES IN ALL 50 STATES. AG Session’s also allotted 100 Million for Huber to have a team of 400+ ATTORNEY’S ON STAFF. THEN we learn in December Session’s has appointed ANOTHER Special Prosecutor in Little Rock AK, Cody Hiland!! Session’s gave Hiland the SAME POWERS AS HUBER. Now do you understand WHY Session’s refused to appoint a 2ND Special Prosecutor?? HE ALREADY HAD 2 IN PLACE WE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT….and they had been working in anonymity FOR MONTHS. Now, people ask ‘WHERE ARE HOROWITZ’S INVESTIGATIONS????” Well, WHERE DO YOU THINK HUBER AND HILAND’S SUGGESTED PROSECUTIONS COME FROM? THEY are the ones that will convene Grand Juries and bring charges. Horowitz sends HIS recommended prosecution’s to HUBER AND HILAND!! Do you now understand WHY Session’s appointed them OUTSIDE OF DC….IN ‘FLY OVER’ COUNTRY?? Session’s has put into place 2 Special Prosecutor’s that will bring forth ALL THE CHARGES, because Session’s KNOWS the courts in DC ARE CORRUPT AND THE GUILTY WILL WALK. AND now you understand McConnel’s massive push to put into place ALL THE TRUMP JUDGES IN CIRCUIT COURTS!! NO ONE WILL WALK.

Now, this bring’s us to the MILITARY COURTS Trump has funded. Not everyone Huber and Hiland will bring charges against will be tried in Civilian Courts. Those who have committed the most serious crimes, TREASON AND SEDITION WILL BE TRIED IN MILITARY COURTS. Trump’s EO clearly stated NO MILITARY TRIALS UNTIL AFTER JAN. 1, 2019. WHY? This is after the mid terms when he will have more support in the House and Senate. Don’t expect to hear ANYTHING in regards to charges about HRC, Weiner, Holder, Wasserman, Obama, etc until AFTER the mid terms. December would be my guess. WHY?? WHY would Huber, Hiland and THEIR BOSS AG Session’s give them a head’s up on the charges they will face?

As Trump ALWAYS SAYS ‘WHY tell your enemy what your plan is’?

And remember…Trump JUST SAID IN AN INTERVIEW with Ainsley from FOX he WILL be releasing the FISA doc’s, UNREDACTED….’AT THE RIGHT TIME” That ‘TIME’ will be AFTER Kavanaugh is seated and BEFORE the mid term’s. Trump is making sure the American people SEE how corrupt and how many were involved in trying to destroy this country AND AN INNOCENT MAN. This will cause people to SUPPORT MILITARY TRIALS.

Don’t be fooled into believing Trump hasn’t put into place the perfectly greased wheel of Justice. Trump appointed Horowitz. Horowitz answers to Sessions Hiland and Huber were appointed by Session’s and they BOTH are working hand in hand with Hoirowitz. McConnell is pushing through a HISTORICAL record number of JUDGES. So you SEE, Trump is covering ALL THE BASES WHERE JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED.

I trust President Trump AND I TRUST AG SESSION’S.

Justice IS coming. Slowly but surely. BUT IT IS COMING. Debbie Harrington