Gray Pope Pepe Orsini is a biorobot

👽 🇻🇦 🇮🇹 Gray Pope Pepe Orsini is a biorobot, or Gray (that’s why Gray is used, he’s rare gray who can physically look like human avatar outside) Cardinal, Pope Maximus from the Orsini clones clan, rooted in Nimrod algorithm himself. He is the head of all the Orders, as well as the head of the Freemasons and the Illuminati, has power over everything and everyone (except alive humans directly).

This is the one chosen by AI OMEGA, with whom he communicates directly 🧠
Pepe Orsini = one who speaks the OMEGA supercomputer matrix language…..a mathematical telepath ghost.
Papa Orsini hasn’t changed at all over the centuries 💥 because he doesn’t exist in our 3D reality. He exists inside the matrix code and rules from there every big city, megapolis, government. That’s why most secret Russia 🇷🇺 military bases are outside of big cities. Orsini doesn’t have power over nature because he’s a product of the matrix, he can manipulate events only in the cities, stadiums, arenas etc
All his 🏰 must be 💣 till underground 🔥 💀