Golden Age Messages from the Masters

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

The more you merge with your God Presence, the more you will remember why you specifically chose to be embodied during your present shift of the Ages. A shift into a new Age is a magnificent moment in your collective history and it only happens once every many thousands of years. To assist in this great shift, the Earth is now aligned with the Central Sun that resides within her galactic core as well as with the Great Central Sun that is overlighting and embracing at least 12 other solar systems. This makes your present era a monumental one that is destined to completely overwrite all that humankind has previously believed to be true.

Before coming to Earth, your soul and your Presence were brought together to review what would be your highest purpose and your greatest calling in your present embodiment. They looked at all of the qualities you had accumulated over many centuries to see if you would be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong enough to initiate and sustain your higher purpose that you and your Presence had outlined using your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times.

The old paradigm that so clearly supported “power over” is quickly being dismantled and the New Earth of harmony, peace and unparalleled beauty is being born and you are all a part of this great birth. Most of you are ancient Lemurians and Atlanteans and you have returned to assist in actualizing your next Golden Age as well as lift the planet back into the pure Love and Light of the Creator. You are here to shift the frequencies of your old world into the freedom that naturally comes from living in Unity or Christ Consciousness.

Point of No Return ~~ Part II

A point of no return is now being activated within the hearts of many of you who have unequivocally chosen to let your Presence guide every facet of your life. This involves living without any desire to let your life be driven by the limiting 3rd dimensional thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and habits of your ego. This kind of dedication is always a choice based on your heart-felt desire to ascend by forgiving and freeing yourself from your past and from any emotional attachments you may still have to those who were, or are presently, a part of your life. This takes dedication and courage and your ongoing resolve and commitment to live on the Earth as your God Presence and yet to no longer be influenced by its attractions and limitations. This opportunity is always brought before the heart of every soul who has requested their ascension. The choice is always yours.

~ Ascended Master El Morya


You have been preparing to make this dimensional shift for centuries and you can look upon your present life as the culmination of all of your incarnations on Earth and even before. This is your lifetime to embody your God Presence so completely that you can be a major part of assisting Mother Earth and all life upon her to rise in consciousness beyond the point of no return. This is the next step in the life of every awakened Lightworker and this is why we are calling all of you to commit your body, mind and soul to moving into this next level of your ascension journey.

It is now time to literally turn away from anything and everything that may cause you to question God or your purpose in being on the planet during your great Shift of the Ages. You are all here to be an active part of restoring God’s Love and Light on your Earth. There is a lot that is happening on and around your planet that is both supporting and non-supporting you living as your God Presence, yet all of these deterrents can now be viewed as wonderful opportunities and present day signals for you to completely lift your consciousness out of all 3rd dimensional distractions. This literally means lifting your mind, heart and body into a higher spiritually-charged atmosphere that is not polluted by humankind’s limited 3rd dimensional thoughts, feelings and creations. You are here because you were seen as being strong and potentially dedicated enough to be a part of establishing and maintaining a totally new way of living on your Earth ~ a way that would be exemplifying and supporting everyone living on the Earth as Golden Age citizens.