Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Are You Ready?

Part II

For those who have quietly taken steps to visualize and meditate upon living in ONENESS with all of life, you are keeping one of your ages-old promises to your God Self and you are also realizing that you are in the midst of an important final releasing of anything that might keep you attached to living in the 3rd dimension of limitation.

~ The Ascended Masters in the Council of Shamballa


This is the time you have long worked towards. The great energies that are now impacting your Earth coupled with the releasing at the inner levels of your being, as well as the releasing of the planet Herself, are all coming together to assist you in fully reconnecting with the higher consciousness of your God Presence.

Your ancient ancestors and angels have longed to connect with you during these vital transitional times. They represent your great extended family and they have never forgotten you during your long sojourn into the many centuries of your forgetfulness. They have met you countless times on the inner planes and to this day continue, and will not cease, until you are once again ascended and free and you are seeing them face to face. These are the ancient ancestors that you are now ready to know on a conscious level and not merely in the middle of the night in your sleep states. Their help and assistance to you in preparation for your current Ascension is important, for they are doing things you cannot, and they are the ones who will be the ones welcoming you when you fully awaken on the 5th dimension in your physical body. There they will be showing you more about 5th dimensional protocols regarding how to live and move about without the density you have known in the 3rd dimension.


All who have been looking after you, from the Ascended Masters, your own ancient ancestors, angels, your personal guides and teachers and even some of those advanced souls in your bloodline have been guiding you into what needs to be released so your Ascension in your physical body is assured. This means the release of any unhealthy levels of your ego personality self and the release of expectations, attachments and valuations you have given to past traumatic events. These include all you have believed could in some way hurt you or bring you into physical, mental or emotional pain because you thought what you had experienced was real, rather than the illusion of the 3rd dimension perception based on fear.

Now, you have come into the understanding you are the unique expression of the Presence of God inhabiting a body, and have been standing aside what seems to be “happening” to your body. You have come into the understanding that nothing happens to you that you have not attracted to yourself, and so, have begun to change your thinking so that unfortunate or negative events simply cease in your life. This is the practice of forgiving oneself, to take active and knowing steps in conscious change of thinking, consulting only with your God Presence about choices you must make every day, so that these new choices do not repeat earlier patterns of pain in some form.


Here you are literally changing the very basis of your identity, from perceived to real. By releasing old beliefs, which also formed the old false identity basis you have long thought you were, you are literally purging yourself of clouded thinking to the extent that real thinking, which is only of God, can now consciously be re-introduced. And this will allow you to see, for the first time in thousands of years, your true Divine nature, your real identity, as a unique expression of the Christ of God, in conscious, loving partnership with God. It is this you have been working towards for thousands of years, ever since you agreed to fall asleep to your true identity and assume a wholly imagined one to take its place that you made up as you went along, sleep-walking from one life to the next.

Realize there is great rejoicing all around you as you consciously move forward, day by day, to again practice choices that are wholly of your God Presence, and not of your ego. You are also realizing your ego will not die, but is being shown its true purpose, of supporting your Divine Presence with a now quiet mind, bringing to the brain, ideas of God to accomplish Divine purposes of every kind. You are also realizing more than ever, that to accomplish your Ascension, you must leave behind all ideas of title or authority accorded you, plus all feelings of ego-importance or any feelings of being indispensable while knowing that the mind of God already has accounted for every need.

Sharon Rose & Kamala Everett