GOD Wins.

GOD Wins.

The slogan of Q and Donald J Trump, is increasingly penetrating the world’s population.

The metaphor of how Donald J Trump deals with spirituality makes the world population think.

I have the same opinion about Vladimir Putin, both play the role of defeating evil in this spiritual war against humanity.

The suffering of the world’s population caused by Satanists, increases the tension and awakening of the searching humanity, to find a solution against the evil that threatens us.

Germany plays a role in this, especially in southern Germany and Austria, it is normal for people to say “greet God” or “God protect you” among themselves.

More and more people see through the role of their own governments of Satanists, where also the Roman Catholic Church is not what people expected.

That’s why about 30% of the German population is considering to deregister from this Satanic Church.

The invisible enemy has become visible.

Some politicians who take an oath have not even noticed what they are taking an oath to, by misplaced self-overestimation they have allowed themselves to be seduced out of personal vanity combined with stupidity and enormous self-overestimation “Narcissism”.

How can we describe GOD, is it a person, energy, mind, with many skills and how does it relate to us humanity, earth and all life in the universe?

This gives food for thought, where good and evil are opposite choices.

The source of everything we can consider as GOD, in which religion plays no role, as just a control system to deceive people, because the awakening population distances itself from the Roman Catholic pedophiles Satanist Church.

The more we learn, the more we come to understand that we still have a lot to learn.

The miracle of the birth of life, in which a soul “spirituality” takes possession of us, comes from the source with which new life resonates on its frequency from the cosmos.

We are born as a pure little person, who will grow and seek his or her own existence based on events and choices he or she makes.

In this we are all equal, no matter where one is born on earth, all life matters in nature, where mankind arrogates to us that we are above nature.

We are all born from the same energy from the universe, where mankind is the only predator that can think and create independently.

The ingenuity and its applications with its choice possibilities determine whether we are going to fulfill good or bad intentions.

An example is how talent is used to represent evil, it has the name Bill Gates, WHO, UN, Nato.

Mankind is very smart to destroy itself, something GOD didn’t have in mind when he created us.

Rothschild, Rockefeller, Central Bankers, Committee of 300, and Bilderbergers, who take the Oath, do not do this with a sincere or honest vow to GOD, but have done it to Satan.

They are trapped in a web of blackmail, people and organ trafficking, crime and drug trafficking, paedophilia, genocide and poisoning of life, and infiltrated politics at all levels.

The person who wrote the script for NESARA must have had an inspiration, a task of GOD to save his plan, humanity and earth and defeat the Satanists.

NESARA for the US, applies as GESARA for the rest of the world to bring the world’s population out of the slavery of the false bankers, FED and ECB, corrupt EU.

For this, however, all countries in the world must be sovereign again.

To make this possible, they have looked for a benchmark in history, to make laws and governments legal again.

For the US this is 1787 – 1790, https://www.whitehouse.gov/about-the-white-house/the-constitution/ For Germany it is 1871 as empire, for the Batavian republic 1795 as the later Netherlands, which according to Maxima the Fake Queen the Dutchman does not exist.

Vladimir Putin, together with Donald J Trump have through Yalta II Conference again recognized Germany as the empire, however, the heir of the former emperor has transferred all rights as Emperor to the German people, so every German is an emperor through his inheritance rights.

BRiD seit 1. May 2020 no more existent│ALLE “Amtshandlungen” illegal│GEZ illegal│US Army Europe!

Bunders Republic of Identity Germany, no longer exists since 1 May 2020 │ALLE “official acts” illegal │GEZ illegal│US Army Europe! Now in charge, thank you Europe Defender 2020.

Hear the bankruptcy of the BRD of Angela Hitler, everything is German spoken but with the translator of Youtube in your own language to read.


This revelation is phenominal, with major global consequences for the liberation of the world’s population.

The restoration of universal birthright laws prior to World War I reset all invalid Satanic laws and laws of current governments to be GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reform Act.) compatible.

With the collapse of Satanic powers, Fake Satanist governments will be ousted from all over the world, no matter what misplaced arrogance they think they now have, because of their resistance to GESARA and making GESARA known to the people, there will be no place or power left for Satanist governments.

Tax offices will fall apart just as the IRS has fallen apart in the US.

This and the exclusion of corrupt politicians means that there will be no more Cabal income to finance the oppression of the population.

The proposed Vaccination Agenda Covid19 (Certificate of Vaccination Indetification Digital Document 19) will not go ahead, 5G will be dismantled all over the world.

The intended Slav control system of the Satanic Elite will be completely dismantled in order to implement GESARA in countries.

All humanity will be liberated and has the right to happiness, a good life without worries or hunger, regardless of race or culture.

People will realize that Religion will impose restrictions on their lives, giving spirituality freedom in the interpretation of their lives.

We have all been set up against each other by the Satanists to set us up against each other and to hate each other, so that we are or were divided and the Satanists have been able to keep control over us.

For many it will be a hard awakening as we approach the changes of biblical proportions.

Salute Rinus.