– November 2, 2016

Received via email….


“Modern man must descend the spiral of his own absurdity to the lowest point; only then can he look beyond it.  It is obviously impossible to get around it, jump over it, or simply avoid it.” — Vaclav Havel


Aloha Community,

For nearly 9 months now I have attempted to share with you opinion, facts, Intel, thought and hope for an improved world, a financial breakthrough, and some spiritual reflection beyond the drivel that was dinar currency chatter begun in 2004.

In that time I have noticed many changes in you, and me.  Many I have been amazed by, some I have been disgusted by, and others I’m uncertain how yet to process… as only more time will reveal the nature of all things for what they are and what they are not.

As for the GCR/RV, I do not believe it is real.

I do not believe that within the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change exists a global treaty with 209 sovereign nations who magically were summoned in the back rooms of diplomatic and sovereign circles, to quietly sing a treaty known as GESARA (Galactic Economic Security And Reformation Act) with benevolent extra terrestrial non-human guides, in order to rescue the world from financial collapse and social chaos–including our precious Republic of the United States–all to be implemented November 4, 2016 per the reformed United Nations… and before the Thanksgiving Holiday season in the USA so the world economy can be jumped started by over two dozen zeros of new digital liquidity added to the North American banking system within just the last week.

I know.

I do not believe that for four long centuries all nations in all continents have been intentionally sabotaged and treacherously attached by a single secrete family who claim to be the genetic heirs to the world, humanity and planet earth, so that they could seize all natural resources and populations, in support of a Zionistic agenda spawned from dark energy and higher intellect not from this earth, aimed solely to control all aspects of the human condition, in perpetuity, via a complex matrix of military, corporate, government, diplomatic, media, food supply, false flag events, war and pharmaceutical enslavement.

I know.

I do not believe that the masses of humanity are sleeping waking right through their lives, believing they are completely free and without dark energy masters (aka the cabal), when in truth they are vibrationally controlled at subconscious level per the usage of advanced dimensional weaponry in order to quarantine our galactic family from “disclosing” their existence on the surface of the planet to humanity–until now.

I know.

I do not believe currencies are being adjusted or revalued, up or down, to accommodate a new gold/precious metals standard overseen out of the East and pulled away from the West, in order to bring tangible sanity back to the global economy through truth, technology and transparency–for the lone purpose of one day eliminating both the need and concept of usury–which in truth is just a dangerous man-made construct meant to vibrationally enslave humanity through a something out of nothing magic trick known as money.

I know.

I do not believe Hillary Clinton will resign from her bid to become President due to health reasons, and President Barack Obama will suspend the November 8th general elections by executive order and replace her with Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren for a January 3, 2107 election that Republic nominee Paul Ryan/Mike Pence (Trump will step aside once Hillary is gone and stump for Ryan) will win in a landslide and be the 45th President of the United States… because that’s what Russia and China had planned and implanted for more than a decade prior.

I know.

My beloved readers of this currency website, and curious readers from other sites, I don’t believe you are wake, yet I plead with you to surrender to the truth as it is clearly spoken here from love so that you can WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!  You’re all being played like fiddles amid this obvious swirl of pre-planned chaotic events across all facets of life.  Everything you’re witnessing now is neither organic or breaking news, including wikileaks, Huma emails, Donald Trump campaign, FBI investigations, ZIM sovereign rates, Wells Fargo CEO scandals, etc..  It’s all scripted entertainment to keep the masses consumed with things that do not matter.

Society has been, and shall always be, 100% scripted as to control the human experience.  It was true in the Garden of Eden when the apple was presented, it will be true long after you have ceased to exist in form. Now originally it was done to continue this  unconscious enslavement of humanity, we pray now that’s being done for a benevolent ascension reason… but either way, that doesn’t change the common fact that scripting current events years, decades and centuries in advance is the human experience.

The new PTB just don’t want us grabbing the nearest pitch forks and torches, so as to sprint out of our homes straight into the nearest urban riot once we have awakened.

I know.

I also strongly believe in everyone reading this to awaken to Creator intended potential that is humanity, not whatever this hellish shell of a pathetic existence we’ve been forced to endure for generation after generation after generation after generation… It’s safe now for your soul to both take off and ascend, but first it must surrender to some hard truths in order to fly beyond the sky.

Aloha Ke Akua
(God is Love)