JUST IN… Payments for lower levels HAVE begun.

USD to USN conversation is confirmed completed!!!

Dubai 1, 2 & 3 has fully disbursed. Contracts also completed, They will lockdown final rates tonight, Hold the line.

Blue & Gold Zim, Y dragon & dinar are being processed, Congratulations to the holders of said. You will be contacted if you haven’t been.

D.O.D, Military, Special forces & Off worlders HAVE completed their missions, Unbelievable mind blowing technology has been & is being used to end our world suffering on multiple levels,

Source say All are now moving to security mode protecting all involved in the redemption, RV, GCR wealth transfer Orders HAVE been given for FULLDISCLOSURE, to release all types & documents of the off world visitors & in world civilizations ( friends and foes ).

New advanced technologies HAVE been released, some deliveries were interfered with, Has been resolved. We will tell you all who we are when the time is right. Hint,

We work for the new man in charge.


Money & Free technology is moving!!!

Do we have to remind you to keep a lid on it


Keep the faith

God Bless HS