From Binary To Trinary Consciousness- How Not To Be Hijacked By A.I.

From Binary To Trinary Consciousness- How Not To Be Hijacked By A.I.

By Paula Wratten

A binary system of consciousness is without compassion, empathy or love. It manifests in robotic type human behaviour, and you can witness this when people lack the necessary nurture and caring towards the animal or mineral kingdom when dealing with this sort of person they can show psychopathic tendencies. The binary consciousness is about the assimilation of organic and conscious beings. It does not support life in the traditional sense but is self-serving and destructive.

Binary consciousness connects to left brain activity and sexuality without the heart connection. To the human race, it is alien in nature and seeks to close down the heart energy and take over its host. Look around you, look at the fake news, the fear programming, look up at the sky and see the chemical clouds that are changing the very fabric of your DNA. If you want to create a synthetic race what better way than to create division, war, fear, chaos and pollution. Introduce this into an organic template, switch off the heart chakra and boom the spider has caught his prey.

The best analogy is the Borg in Star Trek a robotic race intent in assimilating other planets and races into a collective consciousness void of heart connections.

A trinary consciousness seeks to connect with the heart, and it does not judge, blame or strive to harm other sentient beings. The level of awareness related to trinary consciousness is one of empathy, love, compassion, healing and unity. It has a unique awareness of the pain and torture in the food chain and does not participate in the perpetual cycle of suffering, torture and death in the animal kingdom.

Binary is an infection of the mind, body and soul, a takeover of the host (you).

How do we evolve to trinary?

Practice mindfulness, our collective thoughts go out into the matrix and create reality. 

Eat a healthy balanced diet.

Remove yourself from fear, anger and victim mentality.

Be creative.

Work for the community and small projects based on unity.

Use your spiritual wisdom (Heart).

Claim back your sovereignty and autonomy over your physical and spiritual life.

Heal from past traumas, seek help to clear your energetic body.

Work from the heart.

Help without the need for reward or acknowledgement.

Walk in nature whenever possible, connect to mother earth.

Seek other heart coherent people, work together, help each other.

Research and question everything in the mainstream media.

 We are on the frontier of a new chapter in human consciousness, let it be one of love and unity, the alternative is far scarier than any horror movie.