FREE RANGE: Grazing on Wild Ideas with Drake Bailey and your Host Gail of Gaia

FREE RANGE Gail of Gaia Gepubliceerd op 30 aug. 2019 This video was recorded on 08/29/2019. Drake talks about lying politicians and how judges are starting to be held accountable for not following the constitution He talks about loans including student loans and the dirty dealing of how they came about. He talks about a variety of things and then answers questions. He covers the geopolitical situation and galactic updates.Thank you so very much for your donations! I really need and appreciate it! I would also like to thank Garrett Ward for his tireless contribution of creative media additions to the show. Please keep those questions coming. The song in the beginning is Wild Wild Wild….from Jerry Lee Lewis’s sister…she is awesome at 71! From Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis’s 2018 Bloodshot Records album ‘Wild! Wild! Wild!’: for your questions to Drake