FREE RANGE Gail of Gaia with Drake Bailey answering questions about the transition and more

FREE RANGE Gail of Gaia 3,85K abonnees Drake Bailey Recorded on 11 14 2019. Drake speaks about the 4th dimension/transition and the things to expect as a result. Star Trek 25th century society would give you a good idea of what it will be like after the transition and specifically for the financial system. I want to thank every one of you who have made a donation for your thoughtfulness and consideration of the time and energy involved to do this! It also helps me pay for occasional assistance as in creating a web site to post Drakes books on. I am truly grateful for your help! The unfair targeting of my son and the resulting legal/monetary issues have added an emotional burden. We do speak about the return to due process and the bill of rights and how hearsay can not be used to convict someone including Trump. Many will face indictments for doing just that. Attorney General Barr will not allow it and those who continue will face consequences no matter what their position is. I appreciate your donations because they keep Free Range Going and help just when I think I will sink!. We are working on a web site to post Drakes books on because emailing to the numerous requests is overwhelming but your getting them is important for personal growth. I am sorry it is taking time and your patience is appreciated. You are an important part of this project! Keep your questions coming and if I miss them I am doing my best with all that is going on in my life = To donate with a Postal Money Order or however is best for you. (postal money orders are much easier for me) please send to: Gail Ross PO Box 20971 Sedona, AZ 86341 For paypal donations: Please keep those questions coming. The song in the beginning is Wild Wild Wild….from Jerry Lee Lewis’s sister Linda Gail Lewis and Robbie Fulks. From Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis’s 2018 Bloodshot Records album ‘Wild! Wild! Wild!’: for the questions to Drake A special thanks goes to Garrett Ward for media work and Dean Chambers and Drake for intel, connections and pictures for the ET series we are working on too. Thank you. Onward and Upward.