FREE RANGE: A lively discussion with the intrepid Drake Bailey 10 3 2019

FREE RANGE Gail of Gaia 3,6K abonnees The intrepid Drake Bailey recorded on 10/03/2019. Drake talks at length about the current situation concerning impeachment and fraudulent documents, due process and complacent members of congress. He encourages people to get involved and help the Republic return to what it is supposed to be. We all played a role in either allowing it or looking the other way. Do something to further the cause since 30 percent of the population is involved in nefarious activities enriching themselves. ET expects us to start the ball rolling. He answers many questions. Thank you for listening. Keep your stick on the ice and your heart in action. Help your neighbor, video that incident, write that letter, go to that meeting and make a difference. Get involved. We are bringing the news you wont hear elsewhere and you can help. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for your donations! I really need and appreciate your help! Your donations keep Free Range Going and I have more shows coming. To donate with a Postal Money Order or however is best for you. (postal money orders are much easier for me -no bank account at this time) please send to: Gail L Ross PO Box 20971 Sedona, AZ 86341 For paypal donations: Please keep those questions coming. The song in the beginning is Wild Wild Wild….from Jerry Lee Lewis’s sister and Robbie Fulks. From Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis’s 2018 Bloodshot Records album ‘Wild! Wild! Wild!’: for your questions to Drake