Focusing On The End Result

This is along the lines of what I heard Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf speak of a couple of days ago ~ focusing on the end result.

We all want this game over.  We want the curtains of deception to be pulled back fully – NOW.  We who are awake are exhausted.  We are tired of TALKING about it.  We are exhausted from sharing the information, the intel.  We are just DONE with it and are ready to see the whole game OVER.

Even though who aren’t awake to the deceptions are tired of this reality. Ask anyone in a very heart-felt conversation, and ALL will express some heart-based thought and feeling that says they want something better and KNOW they can have it.  Whether that be a healing to a disease or secure housing or knowing they have enough to feed themselves and their family or feeling more real heart-centered connections or simply to be free from this archaic pay-to-live system, unless you are a clone or artificial being, YOU WANT MORE.

You long for it.  Somewhere within you long for it.

Today I had a wonderful conversation with a friend I absolutely adore.  I don’t see him that often but he has always listened to me and our conversations are deep and engaging and totally authentic.  He’s like a big brother in a way.  Today as we spoke I was moved to ask him the following:

“Are you happy?”

Immediately his eyes diverted to the side and I could see I struck something painful in him.  I won’t divulge the rest of the conversation of course, but now and then I will feel guided to ask someone that question and the results are always moving, beautiful, painful ~ always emotional. It also inspires me to be more open myself.

We know what we want.

We know what we are worthy of.

We know what is inherently our RIGHTS as Beings of Source.

As just Beings, period.

Or perhaps we are just tapping into what we KNOW we want and what we KNOW we are worthy and deserving of.

Either way….it’s happening.

Things are moving quite rapidly now.

And you and I are helping this.

So let’s keep it up.

Let’s ramp it up.

Focus on the end result.

ALL deception is fully revealed and properly dealt with – removed and eliminated.

ALL forms of control and power-over and enslavement are eliminated.

What exactly do you want YOUR life to look like?

Feel that deeply in your body.

Go into it.  Get detailed about it.

Every day.  Every hour.  Every moment if you are that disciplined.  lol

See ALL of humanity living as freely and fully.

Focus on the end result.

I have felt all year that by the time we reach the end of 2017 life will not be the same.

For the betterment of ALL who celebrate freedom and love.

Focus on the end result.

Focus on the end result.

Focus on the end result.

And feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it.  You can add in “this or something better” then let it go.

And it WILL be so because it IS so.