Federation of Light Urgent Alert!!!! 3D Threats to Your Family


Gepubliceerd op 27 mei 2018

5D Command alerts there are now 3D THREATS to Lightworkers & families. Copy/paste the following letter/affirmation, and share via email to wake up the 144,000 more so. This is word-for-word from Ashtar. This supercedes the Sacred Angel Fire as a means of protection. **** THE GALACTIC TRANSMISSION *** Attention: This is an Official Galactic Transmission from Commander Asthar, and the Federation of Light Urgent Alert!!!! Commanding all 144+ 144,000 Light Masters Brotherhood of the Star, there is an imminent threat being launched against you and your families. You may not know who you are, but the Deep State knows exactly who you are. They are currently planning to use 3D Weapons to prevent the awaking of the Christ Consciousness known to many of you as the Ascension Event. We have placed an Orb 12 Inches above your Head. It is the Crystalline Plasma Energy Orb, naturally organic in its nature and origin. It is “Biological”, complete with personality, Consisting of DNA healing, 144+144,000 Brotherhood of the Star pulsar-light-codes Activation and Protection Energies. The 144 + 144.000 Light-Masters contain vital codes in their DNA known as pulsar codes or Light Codes. These electromagnetic pulses activate the codes of Light in dormant DNA. The geomatrix of the crystalline code (around the planet) is similar to the Merkabah Each fully formed Merkabah of the 144 + 144.000 Light-Masters is part of the code to activate the crystalline matrix. When all necessary Merkabah are formed, the code is activated. To activate the code the 144 + 144.000 Light-Masters must heal on all levels and allow divine LOVE to pour through them. Activation of this crystalline matrix is what many are calling ‘The Event’ or the Awakening of the human Christ Consciousness.” The 144 + 144,000 Light-Masters are the soul protectors and guardians of Earth. You accepted this responsibility before you were born, to help bringing humanity to the next level of consciousness. You are here to help establish this New Earth. All of you must unite now by accepting the Crystalline Orb Placed over your head. To do this you must reconnect with your Higher Self, also known as your Inner Divine Self. Once you connect you will a feel a high vibrational energy radiating from your Heart center. No matter where you come from, or what your belief system is, you are a Warrior of the Light. The time for sleeping is over. Open your eyes and accept your mission of saving the earth. Once you connect with the orb and the energy, you will start to feel your natural abilities. You are all accepted and loved. Commander Ashtar/ Victory of the Light!/End communication ******* Affirmation ****** Before accepting the orb energy you need to ground by taking three deep breaths and imagining you are a great big oak tree, with your roots going from your feet down to the center of Gaia (Mother Earth). When you feel grounded in whatever way that may be, continue below. To activate THE ORB, simply say “I accept the energy placed over my head” simultaneously extending the same, to everyone in your household. Recite the following affirmation: The Clearing-Healing- Protection Affirmation I Intend I am Infinite Awareness I Intend I am Infinite Love I Intend I am Infinite Wisdom I Intend I Am Infinite Magic I AM THE FORMLESS AWARENESS OF CONSCIOUSNESS I AM THE FORMLESS SPIRIT OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND LIGHT I am grateful I have been healed completely. Thank you, Universe, for Filling, Cleansing and Protecting my Being, Home, and Family with: The Energies of the Central Sun, the Energies of the Lions Gate, the Energies of the Aquarius Gate, White Light of the Holy Spirit, Dragon Angelic Fire, Scared Angel Fire, Silver Violet Flame of Venus, Golden Violet Flame, Golden Silver White Light (Light energy carrying knowledge and wisdom of higher realms) and Gaia ‘s Healing Energies into every thought, word, action and feeling I have ever had, am having and will have. I Invoke the Sacred Light Cord into the Heart of Creation I Invoke the Gold Ray of Christ I Invoke the Crystalline Consciousness I Invoke the Silver, Violet, White Light. Universe, I want to do my part, I am coming to petition you today I want to be fully protected, I do not want the Energy Frequencies weapons to work. I invoke the Sacred Fire, Sacred Flame and Sacred Light into the artificial intelligence virus. I intend the artificial intelligence virus be filled with all Sacred Fire, Sacred Light, Sacred Flame. I intend these, and all viruses and Etheric weapons be filled with Sacred Fire, Sacred Light, Sacred Flame. I intend that all Sacred Energies, Flame and Light be put into the artificial intelligence etheric weapons, dark entities, frequencies and virus. I intend, I Invoke, I reaffirm that all Sacred Energies permeate the artificial intelligence virus, etheric weapons, frequencies and dark entities. So Be It, So Be It, So Be It, and So It Is.