Fear & Loathing In The Belly of the Beast

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Earth Changes Bulletin October

October 22, 2018
by MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)

Phoenix Five Report Item: A Massive Invasion Of North America Has Begun

Tens of thousands of job seekers are forming large caravans to travel from Venezuela and Central America through Mexico to force their way into the U.S, all funded and guided by the United Nations. There may well be hundreds of thousands make the attempt during the next few weeks (Venezuela is a totally failed economy/social order). The U.N. is even setting up special camps for them in Mexico.

From Cukooland in N.Y. , Official United Nations Migration Goals call for placement of 600 MILLION migrants into North America by 2050., claims Infowars.

You better watch this: the pix in the Warcast Media are cropped to show relatively few illegals.

More or less, the deceptions and the huge numbers here demonstrate that the final struggle with the World Feudalists is now underway. Fortunately, Europe is waking up and a massive upheaval against the Cabal is breaking out all over…bit by bit.

Keep this image in mind: the orchestrated mass caravans are herds which the Feudalist rancher overlords are moving from one pastureland to another.

All the quack quack controversies in the Mass Media during the past two years is now moving into active confrontations and power take-over actions. It is bound to get increasingly ugly in many areas.

Everyone should by now know that when Trump defines a consequence for actions made against him or his policies, he aint kidding. The Army will be on the Southern Border in a week’s time and Trump is now thinking about suspending all money payments to the U.N., which will leave it strapped until Bagman Soros decides to buy it on behalf of the Rothschilds and picks up the tab for radical authoritarian actions by the U.N.

Many voices will call for dissolving U.S. membership in the U.N. but that is not wise. The U.N. Security Council position of the U.S., which makes the U.S. one of the five nations in the world which can veto U.N. war actions, this is important strategically for neutralizing efforts by anyone to dominate over the U.S. or other nations. Frankly, Trump should use the memberships of the U.S. and Russia to begin to form up a joint world strategic relationship. Putin is jumping up and down saying yes as loud as he can. As far as the rest of the U.N. goes, the U.S. can simply ignore it, send it no money, avoid all involvement.

Huge decisions will be made by tens of millions of people during the next several months and our trajectory timeline will begin to noticeably shift much more rapidly than at present. We are leaving the old world order, but we are not headed to the NWO. Much is up for grabs but the biggest losers will be the power grabbers.