Phoenix5 Earth Changes Post November 19, 2018, MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)

BULLETIN ITEM: American Media Intelligence Interviews Robert Otey, a California Fire Victim

DEW weapon (Pulse Beam Weapons), Chemtrails, Cars Directly Firebombed On The Road, harrowing escape from Fire Bombs in rural ranchland in Northern Cal.

File Link: ECB_Post_eyewitness-barely-makes-it-out-alive-in-california-fire-storm.docx

Running Time: 45 min


MWM Comments: Powerfully evidentiary with significant remarks which expand the field of inquiry about the Fire Bomb technology; MUST LISTEN.

Intro From Forbidden Knowledge TV:

?Scenes of vaporized homes surrounded by unscathed trees are the hallmark of the devastating California fires we?ve seen, especially starting last year. Last October and last August, when there were massive wildfires in California, I reported on the pervasive pattern of dustified homes and cars, while nearby trees remained relatively unharmed and how some people were coming to the shocking conclusion that these eerie events were the result of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). As of last week’s California fires, the number of people thinking this has grown.

Scientific papers exist on the use of electrical fields for combustion synthesis in metals and there’s no doubt that focused microwaves or masers are used in DEWs. When you apply microwaves to metals, the oxygen released functions as an accelerant to feed a fire in what’s called “microwave-assisted combustion synthesis”. Significantly, you can?t do this with trees because there?s no metal in trees to create the oxidizing agent to fuel a self-sustaining fire.

Douglas Gabriel interviews Robert Otey, who barely survived the November 6th Camp Fire with his three dogs in the fire near Paradise, CA and whose harrowing video and descriptions of his escape are shared here. Many of his neighbors didn’t make it.

Robert is spiritually-oriented and he displays amazing equanimity and resilience in the face of his loss. In 2011 and 2012, he was an FKTV subscriber and I shared several of hisfascinating videos on the lifework of philosophers, Walter and Lao Russell.

Robert Otey has survived firestorms before. His previous home was destroyed in the 1990s Oakland Fire. He and his neighbors were all seasoned “fire watchers”, yet he saw hundreds of people completely caught off guard. There is a shocking video of several charred cars, with skeletons sitting in the cars seats, where people were overcome by the flames while trying to escape. Robert thinks the estimate of 1,000 missing people is low. I have spoken with those who believe that there are roads in the woods where the metallic bodies of cars were used as accelerants by DEW masers to fuel these fires.

When asked what he thinks caused this massive conflagration, Robert doesn’t skip a beat and he says that the chemtrails that have been sprayed almost daily for years, containing aluminum, strontium and barium acted as desiccants and accelerants in igniting and spreading this fire, possibly in conjunction with DEWs.

He dispassionately explains that his land is in the corridor of the planned high-speed railway and he believes this fire was lit by arsonists hired by shady powers trying to depopulate his area.

While there is no proof of this as of yet, it’s worth noting that we live in a world where people who are smart believe this kind of thing is going on. Setting aside for a moment that this might sound crazy, consider for a moment if it’s true. What would that entail? And how could it be stopped??

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