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Posted By: Mr.Ed

‘The DeepState’ has been busy attacking us with ‘Weather Wars’ – ‘Geo Engineering’ of ‘Fake Storms’ for decades…finally something is being done about it. (Andrew / Katrina / Harvey / Irma)

The same cabal who did 9/11 (16 years ago) attacked NY & the Pentagon are doing this again in an attempt to stop / delay the RV/GCR and announcements of NESARA / GESARA using fake hurricanes.

They think folks are too stupid to realize these storms are not ‘Natural Disasters’ and the ‘New Financial System’ can not be stopped this time. (gold backed currency)

Military sources are directing focus on Latin America for the hunting down and termination of hurricane directive capos hiding in jungle wartime dens.

Ghost special forces units are on seek and destroy missions tonight…worldwide…hunting down cabal capos in hiding but still giving orders.

Benevolents are providing GPS intel. 🙂

‘The Weather Channel’ was ‘bought out’ by the cabal about 5 years ago and now they hide the doppler radar so you can not see the Fake Storms coming, in an attempt to cause more death & destruction as you have no early warnings and are being lied to on TV weather broadcasts.

There are financial changes coming to free us from unwanted central banks. (AIIB / BRICS / CIPS)

The Zim bond is the best deal as an investment because the Chinese insist on working with the peoples of those nations in the region (Africa) instead of robbing them like the western nations have. (cabal in USA)

The RV/GCR will be done and many jobs will return to American shores as cheap labor is restructured making Americans more competitive.

Currency exchanges will be done and are non-taxable.

‘The New Republic’ probably won’t be in D.C. but out in the mid country somewhere.

Many of the Chinese Elders have connections to the Agarthan underground beings of Inner Earth.

The earth is hollow and not flat.

All planets are hollow (including the sun) which is a portal to other dimensions and explains why so many NASA photos of the sun show huge craft entering and exiting the sun portal.

large ufo near sun NASA photo – Google Search